Tuesday, January 31, 2012

#924 - Sissy faggot cumslut by kreamykream

Well, tonight another superb hypno premiere.. by kreamykream..
great mix of different genres.. including..
Cherry Rose, Isabella Valentine, Goddess Licya and big meaty cocks..
final result is a fantastic induction to become..
a beautiful sissy faggot cumslut!
and nothing is better that this.. for you!! ;))

Anna Malice

#923 - Sabrina Kamoei II

daily shemale collection today host a great re-entry
a sublime threesome with Sabrina Kamoei (AKA: Sabrina Kamoe)..
hot scenes of beautiful sex.. with this intense actress
and fantasticu black cocks..

Anna Malice

#922 - Dungeons e Fetish - Chastity tease

Mistress Aie again protagonist in our D&F collection video..
she always able to let you feel totally submissive..
with this particular pov strictly her on top.. in every video she made..
here, key on her ankle.. is a precious and lovely detail

Anna Malice

Monday, January 30, 2012

#921 - Gangbanged

Another hypnotic premiere for all the lovely sissies of this site!
Classic fantasy for every real sissy bitch..
to be fucked by an orde of hard cocks..
well, if you are not addicted.. you'll be.. after this long hypno session..
beautiful clip indeed.. able to conduce you to madness..
now it's clear.. you must become a sissy fag!!
and when i say.. you must.. it's only because.. you deeply want it! ;))

Anna Malice

#920 - Leah Chase

Leah Chase (AKA: Honey Love)
really famous for another beautiful video.. that i thing to post soon..
she is protagonist of the daily shemale clip..
in a very classic erotic situation..
she is simply amazing! ;))

Anna Malice

#919 - Dungeons e Fetish - Enema fuck

D&F collection of today hots a beautiful gay clip..
in truth it's not common here to have gay clips.. for a my editorial choise.. and personal taste..
this clip is an exception.. because actors are really tiny and feminine..
anyway enema practice is really arousing.. for me.. and it must be for every sissy..
i think to post another beautiful video.. really soon!
now enjoy this wonderful enema perversion.. ;))

Anna Malice

Sunday, January 29, 2012

#918 - Lessons in Humiliation

nice and really long time humiliating video tonight!
a mix of hot clips with dominant mistress.. that shows you "the right way"..
all the humiliating pov generes are included.. in this hot 36 minutes video!
now you have just to take your daily dose.. ;))

Anna Malice

#917 - Aisa

Aisa (AKA: Aisa Star, Aisa Vogue)
divine intensity in the hot clip of the shemale's collection of today!
an italian production.. with a lovely big stallion cock..
fantastic hard moments.. for your eyes and your pleasure.. only! ;)

Anna Malice

#916 - Sissy Story 25 - Ordinary day of a sissy love story

Sunday morning, time for a new sissy story.. ;))
today i want to dedicate this collection to a sissy love story..
this tale have catched me.. expecially for aspects of daily life..
of course, to be a sissy.. means to be feminine..
and means.. house cleaning.. cook.. and wait your man back home..
more.. means to have fabolous feminine feelings of love for him..
to recieve deep kisses.. and to make love in a wonderful lovely way..
because love is always the best thing.. also if you are a sissy! ;)
enjoy the sissy story number 25!

