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#1189 - Sissy Story 38 - Fantasy to Reality - Chapter 2 - by G.A. - SlickG

As you know.. I was really busy in the latest months.. my new job conducted me in different towns..
i changed my home.. and i was forced to conduce this blog.. with a lot of acrobatics.
I'm really sorry.. I not been able to answer to your numerous emails.. forgive me.. and believe me..
it was impossible for me! ;((
Without a stable internet connection.. with limited time and resources..
my efforts on daily posting were duplicated!!
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anyway.. despite these troubles.. in this while of several restrictions.. incredibly.. again, visitors of this site are increased of 20%.. and i found a lot of unexpected help from some new wonderful friends..
these are wonderful news.. and I could be proud of my hard efforts.. and really happy of these results and sinergies.. (new friends are always a beautiful thing)..
well in truth i'm happy of what i'm making here.. and i'm always happy to entertain you..
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now enjoy the second chapter of the wonderful new saga of SlickG.. "Fantasy to Reality"
the continuos of the great Chapter 1 posted last sunday.. number #1168
If you have time i council to take a look to his interesting site: Cuckold Desires
now enjoy the sissy story number 38! ;)

Anna Malice

Fantasy to Reality

Chapter 2

I faded in and out of consciousness

My mind was pulsating from the excitement of a glorious dream, it involved a sissy kneeling subservient at the feet of her master, a single drop of cum dripped from her bottom lip and landed in the small puddle on the floor. The sissy's eyes looked up at the recently serviced glistening cock, thick and bulging from the huge orgasm...

My eyes began to open, just thin slits allowing the smallest speck of light to illuminate very blurred vision before I faded back into another glorious dream; A sissy was strapped to a table in the middle of a crowded bar, bent over and completely naked, men were gathered around the sissy with their hard cocks in their hands, pumping furiously, the sissy moaned and begged as they took turns violating every hole she had...

The cycle continued, a tilting equilibrium between thinly veiled consciousness and erotic dreams that seemed to last forever. I lived entranced in the cycle completely unaware of the world around me, I felt like I was sinking into something, something that I couldn't describe but knew that It was my destiny to fulfill. Hundreds of images began flicking through my mind like an accelerated flipbook, the images were different and hard to discern but the theme involved sexy sluts worshipping and pleasing cocks, countless women were kneeling at cocks, sucking them, sucking multiple cocks, being fucked and used. Images of supermodels posing on catwalks in lingerie began to race through also, topless strippers on poles, pop stars dancing erotically in music videos surrounded by men, all the imagery began to entwine and intermingle with the explicit ones. The images moved faster and faster, void of sound but I could feel an ever increasing noise, a primal rousing of desire and emotion riding the wave of this visual onslaught. The images guided my feelings, sculpted them, the feelings already existed but they were being enhanced and trained, manipulated to a higher purpose. The flipbook moved faster and faster and surges of desire filled my brain, overwhelming it, still the speed increased and this soundless noise pierced my being, the images became just flashes of white which grew brighter and brighter until I felt like I could no longer endure this onslaught...

My mind snapped instantly into consciousness, the images, the noise all disappeared in that instant like a gigantic fuse which went out just a fraction before reaching the bomb. My eyes remained closed but my awareness was sharp and heightened. I felt like I should be afraid like I was somewhere I had never been before, but I was calm, fringing on excited. Despite my numb body I opened my eyes, the light stung me which caused them to slam shut again. This time I opened them much more slowly, allowing the light intensity to be graduated, my vision was blurry and I struggled to make out anything. I doubled my concentration and the blurring began to filter away. I was startled as I saw a woman staring directly at me. She was completely naked and motionless, I focused and saw her more clearly, she had long blonde hair reaching her shoulders which accentuated a beautiful face, deep blue eyes and very soft features. She had a quaint nose and full red, kissable lips above a perfectly sculpted feminine jawline. Her eyes followed mine as they drifted towards her slender neck, I noticed her gaze following mine and I snapped my eyes back up to meet hers, we paused. She didn't even blink, again my eyes wandered down to her chest which revealed amazingly pert breasts, they looked soft and shaped absolutely perfectly with short erect nipples. I felt a small wave of arousal spread through my body as my numbness faded away only slightly, enough to begin to feel my body but not enough to move. I focused on the circular areolas around the nipples as they rose and fell with her breathing. I had never seen such perfect breasts before, they were such a well-designed size, big but not too big, fitting perfectly with the rest of her body. Again I noticed her gaze following mine and our eyes snapped to meet each other. Another strange feeling washed over me as I began to feel a pang of realisation, I tried to embrace this realisation but I couldn't, it remained just out of my reach. My mind told me that I should be panicking due to these very strange emotions but I wasn't panicking, I was very calm, almost serene. Again my eyes wandered down her body to her flat stomach, it looked toned but not muscular, sort of like a fitness instructor, her hips curved sensually outwards and I gazed at her hairless vagina. Another wave of desire spread through my body as the numbness continued to very slowly fade away , her legs were long and slender pointing down perfectly from her sexy hips, there was a smalll gap between her equally toned thighs and her toesnails were painted pink.

