Thursday, January 19, 2012

#888 - New years resolution by AllanahVegas

from Confessions of a Vegas Sissy Cocksucker
a fantastic long trip.. between beautiful sissy purposes for the new year!
Allanah seems to be a great touch for "hypno"..
and i really like this sublime medium-duration job..
with something really original!

Anna Malice


  1. Hello Anna, I have followed your blog for some time and just wanted to tell you that I had my first sissy-experience tonight. I had a hot guy finger my asshole while I sucked his cock tonight, and after i swallowed his cum he pissed in my face and my mouth, and I felt like such a cheap dirty whore... AND I LOVED IT! Just wanted you to know, love your blog! xoxo // Johnna.

  2. Oh yes, its been too long since I've indulged my need for me. I've been watching your vids more and more - daily now. And this one is too much! I need to do it! Am on Adult Friend Finder winking at hot fellas with big dicks! With any luck, I'll be in bed faster than a Greek Captain jumping ship.

  3. Hi Anna, Thanks so much for posting my videos here. You have been a true inspiration to me and are a big reason why I even make these videos or have my blog. I appreciate the nice review you gave of my video.

  4. wow what a hott & awesome movie. thanks so so much Allanah. Youre excellent at these videos. I felt like you were in my head. Just great choice of everything I think. From the music to the way you made it. HUGE Thanks again Allanah & Anna for hosting it - Noel xoxo

  5. Absolutely wonderful...congratulations allanahvegas!


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