Anna Malice

Ordinary day of a sissy love story

My name is Jane. I'm 24, and I live with Richard, a 45 year old man I call "Daddy." We've been together almost two years now, and we are deeply in love.
Although Daddy is willing and able to support me financially, I enjoy my job waiting tables, so I put in about thirty hours a week a local café. We take this money and put it in our "get away from it all" account, and Daddy looks after paying the monthly bills.
I don't know if we can get married, legally, since I indeed have a penis (as does Daddy, of course), but I would love to be his bride some day. Meanwhile, although we don't advertise our Daddy/daughter relationship to the world, we're certainly not ashamed of it, and we have a few close friends who support our cause.
Strictly monogamous, we have an active sex life, full of many games and scenarios we like to indulge in, and definitely full of love, passion and intensity. Last night was certainly full of passion and intensity.
I'd worked the lunch shift and gotten home about 3pm, enough time to shower, do a bit of housework, and get dinner started for when Daddy would arrive home about 5pm.
I was checking on the readiness of a scalloped potato dish I was making when Daddy came home. "Where's my gurl?" he bellowed with a certain musicality.
Rushing from the kitchen to the entranceway of our modest apartment, I called out, "Daddy's home!" and greeted him with a quick peck on his lips. "How was your day, my dear?" I asked.
"Not too bad, Sweetie, but I've got a bit of an ache ... right about here," Daddy remarked, gesturing toward his pants.
Smiling coyly, I retorted, "Oh baby that's too bad," as I hugged him tightly. Breaking the hug, I offered him my lips again, and this time when our lips met I could feel his member twitching against the front of my pants as I pressed up against him.
He kissed me deeply, his tongue probing softly, then his teeth biting gently on my lips. Instantly aroused by the passion of his kiss, I yet remembered the dish I had in the oven and thought it best to just turn the oven off before I got too carried away. I placed a hand ever so gently over his crotch, just grazing the material, just giving a whisper of a suggestion of touch, and said, "I've got something cooking for you, Daddy."
Then I looked him in the eye, smiled, winked, and said, "But it might burn if we don't stop this right now." And I sauntered off to the kitchen.
"It smells good, Janie," Daddy said as he slowly followed me back to the kitchen. "Will it be ruined if you just stop cooking it now and we just heat it up later?"
"Well," I replied, turning off the oven, "it won't be as good ... but it won't be ruined." And with that I moved across the floor and snuggled my face into his chest, wrapping my left hand around his back, and letting my right fall directly onto his crotch. Moving the palm of my hand in a large circle around the growing bulge in his pants I added,"And speaking of ruined, if we don't get these pants off you now, you'll soak them right through and they'll be ruined."

Saturday, January 28, 2012

#915 - Surrender to Cock

well.. tonight.. i'm really proud of myself!!
for sure.. this is one of the best hypno clip of ever..
sublime voice of Isabella Valentine.. over a beautiful cocksucking compilation!
of course.. aftre 38 minutes of this session.. you'll be totally addicted to cock
then.. let's start.. sissies!!

Anna Malice

#914 - Priscila Dandara IV

Priscila Dandara.. in another super classic.. at swimming pool..
she has a special taste for big cocks..
and her way to be gentle and hot with them is simply sublime!
fantastic hard clip.. with fantastic artists and fantastic interpretations..

Anna Malice

#913 - Dungeons e Fetish - Sissy maid

another sissy treatment for the D&F collection of today..
dreaming to become a maid.. is one of the best fantasy for a sissy!
here, beautiful mistress.. teaches to be a perfect house maid..
in a really convincing way! ;))

Anna Malice

Friday, January 27, 2012

#912 - Sissy handjob Training

Busty Josie AKA Cruel Chloe..
again our sublime teacher for the sissy fag instruction video of tonight!
As usual a really detailed demonstration..
to become always more perfect.. in our fag jobs!

Anna Malice

#911 - Beatriz Soares

Beatriz Soares a fantastic sensual actress..
for the daiy shemale video..
one of the hottest scene of sex i have ever seen..
with a fabolous creamy final..

Anna Malice

#910 - Dungeons e Fetish - Sissy milk

for the D&F of today.. after the tuck tutorial..
a slow and sensual session of self prostate milking..
sure.. one of the basic practices for every good sissy..
togheter with chastity, of course ;))

Anna Malice

Thursday, January 26, 2012

#909 - Talking cuckold

Post of tonight.. is not dedicated to sissies..
but to cuckolds expecially..
a black cock induction.. and.. a fantastic declaration of inferiority..
totally passive in front of superior cocks.. you are simply unuseful!!!
be a good submissive faggot cuckold..
if you are not able to be a real man or a good sissy..
try to imagine to be your wife!
help her to have fantastic big black cocks orgasms! ;))

Anna Malice

#908 - Mariah

Mariah (AKA: Yamilla)
a sort of super classic.. for the shemale's video of today!
hot positions.. wonderful moaning..
she is not only fucked.. but truly distroyed!
makes me feel everything of her hot fucker.. many thanks! ;))
fantastic clip indeed!

Anna Malice

#907 - Dungeons e Fetish - Tuck tutorial

D&F collection today.. hosts a fantastic tutorial..
by hairspray.. and by plasters
final result.. is simply outstanding..
she seems to have an authentic vagina.. fabulous to show..
i always desired to be in this way.. with any cock between my legs!
i'm delighted..