I suddenly realised that I could move, the numbness had retreated enough to do so, I slowly wiggled my big toe only to see the woman in front of me reciprocate exactly. I moved my fingers, so did she. I tilted my neck slightly, so did she. The small, latent feelings of realisation suddenly formed into one and hit my brain hard, I was lying down on a bed looking at the ceiling. There was a mirror on the ceiling, the woman was me.

I again fully expected my mind to panic, to kick and scream, but it didn't, I just lay there, the realisation spread across my body and gave me shivers which left a residual feeling of arousal and desire. My memory rushed back into me, It had been my birthday, my wife Hannah had found my sissy porn stash. I remembered how she made me dress up in lingerie as she revealed her affair with Carl. I remembered how I got to worship his cock for a small amount of time and I remembered feeling the prick of a needle in the back of my neck. I stared at my body, my shoulders weren't as wide, my stomach was flat, my hips were wider and my legs slender... I had been transformed, I thought to myself how in the world this could have happened as I studied the subtleties of the transformation. My nose was smaller, my jawbone and cheeks softer, more rounded and less protruding, my lips were fuller and softer. Those breasts! They were a work of art, strangely they didn't feel out of place, they felt like they belonged. After years of fantasising about being a sissy, never in my wildest dreams had I imagined such an amazing transformation, what surprised me more was how normal this all felt, my latent female sexuality overcame any strange feelings and I felt right. I lifted my hand and let my manicured finger drift along my body from the top of my neck, over my erect nipples and down between my legs. My body was completely smooth and hairless as my finger reached the thick full lips of my vagina, enthralled I slid my finger between them feeling the wetness and seeing the light pink labia and I felt surges of arousal as I touched the top of it, feeling a clitoris, my body twitched in a surge of pleasure as I pressed softly against it, what amazing work somebody had done!

I heard the sound of a door open as pulled my hand away in suprise, my eyes went wide in understanding, I noticed the chiseled face and physique with the short, smart brown hair, it was Carl. It hit me, he was a surgeon. I couldn't speak as he approached the side of the bed and pressed his fingers softly against my legs, they ran up my body as he approached the top of the bed, resting against my nipples, arousal filled my body. The feeling of arousal was different to how I had been before, instead of being just in the penis, my whole body felt tingly and gently pulsated with feeling, with a more intense feeling between my legs. He stared at me for about a minute before he spoke:

"Hello there my slutty girl," he said with his calm but commanding, self-affirming tone. I couldn't yet respond.

"You have turned out very nicely, my best work to date." He smiled confidently.

"I know you can't talk yet so let me fill in a few gaps for you, Hannah came to me about your secret fantasies after she found your porn and I consoled her, she was upset to begin with you know." I continued to listen attentively as he ran his fingers around my nipples making them even harder and arousing me more and more.

"After I consoled her she threw herself at me and we fucked over and over again, after which she knew she didn't want to be with you any more. We sat down and discussed what your options were before she came up with a very ambitious idea, see you know that I am surgeon, more specifically, a plastic surgeon. I have my own practice and I have been performing a whole range of services to women ranging from simple breast implants to facial augmentation and restructuring. Never before however have I done so many different surgeries to one person across such a short period of time. I have turned many males into females but never on such a large scale for one person, It is a fantastic achievement If I may say so myself." His hand slid between my legs and softly pressed between my delicate lips, feeling my wetness as he moved them up and down. I began to writhe slowly in pleasure, I had never fet such desire and arousal before.

