Thursday, June 28, 2012

Something you have to know

Good evening world..
as you noticed this blog was off for a week or more..
of course it was not my will.. but with the recent changing of the antispam policy of blogger..
it seems to be so frequently classified as a spam site..
it happened in may.. and again it is just happened in the month of june.. (probably it will be the same in July)
Now.. in my opinion is really clear.. that there is something wrong in the way of being of this site..
This last time.. everything i made here.. has seriously risked to be cancelled forever..
we reached the maximum level of blogger review..
fortunately, after my desperate appeals.. they judged this blog not a spam site.. ;))
Well, to be more clear.. this is not a polemic... because i really love blogger..
it's the best place to conduce a blog.. and without comparisons..
with a lot of free applications and possibilites..
Also i'm really against the web spam.. and against the spam sites..
they are truly troubling.. with a lot of illegal activity..
Automated spam detection by google is behove and truly necessary!!
Anyway.. (even if, In truth, i'm not desperate.. because what i make here every day
is totally free, with much efforts.. and without anything back)..
anyway.. it remains the fact that with much probability..
it could be really difficult to continue with my blog activity here on blogger.. (not whitelist is allowed)
At the moment.. i have no ideas to how find an alternative place or a way to continue..
other famous sites of blog hosting.. seems to not offer the same possibilities of blogger..
a lot of limitations (expecially for adult contents) and not free applications..
they are not effective at all!
So.. because i have noticed you are really numerous.. more than 10.000 unique visitors every day..
i'm sure there is someone between you all.. able to help me..
(maybe for the first time, trying to give me something back)
I'm not sure which could be the right platform to continue..
maybe also with an own site domain.. ì don't really know..
but for sure.. this time.. this blog needs a development and an effective help by your ideas..
Otherwise.. being realistic.. with much displeasure.. (even if as a sort of liberation)..
probably this will be the end..
many thanks
with love

Anna Malice


  1. Tumblr is the alternative unless you want to pay for your own website.

  2. Tublr.. is the best alternative.. of course..
    even if similar but not comparable.. with what i have here.. i know tumblr..

  3. I'm not sure what to suggest, hon, but I am overjoyed to see your blog back online. Even if it's just to give us some direction on where to follow you next, your presence was definitely missed.

    I don't know much about Blogger's rules about SPAM. Did they shut you down for what you were posting, or how you were promoting it? I had similar issues with my Google+ account (both are Google products) and what it came down to was that I was sharing my posts with the Public and not just my Circles. Once I agreed to limit myself to just my Circles, everything was OK.

  4. I too am glad your back. I do not know what to suggest. I hope we can all figure out something, so this wonderful site can continue to function.

  5. I hope you will find a way to keep your so great blog alive. Maybe publishing only for your followers, maybe tumblr. Anyway we all love your blog, thanks a lot for such a great job you're doing daily.

  6. I'm glad you're back.

    Is there anything we can do like e-mail Google to tell them we want them to leave you alone?

  7. if you had to pay - I think many us, myself included, would be happy to share in the nominal cost each month for hosting, etc. Google's performance over the last month has been poor at best.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Glad to see you back Anna, your site is truly the best. I hope someone comes up with a great idea to keep you going strong! You have so many followers and fans and friends.. we should be able to make this site stay great!

  10. Wordpress is a good platform (I'm sure that help with that will be found) and if you can manage the private website hosting (with setting up, and hosting etc..) it is doable. Well, anyway, you should at least put up the tumblr/twitter account if these kind of things happens again as a information channel. I was worried to loose your great blog, thou I quessed it was the googley thing again ;)

  11. I think if you had to move to a site with it's own domain using wordpress funding for the hosting could probably come from donations, or you could probably monetize the site pretty easy with the volume of traffic you have.
    Glad to see your back, love your blog.

  12. I would like to be in your "circle" if you go that way and would also contribute to maintain some other type of venue. I'm not real computer savvy so I don't have any suggestions on how to fix this but I do enjoy your blog and hope it can continue somewhere/somehow. I've learned so much about myself from your postings...thank-you.

  13. i have been checking like every other day hoping your back. glad you are now. hopefully we can see new videos now yay, (like some bratty jamie virgin humiliation.) not the only reason i come here i like all your videos and reading your descriptions of them too!. but glad you are here again. even if it means you are going to be off a few days every month that wont be too bad.. but it will be tough for us who like to cum here everyday! :)

  14. I'm glad to see you're back.

  15. Glad to see you back. I felt lost without your page ^_^

  16. Have you had a look at live journal or jux, I don't know of their functionality but they claim to be good for blogging.

  17. I would be willing to pay for this site

  18. Anna siteground offers good packages on hosting try it out. we dont want to lose you. You have made a great impact on my life.

  19. Blogs are not in my area of expertise but re post this every day in case some viewers miss this post and last post

  20. Turn off "subscribe buy email" option for now till a more permanent solution is found. Some viewer may have elected to mark the emails as spam and read the messages from they're spam box,to be more discreet if any prying eyes won't read them and cause them to step any feet out of they're closet.

  21. assign or recruit follow sisters to be Blog Sister/Goddess or mistress to copy every post and repost them at another blog site. giving you all credit for your wonderful work here and the other blog can either be privately set to a empty group as a back up or open for readers

  22. How lovely that your blog is back sweetie, I know a lot of my sissies come here for their daily fix :)

    Love from Goddess Gracie xx


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