Tuesday, November 15, 2011

#714 - Illuminati sissy toy

Well, in the last months, I'm sure..
to have given you.. a lot of new hypno videos to have fun..
something never seen before, of course..
because this is the best of hypnotic sissyfication free sites! (yes, i'm modest ;)
I'm trying to give you the best.. just because, it's what i would like for me, the more!
tonight another premiere.. of course..
not explicit porn.. but enough seductive..
for the real sissy you have inside!
a special thanks to Noel and pussyboi..
the most frequent critics of this blog..
and with great quality in every thought! ;))

Anna Malice


  1. HOOOLY SHIT! That just blew my pretty little mind! That was REALLY REALLY INTERESTING! I had to watch that 3 times and I was still speechless. What an interesting visual display and that soundtrack! I have to say complimented it perfectly. Really impressive work! And I mean REALLY! Somebody hold me!- pussyboi

  2. More of illuminati sissy

  3. very nicely done, thank you for posting this <3

  4. Gosh Annamalice, recognize my "signature"? :-)
    so appreciate #714 with gorgeous bimbo sluts, sopratutto questa vera Italiana bruna, non so il suo nome, in middle of clip, she's famous for AWESOME bukkakes, getting her face cum-covered by 10, 20 BIG HARD HUNKS

  5. Great concept - not great execution.

  6. Maybe illuminati syssy toy part 2 ?

  7. Sweet like honey :-)
    Very sexy...

  8. what's the song during the 20 seconds? :)

  9. That was done sooo well. I want to give a BIG thank you to whoever made it. What's not to like about it ? :) It had everything timed perfectly & the music was great & it reminds us were all just toys to be used. So many pretty girls & outfits & cocks. Thanks for posting it Anna. Love ya from Noel xoxo

  10. What is the video of the girl getting gangbanged? It looks like Maria Ozawa but I don't know for sure. Thanks.

  11. It's so fine and so real after all
    being just a toy, after game, beer, pizza.
    what else? Being a sissy is too bad normaly

  12. Opening picture is of a capsule album heh

  13. Music source pleeease......

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