Carl continued, seemingly ignoring my pleasure; "What's more, I had even higher ambitions for you, I have created a, more suited vagina for you, its more sensitive than normal womens' due to a massively increased density of nerve endings and I have pumped you full of a cocktail of hormones which will mean you derive an astonishing amount of pleasure from sexual encounters. After the surgeries I have had you here, semiconscious. Notice the walls? They are all large screens which have been brainwashing you even further into slutty obedience, quite amazing how well these subliminal hypnotic therapies can work."

My mind raced to process what Carl was telling me, I finally had an explanation to the flickering images and the dreams, they were being hardwired into me by the hypnotic therapy, there was still one more question that Carl was about to answer for me without asking.

"And why do I do these things?" He asked, feigning a dramatic question as if he were performing in a play. His now wet fingers now slid across my skin and around my upper body and chest.

"As I am sure you can guess I have spent a huge amount of money to create this amazing obedient slut." Such dominant talk aroused me even further.

"Hannah had a fantastic business idea to suffice this cost, we are seeing it as an investment, you are of course our property now and we are going to earn a huge amount of money by selling your 'services'. I already have many contacts who are willing to spend large sums of money on such a perfect slut."

My arousal began to overwhelm me as I slowly drifted out of consciousness, just catching Carl's fading words; "The hormonal balance may need slightly changing....."


I awoke, kneeling with my wrists and ankles locked in chains, I opened my eyes and realised I was at the foot of the bed I had been in after my transformation. I had to concentrate hard to realise I had been drifting in and out of consciousness over the past few days. I pieced together snippets of conversations I had half-heard in my dazed state, something about ensuring my hormonal balance was right, yes that was it. Once again I heard the door open and Carl approached me. He was wearing a suit and looked fantastic of course, as he got close he unzipped his pants and pulled out his large cock, it was thick and already semi-erect, I felt wetness between my legs as my body filled with arousal. However instead of drifting into unconsciousness, I became even more awake and alert, I guessed the hormonal balance was getting better. Without warning he pressed the fat, velvety head against my wanting lips and they parted as it slid into my mouth, I sucked the head of the cock greedily, hungrily, the taste of cock was like a sweet nectar to me that made me desperately aroused.

"Mmph, mmph," I let out high pitched moans as I slurped on the head, thrusting my neck backwards and forwards causing the chains to rattle.

Carl let out a long moan as I continued sucking the head, putting pressure just underneath it. I sensed his enjoyment and it made me even more desperate to please him so I pressed my neck forwards and took his cock deeper into my mouth. His shaft was so thick I could feel the veins pressing against the side of my mouth. He responded and thrust his hips forward causing his cock to hit the back, instinctively I relaxed my throat and his meaty shaft slid down it as his saggy balls pressed against my chin.

"Mmph, armph, mmph!" I moaned like a whore as he began to slide his cock in and out of my wanting mouth, I looked up at him as he began to fuck my mouth, using me like a fucktoy. My new pussy began to drip its juices down my leg I was so aroused, this feeling turned me on even more, it was so much better than having a loser cock, I was created to service cock, it felt so right to me. I felt the cock begin to pulsate and increase in size as Carl's manly groans got louder, I sucked even harder than ever, moaning and slurping as it moved in and out of me. He thrust hips forward one last time and it slid deep into my throat as he began to cum, the first shot hit the back of my throat hard and I nearly choked. I managed to swallow it quickly before the next spurt filled my mouth completely, his cum was only slightly salty but warm and absolutely delicious, the feel of the thick jizz sitting in my mouth sent me over the edge as my whole body started to shake within the chains. My orgasm was the most intense amazing thing I had ever experienced as I continued to swallow my masters' cum, no sooner had I gulped down a mouthful was my mouth filled again with another tasty load, my body still shaking with almost overwhelming pleasure. My juices were now running down my legs as mine and Carl's orgasm slowly subsided, little twangs of pleasure shook my body as I slowly sucked the length of his perfect penis, savouring and swallowing every last drop until he finally took it out of my mouth to my utter dismay. My eyes stared up at his, my mouth open, red lipstick smeared around my chin, saliva dripping from my lips desperate to please more cock.

