Wednesday, April 6, 2011

#87 - Prepare Ass

one of the rare case of anal hypnosis on line


  1. As I watched this clip, I accidently touched my as, giggle. Huh it was so arousing. I should stop that. omg

    xxx martin

  2. thanks Martin to be one of the best fallower of this blog!
    a big kiss to you!

  3. huuhh, giggle, thank you anna
    you make me blush

    xxx martin

  4. I spent and continue to spend lots of time stretching, preparing and opening up my ass with Dildos so that when Real Men want to fuck me, I truly have a PUSSY rather than an ass....I follow a regimen of pussy maintenance to keep my pretty pink pussylips and walls soft, supple, velvety and flexible enough to take even the biggest cocks.....after using dildos of varying sizes, I always use an Aloe Vera Gel to soften, moisturize and keep my PUSSY soft and fuckable....I also eat more of a feminine diet and, of course, cleanse with multiple enemas before offering my hot little cunt to a Real Man.....sooo.....I loved this video.

    Your anal whore fuck-toi,
    ms. karli kunt


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