Tuesday, January 10, 2012

#861 - Mistress Allysin wants another Pet

For the daily hypnotic video.. tonight.. i found something really particular..
a mix of captions and porn clips.. for your recruitment as a sissy!
yes! it seems that Mistress Allysin is looking for a new slave.. able to satisfy her caprices..
well, in truth.. i never seen something like this.. but i find this way to convince new slaves..
not only original.. but really arousing..
reading every caption.. i started to imagine.. every described situation as it was real..
because to make you fantasize about these experiences.. is the immediate result of this video..
not a great video quality, of course.. but a good, nice clip deigns to be posted!

Anna Malice


  1. While that lifestyle is not for me, I would love to bang her new (or old) pet.

  2. i have already applied....i hope i get accepted

  3. Wow, I applied immediately. Thanks

  4. Dear Mistress Allysin Please consider my request to be the best pet slave you have ever come across, as i truly wish to serve and obey your every whim - for i know unless i do obey your every wish i will never be happy in life - so please help make me a happy sissy pet for your pleasure

  5. Oh I would like to apply as well. I hope you are still looking


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