Monday, April 30, 2012

#1194 - Hooked for life by

I'm always really proud to host your creations..
in the most of the cases.. they are truly masterpieces of hypnotic sissification..
and i'm really glade to share them to all the sissies of the world..
giving to your efforts.. the best publicity possible..
well for our monday night of hypnotic sissification video.. (with 11 milions of thanks;)..
tonight i'm also really proud to share a magnificent creation of a new artist..
(, many thanks to have chosen me, i adore your job ;)..
it's a great debut indeed.. with this first hypnotic clip.. that looks really interesting and well made..
of course stuff is a sublime choise of clips..
maybe the best mix of shemale clips i have ever seen.. with a great video quality..
even if, in my opinion, the best of this beautiful clip is represented by captions..
so much effective to describe, with a good progression and quality of sentences.. a sort of tale or a real narration..
so let you hypnotize by this premiere.. offers to us gently by
express your opinions about.. that i'm sure he would like to know.. ;))
be open mind.. and enjoy! ;))

Anna Malice

#1193 - Lisa Lawrence

Lisa Lawrence one of the most famous and beautiful tgirl of '80 and early '90
so hot and lovely.. but with the worst luck..
I discovered to have never posted anything about her.. and it's really a pity!
She is the legend of shemale porn.. and i decided to host her beauty on our daily collection..
i'm sure you'll really appreciate her fantastic erotism..
it's a great porn video, maybe old style.. anyway, also with a lovely actor.. what's more?! ;))

Anna Malice

#1192 - Becoming a sissy crossdresser

Today for the D&F daily collection..
i'm really glad to re-post.. one of the early videos i have hosted.. at the beginning of my blog activity..
number #62.. with my worst disappointment.. deleted from the owner site really sooner..
clip disappeared definitely.. without any replica in any other site..
but with luck.. I recently found a shorter version of this magnific feminization video..
a pity to not be able to find the full version.. anyway.. even if it's only a summary..
it's always the description of an amazing fantasy.. and well represented also here..
A really nice story about a young boy, seducted, transformed and fucked really hard! ;))

Anna Malice

Sunday, April 29, 2012

#1191 - What do you taste like?

For tonight, time for a good question for every sissy of this blog..
the return of Princess Selena.. with a good clip about..
will help us to have the right answer to this question.. ;))
direct and explicit pov humiliation video.. just to conduce you to taste cum..
it's a so delicious taste.. your own or better.. of a real man.. i'm sure..
soon you'll learn to appreciate its powerful dirty love..
i'm lovin it!! ;))

Anna Malice

#1190 - Sabrina de Paula

Everything new.. generally for me.. it's something really interesting..
Sabrina de Paula (AKA: Sabrina Di Paula)
she is a new interesting discovering.. amazing perfect feminine shemale..
really warm and full of passion.. with a sublime art of interpretation...
performing in a really intersting video.. with a curious and an amazing camera point of view!
Final result is so good to be posted for the daily shemale collection.. ;)

