Wednesday, November 30, 2011

#738 - Maitresse Madeline - Cuckold cum cleaner

Not for all the sissies of this site..
this hot pov humiliation movie of tonight
I'm sure.. if you don't like to look at this wonderful creampie pussy show..
If you are not able to fantasize to become a perfect cuckold cum-cleaner..
you could even appreciate these wonderful cum drops..
in any case.. cum juice is always the most beautiful thing! ;))

Anna Malice

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

#EOT - End of transmissions

For all the people.. who really love and appreciate this blog!
You have besieged me.. with hundreds and hundreds of emails.. actually 709!!!
ok.. you won!! blog is opened again!.. (there weren't invitations to anyone, before)
to be clear..
I'm not fed up.. of bad honest criticisms..
I'm not fed up.. of absence of comments..
I'm not fed up.. of bad ratings as an honest judgment..
I'm not fed up.. of this daily hard job
I'm not fed up.. because i'm weak.. or a moody person.. or with mental distress..
and i'm not psychologically unstable! these are only silly legends!

now, let me explain you.. some considerations
you are more of 6 thousands everyday.. i'm one!!
and i'm alone.. with my only resources..
as it should be logical and expectable.. I'll not continue with my blog forever..
i have written this on the TOS.. my site had a begin.. and will have an end..
this is the editorial line.. daily posting.. until the end..
for a certain time.. with a certain end!
and as i told you in the TOS..
this cut off.. was the general test.. of what it will happen in the close future.
for me this is only an interesting experiment! mainly utopian.. of course!

there been a big misunderstanding!
maybe you have considered my job foregone!
let me tell you.. this site is not foregone! it’s nothing like that at all!
maybe you have not understood how hard is.. to conduce this daily posting..
one of the reasons because I closed this blog..
is just to try to make you understand how much is difficult to find daily new stuff to watch!
another misunderstanding...
you are free, as always, to explain yourself with your polite comments!
I never been a tyrant or a dictator..
don't be afraid to explain your honest and polite ideas..
I don't really want personal tributes..
it's not really necessary to write me thanks.. i don't care about compliments!
Request of comments are my utopian try to involve you in this project..
in any case comments about pretentious requests.. are not allowed!
one of the things i don't really tolerate.. is to be considered your maid servant!
the last misunderstanding
with rare exceptions, i don't produce the videos you watch..
don't ask me to produce videos for you!
how is it possible to think i can produce something explicit for your tastes?!?
I don't know how is possible to ask me so frequently something like this..
there are a lot of people that think i come from another planet! I'm from planet earth!

the meaning of respect!
maybe the most of you consider this blog as a paysite.. with a free pass!
and because it's free.. with rights to offend me or to demand more or better!
this is not a paysite.. you have no rights on me and on my job, here!
I don't want to gain and i don't want to be popular..
these weren't my original goals!...
i would only liked to create a place to share videos.. just for fun!
without pressures!
I'm really surprised to look at people that want, pretend and demand better and more great stuff!!
bad comments about me, mine or felicia's videos.. are not really pleasant.. ok, it's life..
but.. private messages with bad words.. is too much!! that's enough!

Editorial line and co-editors!
from the beginning.. my editorial line about this site was a daily posting..
i think a serious blog.. must be daily updated!..
anyway I can't post daily hypno files.. they are truly rare!!!
not all the hypno files have a superb quality..
it should be nice.. to not pretend and to not demand high quality in any post!
it's should be nice.. to not pretend and to not demand anything!!
otherwise to post femdom's videos is required.. to mantain a daily posting..
there is a small part of the followers that like this kind of video! and me too..
if you want to change this editorial line.. become a co-editor..
and contribute to manage this blog with me! I'm open to contributors..
if you dont give anything.. you have no rights to demand and to pretend.. anything back!

that's all!

trasmissions begin again.. on 30 november at 4.00 PM.. Pacific Coast time
with a video about Maitresse Madeline, femdom type!
end of messagge!!

Anna Malice

ps. I'm almost sure that what i have written here will be totally unuseful..


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

#737 - Anna Alexandra

Anna Alexandra (AKA: Madison)
She is the perfection!
A fabolous shemale for a fantastic shemale's clip..
i could say.. just a classic clip..
that i have seen and re-seen.. a lot of times..
every time.. with much pleasure! ;))

Anna Malice

#736 - Dungeons e Fetish - Madeline's Martini ruined orgasm

Maitresse Madeline is usual to be without mercy!
In truth, I find this ruined orgasm really terrifying..
I mean.. more than others..
keeping balance.. having no possibility to complete your cumimng..
only begging to be touched.. a little bit more..
what a wonderful sensation of impotence! ;))

Anna Malice

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

#735 - MistressT - Cum for me by Annamalice

Simply, effective, without excuses..
MistressT, for me, but not only for me,is always magnetic and sensual..
here my last experiment.. working on an arousing clip..
I've tried to give a personal revisitation..
I had not enough resources to make exactly what it was in my mind..
anyway.. in my opinion, even if it sounds... evil taste..
this tecnique looks really interesting..
about final subliminal result.. i'm not sure.. then forgive me, if you don't really like it..
let me know what is your impression and what do you think about it..
here her original video..
enjoy! ;)))

Anna Malice

#734 - Labelly Sandorran II

Labelly Sandorran (AKA: Labelle Sandorram,La Belle,Labely, Labelly Fondaman)
a my recent wonderful discovery.. again for our daily update
she is really hot gurl.. totaly feminine shemale! ;)

Anna Malice

#733 - Dungeons e Fetish - Sublime art of fetish by scheleman

D&F collection of today is elegance, charme and style
found this wonderful mix of different fetish moods..
outstanding video indeed!

