Thursday, June 28, 2012

Something you have to know

Good evening world..
as you noticed this blog was off for a week or more..
of course it was not my will.. but with the recent changing of the antispam policy of blogger..
it seems to be so frequently classified as a spam site..
it happened in may.. and again it is just happened in the month of june.. (probably it will be the same in July)
Now.. in my opinion is really clear.. that there is something wrong in the way of being of this site..
This last time.. everything i made here.. has seriously risked to be cancelled forever..
we reached the maximum level of blogger review..
fortunately, after my desperate appeals.. they judged this blog not a spam site.. ;))
Well, to be more clear.. this is not a polemic... because i really love blogger..
it's the best place to conduce a blog.. and without comparisons..
with a lot of free applications and possibilites..
Also i'm really against the web spam.. and against the spam sites..
they are truly troubling.. with a lot of illegal activity..
Automated spam detection by google is behove and truly necessary!!
Anyway.. (even if, In truth, i'm not desperate.. because what i make here every day
is totally free, with much efforts.. and without anything back)..
anyway.. it remains the fact that with much probability..
it could be really difficult to continue with my blog activity here on blogger.. (not whitelist is allowed)
At the moment.. i have no ideas to how find an alternative place or a way to continue..
other famous sites of blog hosting.. seems to not offer the same possibilities of blogger..
a lot of limitations (expecially for adult contents) and not free applications..
they are not effective at all!
So.. because i have noticed you are really numerous.. more than 10.000 unique visitors every day..
i'm sure there is someone between you all.. able to help me..
(maybe for the first time, trying to give me something back)
I'm not sure which could be the right platform to continue..
maybe also with an own site domain.. ì don't really know..
but for sure.. this time.. this blog needs a development and an effective help by your ideas..
Otherwise.. being realistic.. with much displeasure.. (even if as a sort of liberation)..
probably this will be the end..
many thanks
with love

Anna Malice

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

#1335 - Lexi Mistress - Impure thoughts JOI-CEI

Happy She is between us again.. after really a lot of time.. six months.. too much! ;))
I love Lexi in every way.. in every form.. in every situation..
and it's not a question to be hetero or gay oriented.. she is hot in every case! ;))
so for not puritan of feminization.. I'm really glad to look around some new her videos..
Charismatic, intense.. with wonderful deepest eyes.. and her magnetic expressions..
she is back.. to dominate you.. and to make you execute.. all her caprices..

Anna Malice

#1334 - Bia Di Felipo III

I'm not sure to have already posted.. this fantastic video..
anyway Bia Di Felipo (AKA: Bianca,Bia Bastor,Bia Bastos)..
is always, always hot.. in every clip i'm able to watch with her..
Also today.. for the shemale collection.. this gangbang is amazing..
with incredile scenes.. expecially at end..
never thought about this way to be cumfilled.. ;)

Anna Malice

#1333 - Dungeons e Fetish - Cucumber and cum

I think that being a sissy is an hard thing..
beyond common problems of being accepted.. from society in general..
there are a lot of monstrous problems.. like to be adeguate..
to be decent.. passable.. interesting.. or really sexy..
how much is important for everyone to be nice and desiderable.. is well known..
Imagine how many insecurities.. people like us.. must confront..
i mean.. we didn't born.. as we would like to appear..
we don't know how will be our first time.. if it will be a big success or a full disaster..
it's like a reborn.. without any confidence.. a jump in the dark!
The most of us.. are not prepared to affront this kind of debacle..
because for a sissy.. to be sexy is really too much important! ;(
So when i find a clip with someone really sexy.. is more that a good video to post..
it's pure happyness.. as it was a miracle... as it was me.. ;))
and therefore.. D&F collection of today is dedicated to an hot fantastic crossdresser..
where legs and ass.. are genetically superior.. and sublime superior..
hot clip indeed.. like I did, also, in my past.. who didn't tried a cucumber.. during life?!..
hard to take inside.. strong and painful.. deliciously devastating.. that takes your breath away..
all.. for a perfect simulating... just to try how rocky is a real cock! ins't it?! ;))
bonus track.. because liclic.. is a truly gorgeous sissy.. ;))

Anna Malice

ps. of course, even if beauty is always important.. sensuality is not a question of beauty! ;)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

#1332 - Black owned sissy trainer by Emma Nice

Another outstanding clip tonight.. even if, something not totally new..
from Emma Nice.. master of the Emperorhypnos..
a fantastic remasterization of her old classic..
"White Sissy Slave Trainer", here, posted on number #648
but fully remixed.. with an impressive inedited final.. and with a new concept!
I loved her precedent job.. one of my favorite of ever..
and i'm really delighted by this fantastic re-edition!
hope she doesn't mind.. i'm always so ready to post her jobs..
i'm really a big fan.. so, my fault.. is only to have great passion for her genius.. ;))
with love

