Monday, June 18, 2012

#1328 - Sammi Valentine VI

I don't know why but i truly adore Sammi Valentine clips..
in a certain way is a non sense.. because beauty of her partners generally is really low..
Anyway i don't care about them.. I'm usually attracted from her way to be..
she is born sissy, like me.. evolved in a beautiful tgirl..
but in my mind she will always be a gorgeous amateur sissy.. not a pro..
and even if now she is a real porn actress..
every video of her conserves a lot of the wonderful atmospheres of a real life erotic situation!
Of course also the clip i have chosen to post today.. confirms this rule..
it's an hot sensual situation.. in which is really easy to empathize with her feminine role!
blonde or brunette she is always hot! ;))

Anna Malice

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