Anna Malice

Monday, November 21, 2011

#732 - Hypnotic cock addiction

Another hypno premiere tonight..
a superb sequence of the hottest captions and hypno gifs.. mixed togheter!
final result.. is something never seen before..
and really effective for your sissyfication process to addiction to cock! ;))

Anna Malice

PS. don't miss the new hypnotic video experiment.. of tomorrow night!
PPS. In the last times I been busy.. and I'll be really busy in the next days
forgive me if I'm so in late with the answers to your private emails. ;) Kisses

#731 - Marcia Fernandes II

The sublime Marcia Fernandes
again protagonist of the daily Shemale's video!
One of the most beautiful and perfect gurl of the world..
she has a special gift for receiving cock!

Anna Malice

#730 - Dungeons e Fetish - Vintage crossdresser maid

An old movie for the D&F video of today..
It was one of the first video, about crossdressing, i have ever seen..
what made me horny.. was her transformation..
her way to receive cock and to moan for it!
this specific video had made me dream.. for a lot of times.. about 15 years ago..
and even if.. it's really old.. it's enough arousing right today! ;)

Anna Malice

Sunday, November 20, 2011

#729 - Lexi Mistress - Under my command

Lexi Mistress for this sunday night..
in a clip never seen before..
and you know how much.. i adore her! ;)
Explicit video.. asking you.. your precious harvest..
her request is easy to satisfy.. just follow her commands.. ;))

Anna Malice

PS. don't miss the new hypnotic cock addiction of tomorrow night! ;)

#728 - Renata Davila V

the supreme Renata Davila (AKA: Davilla,Gisele,Giselle)
protagonist of this wonderful sublime clip..
she is really a goddess! ;)

Anna Malice

#727 - Sissy Story 16 - Cinema show

Another sunday morning.. another sissy story!
I have posted a video about sex at porn theatre, number #679
it's an interesting classic fantasy indeed..
even if.. maybe.. a little bit dangerous.. for a lot of reasons..
anyway.. we are here just for fantasize..
so let's enjoy this sissy story number 16! ;))

Anna Malice

PS if english is not your own language try to translate the page by google language tools
inserting the address of this page!

Cinema show

It had been a few weeks since I'd had any action as Clara and was absolutely gagging for some cock. The girlfriend was away for the weekend so I planned a nice Sunday afternoon in a local-ish sex cinema. I got partially dressed at home wearing black hold-up stockings, black bra with inserts as well as see-through black panties, and a matching vest-top. I pulled on a pair of jogging bottoms and a sweatshirt, pulled on a pair of trainers, packed the rest of my stuff in a tote bag, and left in the car. The journey was uneventful apart from me feeling very lightheaded from being in a constant state of arousal.
I got to the cinema paid the guy on the door, and went down the stairs into the main cinema, heart hammering as I descended each step, unsure of what to expect. Would it be empty? Or maybe full of horny guys wanting me or, god forbid, full of horny t-girls far more convincing than me so I wouldn't get a look in. I got into the main cinema and was pleased with what I saw, about a third full with several horny guys playing with themselves and a couple with each other. I slid into a seat in the middle near the back and watched
the film for a while, a straight film was playing at the time where a slim bond was being spit-roasted by two studs with huge dicks - wasn't I the jealous one!
I finally couldn't take any more, and slipped off my shoes and jogging bottoms quickly pulling up my short grey lycra skirt that was in my tote bag, that just showed my stocking tops and slipped on my 3inch heels. I pulled my jumper over my head, and pulled on the shoulder length black wig, it was fairly dark where I was sat so no-one really noticed what I was up to.
I carried on watching the porn, whilst my cock stirred in my panties, then decided to go for it. I stood up, walked to the end of the aisle and sat down a few rows ahead smiling and winking at a few guys as I walked past.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

#726 - Sissy cum trainer vol.1 by Scom

Fabolous mid long hypno video, tonight..
sure, never seen before around..
hot stuff with captions and really good quality selection of clips..
explicit induction.. for every sissy of this site!
another hot premiere.. offer by your dear Anna Malice..
say thanks.. and enjoy! ;))

Anna Malice

#725 - Jessica Fox III

Shemale Jessica Fox in an hot bareback..
with Christian.. and a little bit of fade effect..
really a nice video for this saturday afternoon!