Anna Malice

#1331 - Walkiria Drumond V

The delicious Walkiria Drumond
(AKA: Walkyria Drumond,Walquira, Walkyria Capoeira)
is the fantastic protagonist of the shemale video of today!
A fabulous video.. because she is hungry for cock as few others..
and also because the prologue at office is nice and classic erotic!
I think i have to buy some glasses..
I discovered that a sissy can't suck cock without them..
it's fucking hot.. and perfectly fetish/sensual!
good sucking.. ;))

Anna Malice

#1330 - Dungeons e Fetish - Art of sissy orgasm

For today, for the daily D&F collection..
i'm delighted to have found.. another sublime clip by Manami..
protagonist of other fantastic videos.. about sisys orgasm!
I judge her stuff absolutely superior.. her passion, her sensualism..
her fantastic way to be feminine is without comparison..
in every clip you can admire her sublime tecnique..
Looking at her.. it seems so easy to have this kind of delicious pleasure..
even if, you know.. it's not for all so easy...
About this kind of practice.. i want always underline..
the most depends by a good period of abstinence.. more of two weeks, i suppose,
and with time.. and patience you'll be able to practice at the same way.. also more frequently..
by now.. Manami is truly an artist..
makes you feel a lot of intimate sensations.. only by watching her clips..
I'm sure you want to know what she feels... type of pleasure.. and impressions about..
Well let me tell you.. that it's not a case.. she uses a splitted view.. front and rear..
In effect... it's really misleading to think.. she cums with her clitty..
in this kind of orgasm.. pleasure is all behind.. from you ass pussy..
deep, intense and really feminine.. then, subjective..
my experience is.. there aren't orgasms.. similar to each other..
would like to read your experiences about.. ;))

Anna Malice

Monday, June 18, 2012

#1329 - Omen by Annamalice

I don't know why i'm what i'm..
anyway I know what i like
I like to be feminine.. to dress.. I like act as a girl..
I like men.. I like their bodies.. and their power on me..
I like to serve and I like to obey..
I like to be dominated.. being submissive and enslaved.
I'm faithful and unfaithful.. slave and queen.. stupid and clever..
Anyway I'm powerful.. able to infect you.. a black light.. impossible to clean..
If you are here.. you must know who i'm..
because consequences on you.. could be really unexpected..
Well, for tonight.. my last fatigue... (even if with not so much effort)
from a great fetish clip.. full of taste and class.. found around..
with the wonderful Prodigy's famous song.. Omen
my personal interpretation.. of the sixth sissy sense..
from ever.. living in you all! ;))

Anna Malice

#1328 - Sammi Valentine VI

I don't know why but i truly adore Sammi Valentine clips..
in a certain way is a non sense.. because beauty of her partners generally is really low..
Anyway i don't care about them.. I'm usually attracted from her way to be..
she is born sissy, like me.. evolved in a beautiful tgirl..
but in my mind she will always be a gorgeous amateur sissy.. not a pro..
and even if now she is a real porn actress..
every video of her conserves a lot of the wonderful atmospheres of a real life erotic situation!
Of course also the clip i have chosen to post today.. confirms this rule..
it's an hot sensual situation.. in which is really easy to empathize with her feminine role!
blonde or brunette she is always hot! ;))

Anna Malice

#1327 - Dungeons e Fetish - Sissy at glory hole

Maybe a delight.. maybe only a squalid experience.. i don't know..
anyway have found an amazing clip to post for the dailly D&F collection.
Glory hole is misterious.. intriguing.. dirty and psycologically aseptic..
only the cock.. without consequences.. maybe the best for a shy sissy!
Anywway this clip looks enough amateur..
and makes me think there are infinte way to be really dirty!.. ;))

Anna Malice

Sunday, June 17, 2012

#1326 - I know your secret

More than a dirty talk.. more than the usual offensive conversation about your sexual tastes!
she seems to read in your mind.. knowing perfectly what turn you on!
It's the perfect gay induction.. I would like to watch..
because only a woman knows how much delicious is to be devoted to cock..
well, at one point she asks:
"You like taking it up the ass, so I wonder. Are you gay?"
the answer is easy... Yes, you are!!.. ;))

Anna Malice

#1325 - Lisa Lawer II

Lisa Lawer (AKA: Keyla Rouston, Lisa Lauter, Liza Lauer)
again for our shemale collection of today!
Blonde with an amazing body.. you know Lisa is the best!
today in an hot classic video.. with a wonderful partner..
she is able to make you understand... what does it mean to be fucked!

