Monday, June 11, 2012

#1308 - Creating heaven by Jenna

well tonight from Jenna.. a lovely friend of mine..
a surprising hypno clip.. that i'm sure you have never watched before..
a metling-pot of the most delicious hypno clips.. of brain transformation..
or if you prefer... of sissy brain warping..
with the best hypnotic mistress on line.. of the world..
with the best affirmations.. or self induction.. or self confessions.. she was able to collect..
In my opinion.. the heaven.. for a sissy.. means a lot of different things..
first of all.. to be more feminine possible..
because there is a thin inner pleasure to admire yourself in front of the mirror..
beautiful dressed.. with curves.. shaved legs.. showing your sensual ass..
this sensation and sensation to transform you in a woman.. sure is a delight but also a missing..
in association to the contemplation of your beauty.. infact..
immediately you feel so much the need to be taken..
to be the gurl of someone.. to serve and to donate yourself to him completely..
Of course.. this is another face of the sissy nature.. or if you prefer.. of the sissy heaven..
as there are many others.. complicated and refined.. simply and rude!
perfectionism and exibitionism.. self-admiration and self complacency..
servilism and domination.. depersonalization and annihilation..
i perfectly understand Jenna.. the meaning of this clip is a sort of subliminal confession..
with creating heaven... she tried to create a personal mix of any of her favorite sissy faces..
creating heaven, for me.. means to join all the multiple sissy faces.. that live in me!
it's this same blog i have created..
because creating and watching them... is the admission they exist inside me..
and if they are inside me.. I'm them.. and a sissy faggot without no more excuse!
of course, many thanks to Jenna for this beautiful creation.. i love you! ;))

Anna Malice

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