Tuesday, June 12, 2012

#1309 - Dungeons e Fetish - Cum filled mouth

well, for the D&F collection of today.. i was really lucky..
i was able to find one of the oldest clip i have posted in this collection.. number #249
So i'm proud to re-post one of my really favotire fetish clip.. or, truly my absolute favorite..
but this this time with a sublime quality.. able to make you appreciate every detail..
of this incredible bukkake japanese torture..
This wonderful gag.. infact.. allows to your master.. to be really sure..
you'll take every drop of his and of others men cum..
because to be really sure is always better.. ;))
Even if you love cum.. imagine to be well tied.. and unable to close your mouth..
unable to refuse to take a lot of delicious shots of cum..
it's no more your decision.. it's only.. something you can't control..
humiliation in this case becomes total.. and you feel yourself totally impotent..
usable to satisfy every men caprices.. a sissy freak.. a faggot freak..
drowned in sperm.. as you have really deserved!
for joke of course ;)))))

Anna Malice

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