Tuesday, January 17, 2012

#882 - Trainer Sissy by luckystrike0

Another sublime suggestion from my dear friend "D"..
many many thanks.. from the deepest of my heart! ;))
So i'm proud to post a beautiful original clip, that i'm sure you'll able to appreciate!
An hypnotic sequence of hot imeages.. with captions..
and a general fantastic sissyfication mood..
lovely final result.. really loopable for your total daily addiction!
enjoy! ;))

Anna Malice


  1. HOTT!!! OMG can't stop watching,.....SO HOTT!! Love your site!!


  2. Would love to show up in your sissy training videos!


  3. Good, good cocks...

  4. While watching this clip, I realized I would love to see a compilation clip of Sissy bottoms in the air nice and spread and ready. It could be filled with all sorts of statements that will get you to submit.
    Just an idea.

  5. Oh gosh... Thanks for adding my vid to your blog! Very flattering.

    Lola Coxx (luckystrike0)

  6. I...am...a...sissy... I...love...cock... Thank you, Anna! xoxo

  7. Thanks big time luckystrike0. I loved that with the pics & all the cute girls & all the nice cocks. Wonderfully done. great job on it. Nice music selection also by the way. Just a great vid. Thanks again from Noel xoxo

  8. Beautiful images and effective captions...


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