Friday, January 6, 2012

#849 - Explicit gay induction - Brandi teaches you to suck cock

Another gay induction from fortunately free to share!
I found this kind of Mistress really explicit and direct..
to tell you what you really are.. and what you'll really become..
sentences like "you could suck cock for money".. or "you'll become a gay cocksucker"
are simply delicious for my ears!
so, let her persuades you are a sissy fag! :))

Anna Malice


  1. It was pov videos like this that first introduced me to my sissy side, and I still find them very exciting! Thank you, Anna. xoxo

  2. Thanks Anna. I really like these type of videos...hope you continue them. These are wonderful introductions to the sissy life. I hope you can post more of Matraisse in the future too!

  3. same here i love stuff like this and thank you very muck anna

  4. watching your postings again and again, anna...and loving the work you do to put it all together :)

  5. these type of vids are great. I love the beautiful girl & the strap on & how she humilates you. very erotic & i loved this one. Thanks so much from Noel xoxo


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