Tuesday, January 24, 2012

#903 - Gags by Miss Polly Parallax

Well.. i'm a cyber voyager.. from a lot of time..
I generally spend enough time on other sites.. looking for something interesting..
sometime i'm frustrated.. but sometime i'm really happy..
and this is the case..
looking at xtube.. i found this interesting, mervellous user.. miss polly..
and this video is a sort of fantastic, involuntary.. hypno addiction..
infact.. what's generally miss to hypno stuff.. are new themes..
attention to details.. new boost.. and so on..
so.. i'm sure you'll appreciate, like me, this incredible new hypnotic fetish creation..

Anna Malice


  1. Have a sparkling day, I love you!

  2. wow that was very different & enjoyable & I must admit I ended up opening my mouth & seeing how wide I could stretch it & for how long. I was really into the thought of being ball gagged but, all those other ones, ones I didn't even know about look like so much super fun too ;D Thank YOu Anna for finding & posting this & thanks to MIss Polly Parallax for creating this - Much Love & Much Hugs from Noel xoxo


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