Wednesday, January 11, 2012

#863 - Vaniity and Bailey Jay

well i'm sure this daily shemale's video will delight you at all..
Vaniity and Bailey Jay..
two of the most fabolous exciting shemales of the world..
i'm so proud to host this sublime video of hot lesbian tgirl duo..
enjoy! ;))

Anna Malice


  1. WOW ! THat is either my 1st or 2nd Favorite vid on your whole blog Anna. I cant decide between this & the Mandy Mitchell & Ally SInclar video from way back.

    I enjoyed this immensely being a lesbian ts (Well not yet ) & I would of loved to do everything that the "rookie" Bailey Jay was doing in that vid. I hope to have a lesbian experience & a lesbian relationship 1 day hopefully soon.

    Cannot give this a high enough rating.

    THank you so so so F'N much- from Noel xoxo

  2. My two most favorite together. Great. thank you.


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