Anna Malice

#1189 - Sissy Story 38 - Fantasy to Reality - Chapter 2 - by G.A. - SlickG

As you know.. I was really busy in the latest months.. my new job conducted me in different towns..
i changed my home.. and i was forced to conduce this blog.. with a lot of acrobatics.
I'm really sorry.. I not been able to answer to your numerous emails.. forgive me.. and believe me..
it was impossible for me! ;((
Without a stable internet connection.. with limited time and resources..
my efforts on daily posting were duplicated!!
As usual.. bad behaviours on this blog are always here.. i mean.. bad comments.. against people..
or comments including links to promote oneself.. or some sites.. (ridiculous, if you need publicity..
write me in private.. it will be better and most useful for you)
and bad private messages against myself.. of course never end.. (I got used.. and i don't care so much)..
anyway.. despite these troubles.. in this while of several restrictions.. incredibly.. again, visitors of this site are increased of 20%.. and i found a lot of unexpected help from some new wonderful friends..
these are wonderful news.. and I could be proud of my hard efforts.. and really happy of these results and sinergies.. (new friends are always a beautiful thing)..
well in truth i'm happy of what i'm making here.. and i'm always happy to entertain you..
now.. what makes me really sad.. in the last times.. is the absence of your partecipation..
with so few ratings on the videos you are numerous watching everyday..
well.. let me tell you that your indifference is the worst thing for me.. and makes me really sad!
so please.. try to rate the video you watch.. everytime you are watching it..
make me understand you were here.. and what you like or dislike..
it's easy as a click.. and you will sure to make me happy! ;))
now enjoy the second chapter of the wonderful new saga of SlickG.. "Fantasy to Reality"
the continuos of the great Chapter 1 posted last sunday.. number #1168
If you have time i council to take a look to his interesting site: Cuckold Desires
now enjoy the sissy story number 38! ;)

Anna Malice

Fantasy to Reality

Chapter 2

I faded in and out of consciousness

My mind was pulsating from the excitement of a glorious dream, it involved a sissy kneeling subservient at the feet of her master, a single drop of cum dripped from her bottom lip and landed in the small puddle on the floor. The sissy's eyes looked up at the recently serviced glistening cock, thick and bulging from the huge orgasm...

My eyes began to open, just thin slits allowing the smallest speck of light to illuminate very blurred vision before I faded back into another glorious dream; A sissy was strapped to a table in the middle of a crowded bar, bent over and completely naked, men were gathered around the sissy with their hard cocks in their hands, pumping furiously, the sissy moaned and begged as they took turns violating every hole she had...

The cycle continued, a tilting equilibrium between thinly veiled consciousness and erotic dreams that seemed to last forever. I lived entranced in the cycle completely unaware of the world around me, I felt like I was sinking into something, something that I couldn't describe but knew that It was my destiny to fulfill. Hundreds of images began flicking through my mind like an accelerated flipbook, the images were different and hard to discern but the theme involved sexy sluts worshipping and pleasing cocks, countless women were kneeling at cocks, sucking them, sucking multiple cocks, being fucked and used. Images of supermodels posing on catwalks in lingerie began to race through also, topless strippers on poles, pop stars dancing erotically in music videos surrounded by men, all the imagery began to entwine and intermingle with the explicit ones. The images moved faster and faster, void of sound but I could feel an ever increasing noise, a primal rousing of desire and emotion riding the wave of this visual onslaught. The images guided my feelings, sculpted them, the feelings already existed but they were being enhanced and trained, manipulated to a higher purpose. The flipbook moved faster and faster and surges of desire filled my brain, overwhelming it, still the speed increased and this soundless noise pierced my being, the images became just flashes of white which grew brighter and brighter until I felt like I could no longer endure this onslaught...

Saturday, April 28, 2012

#1188 - Party Slut by G.A. - SlickG

From SlickG a new interesting hypnotic creation, tonight..
just to make understand to us.. he is a truly eclectic artist..
a talented writer and great hypnotic videomaker..
Anyway.. many many thanks SlickG.. a big kiss! ;))
Of course, this clip is truly original.. main theme never been touched before..
an induction to be used by men.. an induction to public orgy..
an induction to cuckolding.. in truth i don't really know how defining it..
anyway, mood and captions are so explicit.. to classifying as a good interesting hypnotic clip..
useful for every sissy bitch.. like you.. of course ;))

Anna Malice

#1187 - Eva Lin IV

Eva Lin (AKA: Estelle Lamore)
again protagonist of the shemale video of today!
because Eva Lin is l'Amore.. of course.. (in italian, the truly love = l'Amore;))
fantastic hot clip.. in which she gives and takes..
and my favorite part.. of course.. it's when she wonderfully takes.. ;))
With a touch of fetish by some explicit moments of domination..
great immense second part.. with horny final! ;)

