Friday, April 1, 2011

#76 - Danielle Foxxx - before and after

shemale's video of the day is dedicated to a great pornstar Danielle.
it's always hard to change in our life, and she was really brave to do it
i admire her!

look at her, here, natural made as she was

and now look at her, after... post-operated! wooow

i could confess you,
that i like the idea to become a girl, as she made
but it shouldn't be true.
the truth is that i would like to cut my clit cruelly! ;D
complete domination and forced castration is my secret dream!
kisses Anna


  1. Anna,
    However odd it may sound, I am just in awe of Danielle, she not only took a HUGE jump/leap of faith, but she looks amazing. That gives me hope(although I'm not counting on it) that one day *I* might look 1/2 as pretty as she is :)


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Kisses Anna

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