Saturday, April 30, 2011

#140 - You like to be fucked in the ass - by Felicia Lightner

another clip of Felicia, more subliminal than normal!
excellent hypnotic final effect! enjoy!

If you wanna make me a gift, send a comment!

#139 - Barbie Woods - Daydream

For the shemale's video of today an entire long movie with the super stars Barbie Woods!
as you suppose i adore Barbie, she is so girlie and gorgeous!
here, she is complitely hard fucked by a group of men!
But, as it happens to me frequently, it's only a dream! :D
so let's go, enjoy with me this movie!
thanks Anna

#138 - Dungeons & Fetish - Mark Davis, how a master should be!

Mark Davis is my favorite porn actor about bdsm!
He is enough old to be interesting, he has a great charisma, he has no compassion!
enjoy this long movies session of bdsm with his perform!
the victim is really pretty and submissime as i would like to be!
thanks for your comments!

Friday, April 29, 2011

#137 - Best cum eating hypno session

One of the best, or the absolutely best, long hypno movie session.
enjoy! it's my special gift to you,
because you deserved it!
eat your own cum! :D
kisses Anna

#136 - Mandy Mitchell II - Lesbian love

Daily Shemale's video is dedicated again to Mandy Mitchell and to the lesbian shemale's sex!
I like so much this video because it's quiet soft erotic and not truly porn!
I suppose that seduction, the pure Erotism, is really better to see that hard rock explicit sex!
enjoy, if you like it!
thanks for your comments

#135 - Dungeon & Fetish - Public session BDSM

daily Dungeon & Fetish collection is about an unknown and hot group practice of bdsm!
I'm complitely addicted, I hope you like it!
thanks Anna

Thursday, April 28, 2011

#134 - Hypnotic sissy training

A never seen before Hypno movie suggestion, with soft series of orders, movies and music!
let you conducing by subliminal very short messages in a sissificatated state of mind!
your ambition is to be a sissy!
Kisses Anna

#133 - Erica Bratil - Threesome

the daily shemale's video is dedicate to cute and gracious model: Erica
this threesome is really intense, and she is lovely used and abused by these guys!
kisses Anna

#132 - Dungeon & Fetish - The sacrifice

today for the Dungeon & Fetish collection a kidnapping by a mysterious sect!
enjoy and have a good day!
bye Anna

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

#131 - MistressT pov humiliation - Eat your own cum

Something different from Lexi Lapetina (my favorite), but effective indeed.
This Mistress catched me at all some weeks ago.
She is so frosty and so penetrating at the same time.
she conduced me to madness and i hope you too
thanks a lot for your comments and support, i'm doing my best to well entertain you!
a big kiss

#130 - Amateur interracial Tgirl compilation

the choise for the shemale's video of today
is a collection of different amateur transexuals and beautiful big black cocks!
any scenes are so real and erotic and i love this metling pot!

#129 - Dungeons & Fetish - Interview before BDSM

for the new collection of Dungeon and Fatish, a long intense movie.
Innocence is always seductive!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

#128 - Metamorphosis by Felicia Leightner

Just for Shannon..
Pat Metheny music, a relaxing atmosphere, the lovely touch of Felicia.
This video intrigues me a lot, it has the concept that i like more:
the radical transformation form the caterpillar to the butterfly!
there is something better?!?

this is one of my favorite video in general, thanks Felicia!
also thanks to Anonymous "fresh bottle of poppers" (lol), Fluffurnutt, Edgar,
Samantha, Stephanie and again Lola, to sigh my guestbook today!
dont you know how is important for me to read your voices and support!
a big kiss Anna

#127 - Dungeon & Fetish - Slave girl sucking master's cock

Just today i want to start a new serie of videos
dedicated to bdsm and fetish, just to show you a new face of my inner soul.
I always love to be taken, to be tied, to be used and to serve.
Dungeon should be my favorite place to live sexual expiriences as a sissy, and even if what i find to share on line is only hetero, the view of this kind of movies it's for me always so intense and intriguing!
As you imagine i ephatize with the submissive role! :D
tag: Dungeon e Fetish daily videos.

PS: sure for me it'll be an addictional commitment to post 3 videos for day,
but i would like to try, maybe not everyday, forgive me. Tell me what you think about.

#126 - Kimber James

Looking at the wonderful blog of Sarah Saint Claire, Abnormal Perversions of a Sissy,
dedication for the daily shemale's video is easy. the Actress of today is Kimber James!

Monday, April 25, 2011

#125 - Ass fucking induction

Interesting, never seen before, ass fucking induction video!
Audio on background is really hypnotic.

thanks to Ukart, Sissy Amanda, Shannon and Sissy Sugarlipz to have singed my guestbook today!
a big kiss to you, my sweet friends, simply i love you! ;D
have a good day

#124 - Oye Red 2 - Hot trio bareback

Oye Red, her grace and glamour are the protagonist of shemale's video of today!
an hot trio hard to forget!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

#123 - Flash hypnotic sissifycation

not a big quality, not music or voice guide, however a classic long flash hypnotic video!
try the pause botton to read every hyonotic order,
maybe you'll discover the hidden world inside you!

many thanks to Anonymous(coolus), Lola, Sam and Sissy Cindy, to sign my guestbook today!
kisses and hugs

#122 - Erotic Dream

Daily Shemale's video is dedicated to the erotic dreams or nightmares!
Nocturnal emissions are frequent for every sissy that lives in chastity!
the more you dont cum, the more you increase the probability to have one!
In my case when i have a nocturnal emission generally it's for a nightmare.
i generally dream about monsters or devils or zombies that pursue me and chase me.
at the end they catch me, and the final result is that i wake up wet! ;D
instead which is your frequent erotic dream?!? do you wanna tell me?
a big kiss

