Monday, March 12, 2012

#1045 - Dungeons and Fetish - Enema Instructions

For the D&F collection of today.. a useful guide.. for enema practice..
As you know, this is really basilar for every sissy..
infact.. if you aspire to make love with a man..
you have to be well prepared.. totally cleaned.. in and out yourself.. ;))
the perfect way to prepare your sissy ass-cunt.. absolutely is by a well made enema..
but if you want to become a perfect sissy.. you have just to know..
that enema is a wonderful fetish practice.. frequently used by expert mistress and masters..
have you ever tried.. the wonderful effect of a liquid cock on your psyche..?!?
have you ever tried.. to resist to evacuate.. in a public humiliation session?!?
you didn't?!? oh.. maybe you miss something.. ;))

Anna Malice

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