Thursday, November 10, 2011

#699 - Another Sissy's Dream by Felicia Lightner

Well when i saw first time this clip.. i was close to cum..
It's exactly what i have ever dreamed..
It's exactly what i'am.. a sissy fag! ;))
Felicia, you got it!.. you caught the sense..
what i have ever dreamed is to be like a gurl..
feminine.. ready to be taken and to donate myself completely.. with all my passion..
maybe it's only sex.. or maybe it's the desperate need to give love..
to be used.. to donate much pleasure possible.. without anything back!
maybe to be a sissy... it's only this!
This clip is close to be a real short movie.. with a lovely intriguing simplicity!
thanks Felicia, for this gem!..
take a look to the beautiful site of Felicia Lightner ;)))

Anna Malice

PS. Everyday, what i see here.. it's absence of rating activity and bad ratings, the most..
All without a comment.. or motivated criticism about it
I think that thousands of daily unique visitors could make really better than this..
and above all.. I deserve much more than.. your indifference!
have fun


  1. That was hot. One of the things that turns me on most is when a sissy is broken. That moment when she stops resisting and just goes with it.

  2. Dear Anna,

    I apologize for not posting, I love your blog and all you do. That is a great video, truly how i wish to one day feel.

  3. Thank you for putting this up. It made my day. What a lovely and realistic demonstration of what it feels like to be a sissy and to know that your place is to make a man cum!

  4. I love this and it is exactly as I feel.....i need to be broken and become a MAN'S BITCH and fuck slut....

  5. Hi Anna,
    I check in every day and must say you are doing a wonderful job. I don't get to rate as many movies as I'd like as all of those hosted on megavideo are blocked from my location :(

    Please keep up the hard work - it is appreciated!

  6. This one really looked good. I like how you are able to make some very interesting videos available to your viewers.

    Thank you and keep up the good work.

  7. I really want a sissy to cuddle with right now.

  8. Anna - this was wonderful! Thank you!

    And, don't worry about people who never comment - many 'girls' are afraid to comment on anything, or even click a mouse button, because they are so deep in the closet. For many of them, that is very smart: they have a lot to lose if they are revealed as sissies.

    Everyone who comes here loves your work, and loves you for doing it, whether they rate things, comment, or not!

  9. Anna, you are too kind! I just wrote down one of my fantasies. I'm glad you like it. And so many others too.
    Too afraid to comment...never thought of it that way. They shouldn't be really. Anonymity is real on the Net. & Anna & I & many other sissy bloggers NEED to hear from you. AND it gives us a chance to hear what you LIKE! And YOU the chance to tell us. We'd all be happier gurls.

  10. Gosh Annamalice, you know my "signature" now :-)
    , & so sorry you feel underappreciated, ma questo non puo essere a causa di mi! I'm always gushing compliments to you about the MIGHTY COCKS you make EXPLODE their hot thick slime all over my pretty little sissy face and degrade in so many wondeful ways every day to make me cum. Sei per mi assolutamente fabulosa, mi cara, warm loving kisses sopra tutt'il tuo corpo!!! .

  11. That was absolutely amazing I loved it it made me cream my panties just wishing that was me. Thank you for all the work you do on the videos and the blog

  12. this is such a great video anna thank you so much for all of these wonderful videos you are truly a tribute to all the sissies in the whole world :D

  13. milehigh69er@yahoo.comNovember 11, 2011 at 12:25 PM

    Anna, your generosity is matchless, and words can't begin to express how much I look forward to logging on to your blog each and every day. I love each of your selections, and appreciate all that you are and all that you do. Thank you!

  14. Anna thanks for posting another one of Felicia's wonderful & amazing videos here on your blog. That was such a hawt & superb video.

    I dont really know what to say that hasn't already been said by other peoples comments above me.

    SO thank you both Anna & Felicia & keep up the great work Felicia you never dissapoint me or anyone that sees your vids I bet & you seem to keep just getting better which seems krazy to me how good your stuff is in each video that you make. Love & Best WIshes to you both - Noel xoxo

  15. great vid, i love how she used clips of gurls that were more on the CD/TV end of the transgender spectrum rather than goddess-like TS/Shemale clips...for a novice like me it makes the dream seem more acheivable...

  16. What a lovely and sweet video, it made my heart melt. It was nice seeing such cute little sissy bois having their dreams fulfilled and taking one more step closer to gurlhood. Always a pleasure viewing Felicia's work.- pussyboi


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