Anna Malice

#1324 - Sissy Story 43 - My adventure

For this first sunday of this hot summer.. (here it's 36 degrees)
and for our weekly appointment with stories.. i decided to post something different..
not a tail written on the papar.. but a truly video-narration..
where fantasy is totally absent.. because everything you watch here it was for real!
I suppose this is amazing.. sissy evolution, here, is superb and complete!
even if this is a sort of self promotional video.. with something not really perfect..
I think this a wonderful clip indeed.. in which captions are able to illustrate every passage..
and images are witness of an incredible sissy birth!
really intriguing and hot.. would like to find a of videos like this! ;))
now, enjoy the sissy story number 43! ;)

Anna Malice

My adventure

Saturday, June 16, 2012

#1323 - Transition by Annamalice

Restored clip number #317.. Transition!
this time with the great help of a new delicious friend.. Pheonix-Rose! (i love you, thanks)
I'm really affectionated to this clip.. it was one of my first tries..
expressing my feelings, my wishes, my passions, my tastes and my truly soul! ;))
It was like a tale.. with a sweet progression from the beginning to end..
the final is a sort of climax.. a feminine orgasm.. as only a sissy is able to feel and to understand!
Particularry proud to have chosen J.S. Bach as main theme..
Cello Suite No. 1 in G major, BWV 1007 is one of the most delicious thing, men were be able to create! ;))

Anna Malice

#1322 - Jennifer Satine

Jennifer Satine the new entry for the shemale collection of today!
An amazing clip, with an amazing tranny... and with wonderful video quality..
great sex posistions for wonderful moments of sex.. with fetish elements at end!
Jennifer is a sublime gorgeous shemale.. without comparison ;))

Anna Malice

#1321 - Dungeons e Fetish - Gangbanged in chastity

From a nice suggestion of my dear friend Jenna..
a beutiful example of how lovely is being a chastitized sissy..
i know.. the most of you don't know this experience..
well let me tell you that live in chastity is a continuing interior moaning..
feeling every moment feminine sensations.. looking forward for cock..
of course it's really nice to discover how much drops of precum..
you are able to produce during all the day.. meaning you are a real sissy! :))
well, now try to imagine how delighted is to be fucked in this condition..
also after a long time for you without cum..
I mean.. you should be able to do your best as a whore! ;)

Anna Malice

Friday, June 15, 2012

#1320 - White womans prefer BIG BLACK COCKS.. and you also..

well, for the hypnotic file of tonight I have taken from my past..
past of my beginnings.. in which only the seen of big black cocks.. turned me on..
maybe i was only unknowing.. maybe i was conscious but I negate the evidence..
in truth, i suppose that thinking like a cuckold is a wonderful beginning for every youth sissy ..
because identification in your lovely girlfriend.. it's typical.. for every envious fag.. in bud..
is it not the real reason because you suppose to love her?!
is it not real you admire her.. dreaming to be as she look like?!
and, most important.. is it not true you were never be able to fuck her as a real man?!
without the right intercourse frequence.. without the right intensity and toughness.. as every woman deserves..
oh no no.. you are not that kind of man.. isn't it?! you never been..
not aroused for a pair of tits.. or for the possibilty to take a girl on her four..
exclusively turned on from the seen of beautiful movies about blowjobs and fucks with big cocks! ;)) isn't it?!?
well, if this is your condition.. the good news is that you are not a real cuckold..
the bad news is that you are a fag.. or worst.. an unfucked sissy whore! ;))
anyway i love big black cocks!!!

Anna Malice

#1319 - Shakira Maya III

Shakira Maya (AKA: Shakira Voguel, Shakira Sharayba, Chakira)
a lot of time without her.. and i could say.. too much time!
i forgot her.. and her incredible sensuality! because blondes are always magic.. ;))
Surfing on line.. i saw a clip of her, forgetting i have already posted before..
as it was a big surprise i felt in love for her amazing beauty..
deciding to find another clip.. with something interesting..
well, this is a sort of ancient fantasy of mine..
never thought to your open mouth.. when you sit on dentist's chair?
of course not.. even if from tomorrow, i'm sure.. as the good sissy you are..
on the next occasions.. you will not forget to maliciously think about it.. ;))