Anna Malice

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

#906 - Eat The Cum For Mrs Bitch

Well, in these last days.. I'm really far from my home..
but i'm just trying to don't leave you alone..
discovering new videos to post.. it's really hard, in this period..
anyway, tonight.. let me introduce you to a different kind.. of pov humiliating video..
really explicit to let you discovered.. your condition of sissy fag!!..
Penny Flame.. will be your delicious faggot guide to totally cock addiction..
in this beautiful long time video.. never seen before.. ;))

Anna Malice

#905 - Natasha Rusthy

Sublime Natasha Rusthy (AKA: Natasha Rusty)
what a cute tgirl!!!.. great protagonist of the shemale's video of today!
even if she has an incredible northen glamour..
she is not from russia... but from brazil..
anyway the final result is the same.. outostanding hot clip! ;))

Anna Malice

#904 - Dungeons e Fetish - Fucking machine

hot fetish clip.. for all the fetish sissies of this site..
D&F collection hosts the beautiful one.. Mia Isabella..
in a self fucking machine clips.. you can't miss!
she is always.. simply outstanding! ;))

Anna Malice

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

#903 - Gags by Miss Polly Parallax

Well.. i'm a cyber voyager.. from a lot of time..
I generally spend enough time on other sites.. looking for something interesting..
sometime i'm frustrated.. but sometime i'm really happy..
and this is the case..
looking at xtube.. i found this interesting, mervellous user.. miss polly..
and this video is a sort of fantastic, involuntary.. hypno addiction..
infact.. what's generally miss to hypno stuff.. are new themes..
attention to details.. new boost.. and so on..
so.. i'm sure you'll appreciate, like me, this incredible new hypnotic fetish creation..

Anna Malice

#902 - Priscila Dandara III

Priscila Dandara.. is in the hall of fame of the hottest shemale actress of the world..
well, just in my opinion.. of course..
i knew perfectly this video.. it's one of the early tgirl clip i have ever seen..
and it was one of the hottest i remember..
probably because.. at that time.. i was delighted by her small tits.. so similar to mine..
and for sure.. because she has a way to be feminine.. she is simply outstanding..

Anna Malice

#901- Dungeons e Fetish - Shemale massage - the tranny fucker

Outstanding clip for the D&F collection of today..
a mix of sensuality.. desires.. and hot porn sex!
even if i wasn't able to understand which is the actress..
this black and white scene.. makes me crazy!

Anna Malice

Monday, January 23, 2012

#900 - Bend over sissy

For sure.. post number #900 deserves your attention..
first because after 11 months.. i'm here alive and kicking..
and this is a little great miracle..
second one.. because it's one of the most hot hypnotic clip i ever seen..
third.. and final.. becouse this is my absolute favorite position to receive cock!
well.. in truth.. i'm sure it's the favorite position of every sissy.. too..
please, anyone can tell me the reason?! ;))

Anna Malice

#899 - Adriana Blonde

a delicious clip for the shemale collection of today..
Brazilian Adriana Blonde our hot protagonist..
with the lovely partecipation of Gia Darling..
great sex in a gym.. without mercy! ;))

Anna Malice

#898 - Dungeons e Fetish - the deleted scene..

for the D&F collection another tribute to one of my favorite gurl.. Emo trav..
she was also protagonist of the post number #838 and #877..
her way to receive cock.. has no comparison..
from the video #838.. the hottest never seen scene..
fantastic way.. to take cock.. and no fiction, here.. everything is real life..
up and down.. her filled ass.. makes me crazy! ;))

Anna Malice

Sunday, January 22, 2012

#897 - POV strapon humiliation sucker

Under the spell of a resolved mistress..
every sissy becomes more docile and sweet.. to her orders!
My choise for the video of tonight has one reason only
an explicit wonderful pov.. to a monster strapon!
Pov humiliation, JOI, CEI, mature mistress.. explicit refer to sissy faggot!
what's more?! ;)

Anna Malice

#896 - Denise

A fabolous shemale for a fabolus classic of porn..
A sissy maid full service.. in bedroom!
could a sissy lover want more?!?
rare clip of this beutiful shemale's actress: Denise!

Anna Malice

#895 - Sissy Story 24 - Transformed into a Gay Cock Whore by G.A.

