Thursday, November 17, 2011

#718 - Dungeons e Fetish - Confession of a sissy bitch

totally addicted by this young sexy bitch..
completely faggot.. and full of passion..
a self amateur production..
really illustrative of what a sissy is able to become..
when.. totally aroused she is alone at home ;))
I think I have said the same sentences in front of a webcam.. and a lot of times!
I love her.. she is so sensual..

Anna Malice


  1. You're preaching to the choir sister! I know EXACTLY what you mean. who doesn't want to get their lips around a nice hard cock right now! To lightly flick your tongue around the head and down the shaft. And let us not forget the balls!! There's nothing I like more than a HUGE pair of balls! To lick them all over, feel their weight with your tongue, and then to get them both in your mouth and worship his masculinity by lightly sucking those delicious gems! Yummy!
    And later having your sissy puss invaded by that hard rod, taking it all the way in and feeling it throbbing and pulsing deep within you. Knowing that any minute shred of masculinity you might have had left has been completely surrendered as you have inargueably become his bitch! Nice!- pussyboi

  2. what a stupid, simpering pathetic sissy bitch (i mean these all as complements!)
    Nice to see a helpless soft clit too.


  3. not even remotely sexy, a rare miss analice

  4. It seems the video was deleted, who is she where else can i find her?

  5. anyway of finding this video?


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