Tuesday, June 12, 2012

#1311 - Lingerie Suck

Not impossible to understand the intrisic value of this wonderful hypnotic gem..
lost with rest of my videos posted on megaporn.. some months ago!
the joy to look at it again.. is immense.. so it's immense my gratitude to Sissy Jane..
to have re-uploaded and restored it.. a big big kiss! ;))
it's not only a common hypno clip as many others..
it's a focusing expecially on some of the most refined details
most appreciated from all the sissies .. and not only from them..
music is the center of the universe of this clip..
so intriguing.. so involving.. (with vision of cocks).. so perfect for becoming fags like us..
of course the perfection of these captions has no comparisons.. ;))

Anna Malice


  1. hi anna, this one is soooo hotttt !!! beautiful girls and lucious cocks, mmmmm. xo, jacie

  2. i missed this video!!


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