Saturday, April 23, 2011

#121 - Ass trainer II - by Felicia Lightner

Another beautiful video by Felicia, she is a master! thanks
I hope her personal blog could start soon with some of her precius ideas and jobs!
at the end of this movie, a particular sentece catchs me at all: "oh my god i luv it",
the surprise to discover to be "a fuckin'sissy bitch" is always hot! ;D

thanks also to "german anonymous" that, today, signed my guestbook for first!
a big kiss from Anna to you all

#120 - Celeste - Shemale massage

Shemale's video of today is really sensual, starting from a massage..
Sensual Celeste is the fabolous protagonist of this hot clip!
try to enjoy not so much, happy easter!
kisses Anna

Friday, April 22, 2011

#119 - Sissy rules

Tonight something quiet fatish and quiet hypnotic
eight rules to cum for a Sissy!
follow the rules sissies!

maybe the clip is too long and not complitely effectve,
however, even if a sissy generally doesnt cum,
the only idea to have rules, in order to cum, makes me horny! ;D
thanks to all the followers, you are everyday more
and everyday more you make me really glad to please you!
kisses Anna

#118 - Celina Oliver

Hello all, the shemale daily video is dedicated to the beautiful brazilian Celina!
I'm not sure you like my selection of shemale's videos posted on this site,
if you are not happy, write me what kind of movie you like to watch more!
thanks Anna

Thursday, April 21, 2011

#117 - BBC Cocksucking Trainer

really short but intense hypno flash animation!
effective and strong images bombing!

PS: I hope you like the re-styling of the site!

#116 - Joanna Divine 2 - Hard fucking with boyfriend

How hard is to recive a large big cock inside?
it destroys you at all, or it looks like.
Joanna explain this concept very well with her crying!
Joanna is one of my favorite, of course, she is not a professionist,
here, all you watch is real!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

#115 - You don't have a cock

What does a sissy really want?!?
She want to be more girly, more bimbo, more dominated, more humiliated, more enslaved?!? of course
but what a Sissy really wants more is to have not a cock, it's to modifcate herself permanently becoming a real woman forever, in a way where there is no going back!
enjoy this new hypnotic video! quality is not the best, but every sentence is a wound inside my sissy soul!
i'm horny reading with my loud voice every words in it! do the same by yourself
thanks to every followers
a big kiss Anna

#114 - The japanese torture

For the shemale's video of the day another choise about asian ladyboy!
I'm addicted by explicit domination and I suppose this is my favorite taste for most of the videos I choise!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

#113 - BJ Luv - by Felicia Lightner

i hope felicia doesnt mind if i post this original video made by her found on hypnoticwitches (yahoogroups).
She has a great touch to create a so orginal mix of addictions!
I love her style and her ability! I'm catched!

#112 - Teen shemale Stefanie - bedroom blue love

as i said i love this couple! wonderful fuck!

Monday, April 18, 2011

#111 - Lexi Mistress - two minutes to cum!

Simply, direct, intense, effective: She is Lexi and you are lost in her hands!

#110 - Bruna Rodriguez - Fetish and Fucked

A nice fetish group sex, with a wonderful actress: Bruna Rodriguez!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

#109 - Cum craving self hypnosis

I'm really proud of you and of this blog!
It looks like you like it a lot.. everyday more. What can i say? thanks
It means that my needs of hypnotic sissy videos is yours
and maybe Annamalice Sissy Self Hypnosis Blog wasnt a bad idea, isnt it?!? :D
enjoy this hypnotic cum craving new post!
kisses Anna

#108 -Teen shemale Stefanie - hard fucking in the kitchen

For the daily shemale's video, one of most intense amateur couple!
He is so sexy, She is so cute!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

#107 - Ass trainer

Nice interesting hyonotic video discovered around in yahoogroups hypnoticwishes!
enjoy and thanks for your comments!
kisses Anna

#106 - Mistress castrates her slave!

dont worry, however it's always fiction! :D

Friday, April 15, 2011

#105 - Lexi Mistress - Frozen Sperm

I love Lexi Lapetina! :D

#104 - the Tube

For the shemale daily video my choise is another time on an asian movie!
In a certain way this movie is ridicoluos, with funny cocks an an unreal scene in the tube.
In another way it catchs me at all, by this sensual situation of seduction in public!
There is something charming by the way she try to resist to passion!
i mean, tentamption is always seductive, expecially for a sissy! :D

Thursday, April 14, 2011

#103 - Slurp it up

enjoy one of the most beautiful hypno video on line!
leave me a comment, make me happy!

#102 - Bailey Jay 3 - Cheerleader

for the shemale's video of the day: Bailey Jay!
Her name is guarantee of high quality sensations!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

#101 - Cum Trainer

101th post! when i strarted this blog, I wouldn't have bet that!
I hope you enjoy my hard job here!
you have to imagine that to be a sissy is a life in secret! You know, maybe the destiny of a sissy is to be dismissed, to live alone and sad, without real friends!
so every video here is my special gift to every sissy and to everyone who loves them!
enjoy this new hypnotic trip!
if you wanna make me happy, leave me a comment about my posts, you'll make me feel less alone.
thanks Anna

#100 - Ladyboy Kianna - Interview and hot fucking

I always liked this asian ladyboy video,
interview is so nice and pure,
what it appens after.. has a touch of innocence and pervertion at the same time. I love it

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

#99 - Sissy Cocksucking Trainer

from sissycouture,
a seducing voice, rhythm and images conduce you to perdition!

please comment my posts, leave me a sign!
thanks Anna

#98 - Shemale Secretary

shemale's video of the day is dedicated to to daily silent and hard job of every office's employed!
imagination sometime helps to tolerate the routine! :D

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