Anna Malice

#1186 - Dungeons e Fetish - Just an innocent play

Oustanding clip for the D&F collection of today..
i'm not sure it's japanese made.. anyway it has its great fetish style..
fantastic sissyfication dream.. maybe a story.. as best as possible!
i dont wanna tell you more just to not ruin the surprise..
but, in my opinion, this is a fabolous perfect sissy clip in every single moment!
of course, Japanese taste is always the best! ;))

Anna Malice

Friday, April 27, 2012

#1185 - My crossdresser sissy training video brainwashing

flying around porn sites.. it's all a blossoming of new interesting hypno videos..
and i think, with a little bit of arrogance, to have contributed to this nouvelle vogue..
Of course by making an hypno clip.. you express yourself in a so interactive way..
it's sort of contagious virus.. you have contracted.. that you want to multiply!..
You discovered to be a sissy fag.. maybe with some gradations..
but for you this is not enough.. and you really want to increase your grade of "sissyness"..
well i'm sure you'll be able to degrade yourself at top level of feminization..
your "sissy fag-ness" will become every day more deep.. by watching and also creating hypno clips..
you will modify your way to be definitely and without going back.. it's guaranted!! ;))
today another spontaneous new hypno video by tvnikki28.. as it was a not postponed exigence!
it's a great clip indeed.. also with personal stuff.. a so rare material
beautiful fast effective captions.. for a fantastic final result! ;))

Anna Malice

#1184 - Celeste Fuentes V

Celeste Fuentes (AKA: Vanessa, Celeste Celeste)
able as few others to be seductice..
her clips are always so complete.. original and full of fantastic sensations..
by her special interpretations.. she has made me totally crazy..
so i'm really delighted to post another fantastic mood by her!
Celeste is always unique! ;))

Anna Malice

#1183 - Dungeons e Fetish - Hitting my Japanese crossdresser friend

There are a lot of reasons because i'm managing this site..
one of these it's because, by this unusual job.. i'm massively forced to watch sissy porn..
it's a sort of torture.. reminding everyday to myself.. i'm a sissy without escapes!!
Even if sometime i try to convince myself these is only a night dream..
i must confess.. i'm a sissy fag!!.. this is clear as sunlight.. ;))
Anyway going around from a lot of sites.. everyday looking for new interesting videos..
I often meet a lot of strange things.. dark, fetish, hard.. bizarre.. and also sweet sometime..
Clips of today i decided to post for the D&F collection.. contain both of the coin sides..
the same couple.. of course... same man and sissy.. for the two videos.
First clip has something real hot.. with a great sissy fucking.. taken on her four..
The second has another good moment of sex.. but with a beautiful unexpected end!
In truth, I was really surprised by this final.. it makes me think about a so interesting truth..
may a sissy fag beloved for real as a real girl?!
I think there are a lot of men.. ready to live a real love story with a lot of you..
so I firmly believe.. we have nothing wrong.. because we are human.. like and more.. many others!
So, if a kiss can save the world..
my special wish for you all.. today is.. you can be saved...
being tenderly french kissed.. as the truly femme you are inside! ;))

Anna Malice

Thursday, April 26, 2012

#1182 - You Want To Suck His Cock by Felicia Lightner

I really love to have a special day dedicated to my dear friend Felicia..
she deserves this and more than this.. because she is a really special..
so when it's possible.. i always try to reserve the day of thursday, expecially for her creations..
directly from her site.. and from her creativity..
tonight, one of the last and more effective jobs.. really hypnotic style!
a repetitive message.. with an infinite loop..
the best shemales clips.. mixed togheter with a sublime taste..
six minutes of special training.. just to be totally conditioned.. to cocksucking..
do you need anything more?!?
try to take a look to Felicia's blog! ;))

Anna Malice

#1181 - Bianca Freire VII

Bianca Freire (AKA: Vianca)
returns on our shemale's collection of today..
She is everytime amazing.. natural feminine.. delightful and truly hot..
irresistible in this clip of today.. as schoolgirl.. in an fabolous threesome! ;))

