Sunday, June 3, 2012

#1284 - Ultra Humiliating Bi Stroke Session II

Well for tonight.. i chosen to continue this short Kimberly's saga..
clips in which she is able to make you understand..
how much is unuseful your sissy clit.. in front of a real man's cock
i think it's so arousing and humiliating.. to look at this wonderful big cock in front of you..
i mean.. it's clear... you want so much to suck it..
and inducing to make a mess looking at it.. it's a so dirty and sensual thing!
thanks Kimberly! ;))

Anna Malice


  1. Love this kind of videos. It's make me dream!!
    Thanks Anna!!! Love you!!!

  2. I love how tha cock looks so beautiful. Kimberly is so hottt & her voice is so soft & nice even when humilating you, which I think is so totally hottt. I do wish my cock looked like that. I do wish I could suck a cock like that, whether she dresssed me up & had me do it, or when I go on hormones & become a transexual, or when I finally become a girl. Those are some of my dreams. Thanks Anna for posting this. From your bi girl - Noel many xoxo's for you.

  3. I'd like her to talk me through sucking that nice cock while I am fully dressed like a sissy for him. Thanks for posting Anna!


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