This blog contains content only suitable for adults!
Posts you find here could hurt your sensibility!
I'm not sure sexual hypnotic videos are really effective on your mind. In my opinion they not,
anyway, if you are too sensitive I counsel to not visit my blog, to not watch the videos I post.

Hi, I'm Anna Malice, Anna for friends,
interactive flash hypnotic animation videos are my passion,
i created this blog just to collect and to share everything i found about feminization, sissyfication hypnosis, BDSM, Fetish, caption and Shemale's videos on line. It was a my need!
generally i post 3 videos at day, divided in 3 categories:

1) Daily Hypnotic video (generally at 4.00 PM - Pacifc coast US)
2) DaIly Shemale's video (generally at 10.00 AM)
3) Dungeons e Fetish daily videos (generally at 3.00 AM)

Annamalice Sissy Self Hyonosis had a beginning, on 21/02/2011, and inevitably it'll have an end.
I suppose to close this blog soon, at 300th or at 400th post.. maybe more,
but sure, one day, not so far, I'll close this blog!
Even if I have a lot of visits every day, at the moment, it's only a nice and hard experiment for me!
It's impossible to find and to manage hundreds of videos in eternity. The more i post the more mainteinance is increasing. Additionally the videos posted here are all embed from other sites. As you know, Web is in a continuos changing, some videos are deleted by the makers, some sites who hosts them could inihibit the embedding function!
So enjoy what you like here and rate or write me your opinions about.. if you want.
Remember that every video you like here, it's simply hosted, it could disappear in every moment!
Videos are not mine! I simply share what i find free to share hosted on other sites!
I spent 4 hours at day, and every day, looking for new videos to post, managing the site, answering to your emails, it's a big effort indeed! of course I'm not here.. to satisfy every user's request!
This blog is not a paysite! The other way around it's complitely free!
you are free to visit or to not visit it, to watch or to not watch the videos I post!
Sure you are not free to ask me and to pretend to me what you want! I'm sorry, blog is mine, taste is mine.. i'm free to post what i want and what i need... expecially what i'm able to find free to share (as you know, hypno videos are so rare). thank you!

I encourage every kind of comments, here.. better if polite, of course!
Blog is open as it should be! this is its own spirit, and i'm strong enough to suffer some criticism.
Comments should be about the videos posted only, never agaist me or other people.
I can't tolerate bad words against others! this kind of comments will be removed!
You could write every kind of comments about the videos you watch, with good or bad opinions.
I apreciate motiveted critics! it's not a problem if you dont like the videos i post, seriously, it doesn't matter.. I only require to you to write your name when you send a comment. Comments posted without a valid name could be removed!

Rating is a way to help other users to choose best quality videos.
You can rate every video by 4 categories:

thanks Anna but i don't like

It should be nice you send a motiveted comment when you rate in a bad way.

I also like to tell you that this blog is opened to your contributions,
hypnotic videos free to share are rare and precious, otherwise my resources are limited,
any suggestion for new hypnotic or submissive videos to embed is really welcome.
write me the "url page" or any other ideas to annamaliceit@yahoo.it

If someone has other to tell me.. could send me an email, sure i'll answer to him/her.

I posted a lot of videos here, maybe you could find more easy to navigate in this site in another way..
try this link

many thanks
Anna Malice

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