Saturday, April 23, 2011

#121 - Ass trainer II - by Felicia Lightner

Another beautiful video by Felicia, she is a master! thanks
I hope her personal blog could start soon with some of her precius ideas and jobs!
at the end of this movie, a particular sentece catchs me at all: "oh my god i luv it",
the surprise to discover to be "a fuckin'sissy bitch" is always hot! ;D

thanks also to "german anonymous" that, today, signed my guestbook for first!
a big kiss from Anna to you all


  1. OMG this vid is soo hott...i luv u anna 4 bringin it to us...sissy sugarlipz ♥♥♥

  2. Hi Sugar, it's Felicia only..
    she has a great evocative imagination, and she is great indeed to create this kind of videos!
    I'm really glad you like it! Soon, with her permission, i'll post more!

  3. huhhh woow, while wathing I feel a little tingle in my ass, giggle, or should I say, blush.. pussy
    omg I am totally into this

    xxx martin

  4. My boi-pussy is so wet! Felicia's "Ass Trainer" is so inspiring that i've immediately gone into training myself. It should become an event in the Olympics( i think the ancient Greeks would have agreed), then we can show those "male?" figure skaters who the real sissies are! I'm serious about this! Who's with me?-pussyboi


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