Anna Malice

#1318 - Dungeons e Fetish - Art Of The Blowjob

D&F collection of today host a refined example of class and art of sex!
Eight wonderfull Blowjobs by Camille Crimson.. for 70 minutes of pure sublimity! ;))
1.01 Breast - 9.30 Cocktail and Blowjob -16.31 Sweetheart Blowjob
22.23 Lazy Morning Blowjob - 37.27 Red Chair Blowjob - 44.01 Playffull Blowjob
51.16 Seductive nude Blowjob in the sun - 58.22 Loving Sex and sensual touch blowjob
choise your favorite and tell me.. while you learn to be a cocksucker! ;))

Anna Malice

Thursday, June 14, 2012

#1317 - Cocksucking Sissy Panty Slut Ass Fucker by Felicia Lightner

Welcome back my dear followers.. sissies and sissy lovers..
I'm sure you are ready to be surprised from another hypnotic post of our dear friend, Felicia..
taking a look to her beautiful blog is always a must! ;))
for tonight.. i'm sure you will not disappointed by her beautiful creation..
it's a sort of revisitation.. of one of her most appreciated works.. Panty Hypno..
but with really interesting additions.. respecting the original concept from which the file was ideated..
a thick series of feminine and feminized images.. in slide show..
with a pumped hypno voice.. repetitive and obsessive..
Final result is a simple and effective hypnotic clip.. as it must be! ;))

Anna Malice

#1316 - Barbara Kysivics

Barbara Kysivics amazing.. truly amazing protagonist..
for the shemale's video collection of today..
this is one of the most arousing clip i have ever seen..
hot threesome.. with the best positions.. and sublime duble ass-pussy fucking..
her way to be taken and serving cocks.. is truly fantastic! ;))

Anna Malice

#1315 - Dungeons e Fetish - Before to be a Blogger i'm a Cocksucker

Want to dedicate the daily D&F video..
to one of my favorite blogger collegue.. Marlana Singleton..
The(S)heplacements is one the blog i follow daily.. totally delighted..
everytime with so much intelligence and taste..
Marlana is able to interesting me with a lot of pics and ideas.. and believe me, it's not easy!
Rarely sometime, here or there, i meet sissy clips in which she is the absolute protagonist..
when i watch her clips.. there is the complete parade of my emotions exposed..
i admire her over every limit.. expecially because she is able to go.. over my own limits..
Envy, identification, pathos and caos.. are in me powerfully..
what a courage.. passionate and with full ability.. simply.. I can't not love her! ;))

Anna Malice

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

#1314 - Anal Training Instructions

Anal training instructions clips are so rare and precious..
not appreciated from all.. of course.. anyway most appreciate from sissies like me
that practices this sweetest art of the depth.. ;))
form Jac collection.. another pure diamond of inducing to self feminization..
or to gayness.. if you prefer..
wonderful clip.. with anal instructions, of course.. but also with countdown and licking..
amazing and hot.. but just for real self-fucking practicing sissies! ;))

Anna Malice

#1313 - Patricia Sereia IV

thanks to Kay to have remembered me how wonderful she is able to be..
with much pleasure i was in searching of others rare clips of Patricia Sereia..
not with the perfect quality but i'm really happy to have found another one..
really amazing.. to post for the daily shemale collection.. ;))

Anna Malice

#1312 - Dungeons e Fetish - Slow motion cumshots

A really nice idea.. just to increase your addiction.. again once more.. ;))
so today.. I'm really glade to post this interesting clip for the D&F collection..
it's a really long video.. for your training i council to you..
to watch it all day long.. without skip and pauses.. ;))
try your resistance to cock cummings.. dear sissy fag..
be more addicted than ever.. ;))

Anna Malice

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

#1311 - Lingerie Suck

Not impossible to understand the intrisic value of this wonderful hypnotic gem..
lost with rest of my videos posted on megaporn.. some months ago!
the joy to look at it again.. is immense.. so it's immense my gratitude to Sissy Jane..
to have re-uploaded and restored it.. a big big kiss! ;))
it's not only a common hypno clip as many others..
it's a focusing expecially on some of the most refined details
most appreciated from all the sissies .. and not only from them..
music is the center of the universe of this clip..
so intriguing.. so involving.. (with vision of cocks).. so perfect for becoming fags like us..
of course the perfection of these captions has no comparisons.. ;))

Anna Malice

#1310 - Leticia Vlasak IV

In love for Leticia Vlasak from her first video i have seen..
i adore to look at her beautiful small tits.. in a word.. delicious!
for the shemale collection of today.. i'm glade to host her again..
with a so arousing clip.. having a so nice introducing solo..
and great moments of hot sex after that.. ;))

