Sunday, June 10, 2012

#1305 - Ultra Humiliating Bi Stroke Session III

Tonight we are here to complete the saga.. started three weeks ago..
of the ultra humiliating bi stroke sessions by Kimberly..
and in truth.. with the most arousing clip of the trio!..
I never seen Kimberly so explicit and determinated.. and i confess
that this sort of humiliation is my favorite for sure..
inviting to suck a beautiful cock.. so well exposed in front of your eyes!
It's not only a temptation.. and it's not because maybe you may be only bisexual..
I mean.. it's because..
admitting to be a fag in front of a woman.. or, even more, sucking cock in front of her..
your male ego.. succumbs definitively! ;))

Anna Malice

1 comment:

  1. how can I describe how great that video was ? Hmm .... I loved how the cock was shown at the end of the clip right infront of yo face, I love how she instructed you & says you still did a horrible job to. Great find on this whole series Anna or whoever sent it to who or whatever the situation was. Mega Thanks Anna - Love ya - Noel xoxoxo


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