Tuesday, March 22, 2011

#57 - Lexi Mistress - Confess you are a cocksucker

Confess to your mistress what you are..

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kisses Anna


  1. this video aroused me totally, Lexi is one of the few girls that can make my dick grow. giggle

    xxx martin

  2. I agree with you at all, Martin! ;D

  3. I like this video and #45 with Lexi- I think she's right I'd rather wear her panties and suck a big dick than have sex with her the entire night. I love your work Anna!

  4. i thought it was really hot when i got more excited at the thought of a big 10 inch cock shooting hot creamy cum all over my face than her offer to have sex with her all night. Then when i was rubbing my weak little sissyboi clit while looking at a picture of a hot muscle stud with a huge real-man cock while she was calling me a sissy cocksucker i just had to shoot my watery sissy juice which i then submissively rubbed all over my lips pretending that it was his thick man-cum. Oh what yummy fun!-pussyboi

  5. Totally hot Anna. I'd prefer the huge cock sucking on it.


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