For the sunday sissy tales..
today i'm proud to post a story written to be hosted on this site! (what honour)
as you know annamalicesissyselfhypnosis.. is opened to your suggestions and creativity..
so come on.. sissies!!! ;))
I want to send a special thanks to "G.A." for this fantastic present..
it's a beautiful sofisticated story.. and enough hot to make me crazy..
As i told to G.A., in common life.. excuses of drugs or alcol.. are always perfect.. to let us make.. what we are not able to do consciously..
generally only when we are drunk.. we are able to realize our unconfessable desires.. and this is truth not only for sissies as us..
so i found this story really interesting.. from this point of view..
because everyone is bisexual.. potentially.. but none has the courage to confess it!
maybe there should be an Hellen's magic pill for everyone.. ;))
anyway this is a beautiful story.. written with great ability.. with detailed description.. and introspection..
so.. now, enjoy the sissy story number 24! ;)

Anna Malice

Transformed into a Gay Cock Whore

At the time I was working in marketing for a pharmaceutical company and I had been selected to attend a corporate event with various suppliers, customers and other related trade-interests. It was at a fancy hotel several hundred miles away from home. Two other employees were selected whom I both knew reasonably well, not on a friendship level, more like acquaintances. Hannah worked in a niche research department and contrary to the stereotype, she was an attractive girl, long brunette hair, chestnut eyes and a great body, I had fantasized about her a few times. Tom also worked in research, he was just over 6ft, had short but well groomed hair and was physically fit, he nearly made it into professional track & field a few years ago. It was well-known that Tom was bisexual but this didn’t really bother me, I had definitely never even thought about a man before and despite my upbringing I wasn’t homophobic.

I travelled by plane and met Hannah and Tom at the event. We got along great and after the ‘official’ networking and meeting people we went to the hotel bar and started drinking. After a few drinks I began to notice Hannah was becoming quite flirtatious with me, touching my arm, lingering eye-contact etc, so I started thinking I could be getting some tonight. An hour or so passed and we all became more intoxicated and much more relaxed:

‘How about we play a game!’ Hannah said excitedly. Me and Tom both agreed.

‘I know it’s childish, but how about truth or dare? We don’t have to be teenagers to play, it will be great fun!’ She giggled.

‘Sounds good to me’ I replied, ‘Tom, are you in?’

He looked at Hannah, I thought I noticed a wink towards her, but I was pretty drunk so glossed over it.

‘I sure am’ smiled Tom.

‘Okay, I’ll go first’ said Hannah, obviously looking forward to the game. ‘Truth.’

Saturday, January 21, 2012

#894 - Cocksucking hypno gif Vol.2

Volume 2 of the delicious serie.. posted on number #873..
with the famous voice of Isabella Valentine..
a beautiful mix of blowjobs.. with wonderful cocks and cum!
lose control.. give an answer to your sissy needs..
look for cocks around you.. they are waiting for your velvet mouth!
confess.. you are just another sissy cocksucker! ;))

Anna Malice

#893 - Bia Di Felipo

Bia Di Felipo (AKA: Bianca,Bia Bastor,Bia Bastos)
protagonist of this fantastic moment of sex..
intriguing situation, beautiful actress..
great hot clip for the daily shemale's video!
sublime erotic detail.. her glasses all the time
while she is fucked so hard ;))

Anna Malice

#892 - Dungeons e Fetish - Life of young japanese crossdresser

After the big troubles.. of the last days..
i'm always more conscious that this blog doesn't continue forever..
so.. today for the D&F collection video..
i want to post something close romantic..
because love is the most important thing it could be happen in our life..
more then sex.. absolutely more then sex and of any other thing..
have you ever thought.. to live a love story?!?
i mean.. a real love story.. with a man.. you, as his sissy lovely wife..
well Japanese are always ahead of everyone..
they creates fantastic clips.. able to show our best sissy fantasies!
i hope you could empathise with this long movie..
to live a beautiful love story.. is my best wish for all of you..

Anna Malice

Friday, January 20, 2012

#891 - Sissy Blowjob Training

Busty Josie AKA Cruel Chloe
is our wonderful sissy fag teacher for the video of tonight!
how to make a perect blowjob?!
follow her sublime instruction.. be a sissy fag!

Anna Malice

#890 - Bianca Freire V

Sublime Bianca Freire..
superlative protagonist of the shemale's clip of today!
abduction and hot sex..
wonderful video tha i'm sure you can't miss

Anna Malice

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