Wednesday, April 13, 2011

#101 - Cum Trainer

101th post! when i strarted this blog, I wouldn't have bet that!
I hope you enjoy my hard job here!
you have to imagine that to be a sissy is a life in secret! You know, maybe the destiny of a sissy is to be dismissed, to live alone and sad, without real friends!
so every video here is my special gift to every sissy and to everyone who loves them!
enjoy this new hypnotic trip!
if you wanna make me happy, leave me a comment about my posts, you'll make me feel less alone.
thanks Anna


  1. Hi dear anna
    Congartulations to your 191th post. You really do a very good job. It makes me happy to visit your blog every morning. I can imagine it is a hard work to post as constantly like you do.
    Please don't be too sad, I adore you and your work.

    xxx martin

  2. love them all. you won't be lonely when you start being a cocksucker whore in real life.

  3. Martin, my dear.. you are always so nice!
    kisses Anna

  4. Anonymous, istants are not eternity or an entire life, however thanks for the council!
    ciao Marco

  5. Beautiful Anna. Thank you for your blog. I love it so much. I hope you can soon find a man to show you how wonderful it is to feel him inside you. You're young and have plenty of time to find him. I, on the other hand, am not anymore but your blog takes me back to those days when I could please my man.

  6. i'm not so young, however i hope so..
    thanks to you, thanks to support me with comments like this!
    a big kiss

  7. Damn I Luv This Video! Seeking My SexChange Anyone looking for Their Girl??? *****ShaNnOn*****

  8. Shannon welcome here, thanks a lot for this comment
    kisses Anna

  9. OMG your videos and flash files are unbelievable! I can't stop watching them now. I am craving cock and cum so much now. Thankyou for sharing. x

  10. Hello sissies

    would u like to be my sissy
    your truly,

    1. i dont have a web cam or anything but we can chat and i can follow all your yummie commands =)

  11. I wish somebody would kindly give me a nice nasty delicous bowl of nut syrup for me to bath in =) also i wuv cleaning dick cheese ^_^


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Kisses Anna

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