Anna Malice

#1180 - Dungeons e Fetish - Juicy ass

a wonderful black dick.. a beautiful sissy white ass..
what's better of this intimate moment of sex for the daily D&F collection?!
I have really liked all the love, of this black guy.. for sissy ass..
the way he adores her femininebottom is close to legend..
his dedication, his domination.. are amazing
he is totally aroused just to look to her beautiful back..
Moanings and amateur images... give to this clip something really hot!
anyway, of course, this is only my taste..
forgive me if i would really like to be creampied like her.. ;)

Anna Malice

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

#1179 - Playing with your own cum

Another cum eating instruction tonight..
this time really detailed and effective..
1 minute for cum.. the rest of the clip.. to let you tempted..
by this really persuasive mistress and by your own cum!
If you never tasted sperm.. you can't understand how much delicious is..
learning to appreciate it.. to play with it.. to lick it.. to swallow it..
it's a must.. for every good sissy! ;))

Anna Malice

#1178 - Celina Oliver III

Celina Oliver (AKA: Celina Olive, Salina)
one of the most perfect tgirl i have ever seen..
everytime hot and sensual.. beacuse she is delightful!
again wonderful protagonist of the shemale clip of today..
super hot sex here.. positions and interpretations are outstanding! ;)

Anna Malice

#1177 - Dungeons e Fetish - Sissy maid punishment and domination

With Danni Daniels and Eva Lin, really a wonderful clip for the D&F collection of today..
as every sissy knows.. you are allowed to cum.. only with permission of your Master/Mistress..
punitions for this disobedience.. generally.. are really cruel..
because you have always to know.. you are no more a man.. but a sissy fag! ;))
beware.. great porn quality here!!

Anna Malice

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

#1176 - Sissy Black Cock Submission Trainer 4 by Cuckoldguynj

Time for another hypnotic outstanding premiere tonight..
In this sense.. it's a prolific period indeed for new creations
Cuckoldguynj returns on these screens after six months.. with the part 4 of his lucky serie..
the "Sissy Black Cock Submission Trainer"..
metallic sounds are his trademark of great quality..
explicit captions this time don't let you any compromise..
are you faggot or not?!.. This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back.
you chose to don't watch the clip.. the story ends,
you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe.
you get the clip.. you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes..
anyway.. both we know.. you deeply want the red pill!!.. isn't it?! ;))

Anna Malice

#1175 - Renata Tavares IV

Fabolous Renata Tavares..
Perfect in every way possible.. the title of the clip of the shemale's clip of today..
and i think it's a wonderful title indeed..
she is amazing fucking.. and amazing fucked for real

Anna Malice

#1174 - Dungeons e Fetish - How i like to get fucked

amazing clip.. for the D&F collection of today..
this is what i have ever dreamed in my sexual fantasies..
in position, unable to rebel by total immobilization,
ready to be used in every way possible..
I confess this is my way.. i'm ready and i would really like to be fucked like that.. ;))

Anna Malice

Monday, April 23, 2012

#1173 - Bad Girl- You are my Slave by Iggy

From Iggy.. another incredible sublime hypnotic creation
a wonderful great premiere that will be able to delight you at all!
Glamour, high quality.. hot hot induction to sex and submission..
for an incredible show.. as Iggy is accustoming us.. in the last times..
i'm speachless in front of this ability and superb high quality..
again many many thanks, Iggy..
to have chosen this blog for this outstanding premiere! ;))

Anna Malice

#1172 - Marcela Ramos

Marcela Ramos (AKA: Marcella Ramos)
another beautiful goddess for the daily shemale's collection..
video has not good quality.. but it has wonderful incredible moment of sex..
with this big cock muscled man (my favorite type).. she is simply the best! ;)

