Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A little update of my personal odissey!

hello world..
A little update of my personal odissey!
well, i received a lot of emails.. with helps and precious suggestions.. many many thanks
Unfortunately the final result of this research..
it's anything better than what i had already found by myself..
the truth is... that there isn't anything better of blogger.. at least in my opinion
Even if there are a lot of hosting sites of porn contents.. there aren't effective solutions..
expecially about graphic.. template models i have found around.. are poor and really limited..
the most are from wordpress.. really worst then wordpress.. in which flexibility is a chimera,
without any possibility to manage style, structure, margins and so on..
another big problem is to import the contents of this site..
exportation of the blogger contents from here is easy..
importation on another platform simply impossible..
well this is the result of my tests.. please, judge yourself..

http://annamalicesissy.sensualwriter.com .................. Impossible to modify the template
http://annamalicesissy.thumblogger.com .................... Import function doesn't run
http://annamalice.smutties.com ................................... Not import fuction
http://annamalicesissyselfhypnosis.wordpress.com ... Not adult contents allowed
http://annamalicesissy.blogbugs.org ............................ Not import fuction
http://annamalicesissy.pornblogspace.com ................. Template are not flexible enough
http://www.tumblr.com/blog/annamaliceissyselfhypnosis ..... Not import fuction allowed

of course the best solution would be to buy an own domain..
and by some template manager starting to create an own site..
well the truth is that i'm not able to manage a site.. (i'm truly ignorant)
and, more important, i don't really want to buy a domain with my private identity..
(it's not a question of money.. but of privacy.. sorry)
so In this way.. destiny of this blog is determinated.. it will be banned again.. maybe forever..
at this point.. lose for lose.. following other suggestions.. and expertise.. (many many thanks)
i decided to make some changings here and there.. hoping to be spared..
i don't believe they will be effective.. authomatic spam detection is blind.. but at this point.. try is for free..
so in the next days i will delete some precious widgets.. with big suffering and disappointment
as always, any suggestion and help are really welcome
many thanks
with love

Anna Malice


  1. lol good riddance your grammar is absolutely horrific, im glad to see the site go

    1. Michelle...... don't come in this blog if you don't like it. So simple to do

    2. Michelle my english is really poor.. of course..
      anyway "absolutely horrific" is a really bad definition..
      really am i so horrific?!?

    3. First off, lol is terrible grammar. Also, I can spot at least six grammar mistakes in your sentence.

      Anna's first language isn't English. What's your excuse?

  2. Hi. Buying own domain is best choice (even if You use blogger or tumblr or other service), because it will allow to reach You, even if Your provider will ban You.
    About import on tumblr, check IFTTT service, which allow to import content from blogger to tumblr (and other services).

    1. IFTTT is really nice.. many thanks for this suggestion..
      anyway even if i can share the same new posts of blogger.. i can't import any archive from here!

  3. I don't see any problems with the porn blog space one, could you say in further detail what is wrong with the template.

    1. template is fixed.. i can't import any background.. i can't change the column size and so on..
      Pornblogspace.. is the best alternative i have found with wordpress style.. anyway not so effective as i would like
      anyway many thanks

  4. On namecheap you can opt for what's called PrivacyGuard, which hides your name behind their own services. Might be worth a look.

    1. thanks.. i know PrivacyGuard services..
      anyway i don't really want any kind of problem..
      my privacy, my life and my identity.. are too important!
      with love

    2. I use it for several domain I manage, there's no way to get to my personal info. It's all really secure :) Don't give this blog up, I ended up sucking a dick for the first time a few weeks ago thanks to all the sissy induction here ;)

  5. Hello Ms Anna, Awesome site and anyone looking on NO!!!!! this is not a spam site!!! Big Hugs Anna Love your works and hope to submit something for viewing oneday myself on your Blog... Thank You for all you post and do here A Good Friend Ms. ShAnNoN


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