Anna Malice

#724 - Dungeons e Fetish - Coffee with a spot of milk

Addicted by this hot perversion..
Coffee with a spot of milk, from now, becomes my favorite beverage! ;))
of course, i would like to be the cow and the drinker at the same time!

Anna Malice

Friday, November 18, 2011

#723 - Tara Tainton gay induction - Savor a Mouthful of Cum

Long and lovely induction to cock and cum..
Tara Tainton conduce you to a wonderful cum eating instruction
fantasizing about receiving real men mess..
a nice pov humiliation video with a slow countdown!

Anna Malice

PS. don't miss the new hypno premiere of tomorrow night! ;)

#722 - Milena Campanelli

Not easy to find free.. a video about Milena Campanelli!
she is the beauty and she is also a wonderful passionate actress!
her intenisty during this hot fucking is just legend! ;)

Anna Malice

#721 - Dungeons e Fetish - Asslick compilation

well, D&F collection of today is dedicated to something really arousing..
or maybe.. really arousing for me! ;)
to lick an hairy man's ass.. makes totally crazy!
enjoy this beautiful hot compilation!

Anna Malice

Thursday, November 17, 2011

#720 - Boobs hypno by Felicia Lightner

our thursday appointment.. with Felicia Lightner..
what a beautiful idea to dedicate a special day to her, isn't it?!
well, video of tonight.. is another little masterpiece..
not easy to find.. a subliminal induction treatment to boobs
wouldn't you like to have a beautiful breast?!..
wouldn't like to be closer to a perfect woman?!
as usual, a special thanks to our little heroin..
take a look to the beautiful site of Felicia Lightner ;)))

Anna Malice

#719 - Milena Vendramine II

Milena Vendramine (AKA: Mileni)
sublime and beautiful..
wonderful arousing clip.. for the shemale's video of today!

Anna Malice

#718 - Dungeons e Fetish - Confession of a sissy bitch

totally addicted by this young sexy bitch..
completely faggot.. and full of passion..
a self amateur production..
really illustrative of what a sissy is able to become..
when.. totally aroused she is alone at home ;))
I think I have said the same sentences in front of a webcam.. and a lot of times!
I love her.. she is so sensual..

Anna Malice

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

#717 - Maitresse Madeline - Jerk It you slut

As every wensday.. here with us.. the beautiful Madeline!
Intense and malicious.. deep in your mind..
with her strong desire to submit you!
not for every sissy..
but for every bisexual sissy.. anothe lovely clip! ;)

Anna Malice

#716 - Labelly Sandorran

Labelly Sandorran
(AKA: Labelle Sandorram,La Belle,Labely, Labelly Fondaman)
woow what a wonderful discovery! ;)
hot, beautiful and truly feminine like few other!

Anna Malice

#715 - Dungeons e Fetish - Madeline's slave bdsm session

Hard and hot femdomination..
by the hot and brutal Maitresse Madeline..
as usual, she is lovely! ;))

Anna Malice

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

#714 - Illuminati sissy toy

Well, in the last months, I'm sure..
to have given you.. a lot of new hypno videos to have fun..
something never seen before, of course..
because this is the best of hypnotic sissyfication free sites! (yes, i'm modest ;)
I'm trying to give you the best.. just because, it's what i would like for me, the more!
tonight another premiere.. of course..
not explicit porn.. but enough seductive..
for the real sissy you have inside!
a special thanks to Noel and pussyboi..
the most frequent critics of this blog..
and with great quality in every thought! ;))

Anna Malice

#713 - Fernanda Rubio

Another hot shemale actress: Fernanda Rubio
(AKA: Nanda,Fernanda Rubia,Fernanda Lima).
great clip.. with romance and sex..
I adore french kisses.. before, during and at the end.. of love! ;)

Anna Malice

#712 - Dungeons e Fetish - Prison dirty tranny whore

Daily D&F collection.. for a classic fantasy in a jail..
Danielle Foxxx is one of the magnificent actresses
of this hot shemale lesbo clip!

Anna Malice

Monday, November 14, 2011

#711- Think Pink by Sissy Couture

well, proud to host another masterpiece of Sissy Couture!
style and concept are always superb..
wonderful taste in every detail..
it's not the high quality final realise..
anyway i was excited to find and to post this clip.. for you, tonight! ;))

Anna Malice

#710 - Carla Tavares

Carla Tavares a beautiful brazilian blonde..
i discover this exciting shemale's video and she got me!
fabulous hot fucking.. with final creampie!

Anna Malice

#709 - Dungeons e Fetish - MistresT - cuckold humiliation

For the D&F video of today..
another great performing of MistressT..
beautiful and intensly perverse as always..
for every sissy who dreams a wife, a mistress..
and a dirty triangle! ;))

Anna Malice

Sunday, November 13, 2011

#708 - Lexi Mistress - Cum in your mouth

Exact, really the wonderful Lexi Lapetina.. ;))
again protagonist on our screen..
Well, I miss her ability to make me melt..
a never seen before cum eating instruction video, just for you!

Anna Malice

ps. don't miss the unmissable premiere of tomorrow evening! ;)

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