Anna Malice

#1171 - Dungeons e Fetish - Gloryhole experience

never thought to have a gloryhole experience?
never thought to taste the cock of a stranger
or to taste sensations to wait until a cock appears from that hole?!
are you a real sissy or not?! ohh yes... I supposed that..
i imagine.. you have thought to this fantasy a lot of times..
well, if your want to satisfy this curiosity..
today i decided to post a wonderful clip for the daily D&F collection,
and it's for you only.. a direct pov about this sissy experience..
just to taste which are these sensations..
to be dressed and full ocucpied to suck wondeful cocks from an hole! ;))

Anna Malice

Sunday, April 22, 2012

#1170 - Minxie Ass Worship JOI

For tonight.. i'm really excited to post a new beautiful pov humiliation clip..
with countdown.. by the robotic goddess Miss Minxie!.. ;))
this is not a feminization.. and not an hypnotic video..
or better.. maybe she is always so hypnotic by her voice to convice me.. this a valid stuff to post..
So, forgive me.. because i can't resist to post this white dress new clip by her..
incredible to say.. i'm so excited by her.. and, without good reasons..
but she turns me on.. for real.. everytime more.. ;))

Anna Malice

#1169 - Laviny Albuquerque II

Thanks to jacie.. to have commented one of the hottest shemale's clip i have ever posted..
and to have remembered me the wonderful beauty of Laviny Albuquerque..
today i really want her as the protagonist of the daily shemale collection..
because she is simply gorgeous.. hot and sensual like few other..
and this is a great sublime clip indeed!!.. ;))

Anna Malice

#1168 - Sissy Story 37 - Fantasy to Reality by G.A. - SlickG

Sissy story number 37,
our weekly appointment.. today, hosts a new fabulous creation by SlickG..
In truth, I'm really proud to post this new tale for a lot of reasons..
first of all because it's really nice to have original writer on this site..
it sounds as this blog had something cultural.. (and it's not so bad;)..
second.. because SlickG, as writer, has a big talent..
and his stories are able to fashinating me at all!
today, the starting of new saga.. i hope..
with a great preface.. or a great tecnique of narration..
sublime erotic story about natural sissy submission and humiliation..
i was really aroused.. according with the progression of this tale..
delighted and excited.. i don't know the exact my feelings..
anyway great sensations.. in this story, for real! ;))
please take a look to G.A. - SlickG site: Cuckold Desires
enjoy the sissy story number 37! ;)

Anna Malice

Fantasy to Reality

Chapter 1

I faded in and out of consciousness.

My body was numb and I waded through a sea of words and images that filled my mind, struggling to focus on anything specific. Slowly I began to wake but my eyes did not open and my body remained numb. I searched for my memory, I knew it was there but I couldn’t reach it, I was entranced. My name and past eluded me as I searched for something that would rekindle them. A flash erupted inside me as a sudden noise infused with my thoughts, time seemed to slow as I separated the noise from the sea of consciousness, It was the sound of a door opening and closing. I eliminated all other thoughts and focused on sound, footsteps, walking closer towards me, the footsteps echoed which told me the room was empty and the floor was hard. The pit of my stomach turned and I felt suddenly excited, the feeling spread upwards and my mind began to fill with arousal. I heard a rustling noise, much closer this time, I felt my eyes slowly open very slightly to tiny slits, everything was blurry. Another sound filled my mind, a chain rustling, a key opening a lock, then it hit me, I was in the chains! I couldn’t feel them but I somehow knew. I strained my eyes open just a fraction further and another wave of arousal filled me - amidst the blurriness and confusing light I could see something pointing towards me, it was the head of an erect cock. The blurring room disappeared and I saw only the cock, through the small gaps in my eyes the thick head came into focus, it was inches from my face, I studied the round pink flesh and I became even more aroused, I yearned to kiss it. As if by command it moved towards me and the numbness subsided from my mouth, I could feel the saliva soaking my tongue and my soft lips felt almost throbbing.

