Wednesday, January 18, 2012

#885 - CockSucking Training

Samantha Mack is the lovely teacher for the training video of tonight..
I'm so obstinate to post pov humiliation videos..
of course, not only because they are erotic..
but also and expecially.. because the most of the times..
they are really useful.. in a process of sissification..
In any case.. In my mind.. there isn't anything more humiliating
to declare.. to be a sissy fag in front of a woman..
well.. this is one of the hottest case.. because the big boobs mistress of tonight
is so gentle to show us.. how much interesting is.. being in front of a cock.. ;))

Anna Malice


  1. I love these kind of videos Anna. Awesome find. IT was so hottt & I want to be her sissy whore. Thank you for finding & posting this vid. From NOel xoxo

  2. Thank You Anna - I luv this kind of post - please keep putting them up.

  3. For gagging:

  4. Loved this training vid. Really helped me to understand my true purpose.


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