"Perfect." He said, smiling down at me.


Over the next few days I was fully conscious, released from the chains and had lots of time to stare at my body, appreciating all the new curves and features. I was aroused nearly all the time but I refrained from pleasuring myself for I knew my master wouldn't be happy. There was a hatch at the bottom of the door where food would be passed through a couple of times per day, most likely infused with various chemicals and pills. For several hours per day the screen walls displayed images and videos of subservient sluts worshipping cocks which I would sit and stare at. There was a small door in the corner which lead to bathroom where I could relive myself (which felt very strange to begin with) and ensure that my makeup was perfect, I quickly learned how to apply mascara and small amounts of foundation/blusher. the truth was I didn't need much makeup, I eventually settled on black mascara, a bit of dark eyeshadow to make my eyes look inviting and sexy. I settled on a small amount of blusher and bright red/pink lipstick, It fitted my slutty look perfectly. On the fourth day the door opened and Carl came striding into the room.

"Hello my slut," he said.

"Hello, master," I had no idea how but my voice was high pitched and almost moany, it sounded like how a pornstar would talk during the interview before a scene, sexy and suggestive but with very subservient tones. I was sitting on the side of the bed and he was standing in front of me causing my to look up towards him, It felt right to be beneath my male master.

"I see your voice has developed nicely my little slut, I must tell you that you will never again worship my cock, I have your ex-wife to do that for me, it is time for you to start earning the money for this transformation, you are going to make me and Hannah very rich."

I felt dismay at never being able to taste my masters' cock again but excited at the prospect of starting to earn my way as a slut.

"For the first few weeks you will never leave this room, let's call it a training period, ater which I can start to earn some real money by renting you out. Just to be sure, you will do exactly as you are told by every person who enters this room without question, I know you won''t let me down."

"I will never let you down master," I responded, "I will be a good slut and do exactly as I am told."

"Good girl."

Carl left the room and a man entered straight away, I knelt at the edge of the bed and put on a submissive yet sexy pose and placed my hands behind my back, pushing out my perfect breasts. My heart skipped a beat as I recognised the man instantly, It was Tony, a friend from work!

"Wow," he said, staring at my naked kneeling body, "I cannot believe what a good job Carl has done on you, I always knew there was something amiss." I remained motionless, a tingling started in my crotch, seeing someone I used to be friends with ogle me like this was a real turn-on.

"Stand up and spin round, let me see your sexy body," he demanded, I could sense his arousal and saw a bulge form in his jeans, I started to salivate. i rose to my feet elegantly and slowly turned around on my tiptoes, showing off my firm round ass whilst maintaining as much eye contact as possible.

"Dam, you are one sexy little slut," he remarked.

Me and Tony used to spend most days together at the office and were good friends, having him talk to me like this was a huge turn-on. He grabbed my ass as I turned, my toned cheek squishing under his grip. After the full revolution he started to fondle my breasts and nipples, they grew erect enough to cut glass as a strong tingling of pleasure expanded from the nipple throughout my body.

"On your knees," he ordered, "get ready to taste cock."

I sank to my knees immediately, almost trembling with excitement as I pressed my hands against the bulge in his jeans, kissing the material. Desperate to taste him i unzipped his jeans and pulled both them and his boxer briefs down to his ankles causing his erect cock to bounce out and stand tall. His cock was a nice 7 inches and thick, cut with a proportionally fat head. I noticed a drop of precum dangling from his slit so I moved my tongue towards it, letting the cum soak onto my tongue. Kneeling at my old friend like this, looking like a sexy slut was an absolute dream come true, beyond my wildest fantasies about being as sexy as my wife. After letting the cum soak onto my tongue I slid my mouth around his fat head.

"Mmmmm," Tony moaned.

I slowly moved my mouth back and forth over the head, sucking gently and feeling the velvety texture of the pink helmet. My crotch was wet and arousal started to overcome me, I wanted more of his cock inside my mouth. Going with the feeling I suddenly slammed his cock into the back of throat and began to suck him frantically, tony moaned loudly as I fulfilled my destiny; to suck cock like a whore. My neck moved back and forth and I moaned with pleasure releasing sounds akin muffled whimpering, the bulging shaft felt fantastic against my lips as they slid along the length. I pulled the cock out of my mouth with a pop and a few strings of saliva linked the head to my lips, I collected the spit in my hand and smothered it around the cock, now glistening.