I was desperate to have the cock fill my mouth, to completely fill me. Finally the head touched softly against my lips, sending my mind into a frenzy and my eyes snapped shut to control the disorder. The soft flesh of the head ran across my bottom lip, causing them to tremble with pleasure. The cock slowly pressed into my mouth, my lips hungrily wrapped around the thick head, everything was automatic, I knew what I was required to do, I knew what I was desperate to do. A pang of dismay filled me as the cock pulled out of my mouth and my eyes strained halfway open, I could only partly see this beautiful cock, it was the only thing that mattered in the world.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

#1167 - For the Love of Cock Part Deux by kreamykream

Another outstanding premiere.. tonight..
(yes, you are right.. this is really a great site!! ;)
again by the precious collaboration of Tina Dariani..
the part two.. of one of the more amazing sissy clip you have ever seen..
Number #744 - For the love of cock
kreamykream style is unique and really fabolous...
a sort of melting-pot of the hottest scenes of sex..
with great suggestive hypnotic voices.. and a lot of pov humiliation references!
Final result, generally, is a long session..
in which your addiction to cock and feminization.. becomes really effective!!
a big big thanks to Tina.. able to find and upload these wonderful masterpieces..
without people like you.. this blog/my project would be totally unuseful!
i love you! ;))

Anna Malice

For the Love of Cock Part Deux by kreamykream brought to you by Tube8

#1166 - Alexia Nogueira III

Alexia Nogueira (AKA: Alexis, Alexia, Alexya)
sublime protagonist of the shemale clip of today..
she has incredible sensual class.. in every clip..
with her wonderful body she is able to fashinating everyone..
and me of course ;))

Anna Malice

#1165 - Dungeons e Fetish - From boy to girl

For the D&F collection of today.. an unusual clip to post..
i found really interesting this video about feminization..
in truth, I was really fashinating.. by this fast transformation from boy to an amazing girl!
sometime it looks easy to become feminine..
in truth, i think.. you need only.. something inside.. your sissy side..
be brave, the outside is only a mirror of what you have inside.. ;))

Anna Malice

Friday, April 20, 2012

#1164 - Dirty Cock Sucker Hypno Trainer by kreamykream

With the precious contribution of Tina Dariani..
(thanks a lot my sweetness.. you are simply the best! ;)
wonderful, incredible, outstanding premiere tonight.. by kreamykream
A total addiction to cocksucking.. with a so explicit faggot induction!
more of 41 minutes of authentic inspiration.. for you all, sissies!!
so enjoy with all the forces you have..
and become the good sissy you dream to be! ;))

Anna Malice

#1163 - Cinthya Marinho II

Cinthya Marinho (AKA: Cintia, Cinzia)
wonderful protagonist of the shemale's video of today!
she is so cute.. everytime with a touch of fetish..
but what i like more of her.. beyond her wonderful body..
is her totally absence of testicles/ovaries..
this is incredible hot for me.. looking at this beautiful video! ;))

Anna Malice

#1162 - Dungeons e Fetish - Bareback and creampie compilation

Wonderful compilation for the D&F collection of today..
what's better for a sissy.. to be taken from behind?!?
and what's better sensation to feel your ass-pussy full creampied?!
because nothing it's better to receive your man's cum deeply inside your pussy.. ;))

Anna Malice

ps. with caution.. of course.. beware to unprotected fucking with strangers!! ;))

Thursday, April 19, 2012

#1161 - On my back by Felicia Lightner

tonight i'm ready to repost one of my favorite clip of my dear friend Felicia.. number #657!
in truth, this is one of the most exciting clip i have ever seen by her..
and it was really a pity to have lost it with megaporn departure..
now, by the precious help of sissy jane.. also this masterpiece is back to life on this site..
many thanks to her and to Felicia.. both!! i love you!
don't forget to take a look to Felicia's wonderful blog ;))

ps. my lovely friend, Felicia.. i'm really sorry to have not answered to your messages..
sorry but in these last months.. i was off line the most of the time..
of course, i missed your emai, forgive me! ;((

Anna Malice

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