Saturday, June 2, 2012

#1280 - Celeste Fuentes VI

Celeste Fuentes (AKA: Vanessa, Celeste Celeste)
there is always something special in her clips..
something soft fetish.. but enough cool to turn me on everytime!
she is our delicious protagonist of the shemale clip of today!
as one of my absolute shemale actress..
with much pleasure.. I just found another outstanding clip with her! ;))

Anna Malice


  1. First of all, thank you for a great blog, it has been nice to follow.
    This is nice clip indeed, long foreplay and then hard action, I would love to be in her place.

  2. Celeste is my favorite that you post! All of her videos are HOT!

  3. This is an outstanding video. 1st off I love Celeste vids to an extreme & who wouldn't ? She is beautiful , always has something new & seems to love what she does.

    2nd that is my number 1 fantasy to be totally tied up & dominated (well by a mtf transexual or a girl but, I was getting really attracyed to that guy & not just by his cock so who knows ? ;) or that older video , where Mandy dominated uhm Ally I think it was. Im way too submissive to be like Celeste was in the vid when she said you want to be dominant, so are you going to fuck me or what? - well almost 100% of the time im way to submissive & stuff I would guess.

    3. the foreplay & intense action of my god just so great .

    Anna I love you & your blog which Im assuming you know by now.

    Thanks for your comtinued hardwork. Its much appreciated.


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