I started to pump the slippery shaft with my manicured hands as I buried my face into his hairless balls, licking, slurping and sucking every inch of them. Tony's moans faded out from my mind as I became completely focused on worshipping the balls for several more minutes. I felt tony grab my long blonde hair as he pulled my face from his balls and firmly pressed his member back into my mouth and held it deep into my throat. I felt his warm and now wet sack press against my chin as I gagged slightly before opening my hole further, this was quickly filled. He pulled out and I gasped for breath, letting out a high pitched moan of arousal, I truly sounded like a slutty pornstar choking on cock, it was amazing. Two hands now on the back of my head held it firmly in place as he began to fuck my mouth, faster and faster the cock filled me. His moans turned into loud grunts as he used my face as a fucktoy, I felt his cock start to bulge and I knew he was about to cum. My pussy dripped with juices as he let out a shout and exploded into my mouth, I swallowed his thick load hungrily as the second spurt missed my mouth and hit my face, I wrapped my lips around it once more and took the rest straight in, swallowing as quickly as possible.

The arousal took me completely over the edge and I had a huge orgasm creating girlish screams muffled by his thick cock. I shook on my knees and struggled to stay upright, holding his shaft for support. Some of the cum in my mouth dripped back out the side of my pink lips as wave after wave of pleasure filled me. Finally both of our orgasms subsided and I slowly ran my tongue up the length of his shaft, collecting all the leftover cum and swallowing it melodramatically. Again disappointment struck me as he turned to leave the room without even saying a word, leaving my kneeling there, face glazed in cum and more aroused than ever, desperate for more cock.

"Please don't leave!" I begged, "I need your amazing cock." The words left my mouth naturally. Tony stopped and turned his head to look at my desperate face, cum dripping from it, mascara running down the pretty cheeks. He smiled and approached me once again.

"Considering you asked so nicely..."

His cock was now only semi-erect, recovering from the blowjob as he dropped it onto my face, I stared up at him and rubbed my face on it, getting some of the cum off my face and back onto the shaft. I took the floppy cock back into my mouth and sucked off the cum before rubbing back over my face to collect more cum. Soon my face was clean and his cock was hard again, I sucked and slurped loudly and he once again began to let out long moans, he moved to the bed and sat on the edge, following him I crawled back between his legs and wrapped my lips around the juicy shaft. To my dismay he pulled from my mouth...

"Get on the bed and lie on your back, slut."

"Yes master," I responded, breathing heavily, suddenly extremely excited about what he had in store for me. Before I knew it I was on my back and tony was on top of me, he lifted my legs perpendicular to my body and without warning slid his cock into my pussy. It pushed against the virgin walls of my soaking pussy and slid deep whilst I nearly screamed in pleasure, it was so incredibly sensitive that I shook in an even more intense orgasm, I felt the walls of it squeeze against his member. I squirmed beneath him and moaned like a whore as he started to fuck me hard and fast, I heard the wet schlick of my juices around his cock. My orgasm had not yet finished when he started to fuck me hard and it intensified further, my mouth was wide open, my nails gripped his powerful ass and my nails dug in. My eyes intensely closed and my body still writhing in one continuous orgasm I nearly passed out in pleasure as he continued to fuck me. My orgasm very slowly subsided as I opened my eyes only to see everything as a blur, Tony, obviously enjoying my utter pleasure of being fucked approached orgasm, pulled out his cock and began to shoot his load onto my toned stomach and perfect breasts. There wasn't as much jizz as before but it still covered me nicely. I sat up and wrapped my lips around his cock for the last time, coercing every last drop of cum from his balls whilst he caught his breath. This time he left the room for good and I fell back onto the bed, running my fingers around the gloops of cum, scooping it into my mouth, still desperate for more.

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  1. Fabulous story Anna! Wow, every little sissy's dream is to be converted in to a beautiful sexy slut like this! xoxo, JLuv


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