Anna Malice

#1309 - Dungeons e Fetish - Cum filled mouth

well, for the D&F collection of today.. i was really lucky..
i was able to find one of the oldest clip i have posted in this collection.. number #249
So i'm proud to re-post one of my really favotire fetish clip.. or, truly my absolute favorite..
but this this time with a sublime quality.. able to make you appreciate every detail..
of this incredible bukkake japanese torture..
This wonderful gag.. infact.. allows to your master.. to be really sure..
you'll take every drop of his and of others men cum..
because to be really sure is always better.. ;))
Even if you love cum.. imagine to be well tied.. and unable to close your mouth..
unable to refuse to take a lot of delicious shots of cum..
it's no more your decision.. it's only.. something you can't control..
humiliation in this case becomes total.. and you feel yourself totally impotent..
usable to satisfy every men caprices.. a sissy freak.. a faggot freak..
drowned in sperm.. as you have really deserved!
for joke of course ;)))))

Anna Malice

Monday, June 11, 2012

#1308 - Creating heaven by Jenna

well tonight from Jenna.. a lovely friend of mine..
a surprising hypno clip.. that i'm sure you have never watched before..
a metling-pot of the most delicious hypno clips.. of brain transformation..
or if you prefer... of sissy brain warping..
with the best hypnotic mistress on line.. of the world..
with the best affirmations.. or self induction.. or self confessions.. she was able to collect..
In my opinion.. the heaven.. for a sissy.. means a lot of different things..
first of all.. to be more feminine possible..
because there is a thin inner pleasure to admire yourself in front of the mirror..
beautiful dressed.. with curves.. shaved legs.. showing your sensual ass..
this sensation and sensation to transform you in a woman.. sure is a delight but also a missing..
in association to the contemplation of your beauty.. infact..
immediately you feel so much the need to be taken..
to be the gurl of someone.. to serve and to donate yourself to him completely..
Of course.. this is another face of the sissy nature.. or if you prefer.. of the sissy heaven..
as there are many others.. complicated and refined.. simply and rude!
perfectionism and exibitionism.. self-admiration and self complacency..
servilism and domination.. depersonalization and annihilation..
i perfectly understand Jenna.. the meaning of this clip is a sort of subliminal confession..
with creating heaven... she tried to create a personal mix of any of her favorite sissy faces..
creating heaven, for me.. means to join all the multiple sissy faces.. that live in me!
it's this same blog i have created..
because creating and watching them... is the admission they exist inside me..
and if they are inside me.. I'm them.. and a sissy faggot without no more excuse!
of course, many thanks to Jenna for this beautiful creation.. i love you! ;))

Anna Malice

#1307 - Sandy Lopes

Sandy Lopes (AKA: Sandy Lopez, Saory Vilella)
a new entry really fantastic for the shemaly daily collection..
Sandy was a beautiful discovering.. so sweet and lovely..
watching this clip.. of course she is a really hot fucking..
but what impressed me more.. was the tender kisses.. at the beginning..
her way to be feminine and delicate.. also natural, as she was a real teen like many others..
i also adore romanticism in a woman like Sandy..
it's what i feel to be.. it's what it should be natural for all the sissy like me! ;))

Anna Malice

#1306 - Dungeons e Fetish - For the Love of Big Black Cock

From Tina Dariani.. able to restore a lot of the production of kreamykream
i found an interesting clip to post for the D&F collection of today..
maybe the perfect base for a hypno clip about big black cocks..
even if there is too much pussy here.. for my tastes..
title of this clip was so inspiring.. for me.. deciding to post it!
well, of course also the showing of these wonderful cocks.. inspiring me so much.. ;))

Anna Malice

Sunday, June 10, 2012

#1305 - Ultra Humiliating Bi Stroke Session III

Tonight we are here to complete the saga.. started three weeks ago..
of the ultra humiliating bi stroke sessions by Kimberly..
and in truth.. with the most arousing clip of the trio!..
I never seen Kimberly so explicit and determinated.. and i confess
that this sort of humiliation is my favorite for sure..
inviting to suck a beautiful cock.. so well exposed in front of your eyes!
It's not only a temptation.. and it's not because maybe you may be only bisexual..
I mean.. it's because..
admitting to be a fag in front of a woman.. or, even more, sucking cock in front of her..
your male ego.. succumbs definitively! ;))

Anna Malice

#1304 - Yeidi Collins II

Yeidi Collins (AKA: Samantha,Yeidi,Yeidi Samantha,Yeina)
she is the real definition of class in a tranny..
wonderful eyes.. perfect body.. beautiful face..
she is the outstanding guest star of our shemale collection of today!

Anna Malice

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