Friday, April 27, 2012

#1183 - Dungeons e Fetish - Hitting my Japanese crossdresser friend

There are a lot of reasons because i'm managing this site..
one of these it's because, by this unusual job.. i'm massively forced to watch sissy porn..
it's a sort of torture.. reminding everyday to myself.. i'm a sissy without escapes!!
Even if sometime i try to convince myself these is only a night dream..
i must confess.. i'm a sissy fag!!.. this is clear as sunlight.. ;))
Anyway going around from a lot of sites.. everyday looking for new interesting videos..
I often meet a lot of strange things.. dark, fetish, hard.. bizarre.. and also sweet sometime..
Clips of today i decided to post for the D&F collection.. contain both of the coin sides..
the same couple.. of course... same man and sissy.. for the two videos.
First clip has something real hot.. with a great sissy fucking.. taken on her four..
The second has another good moment of sex.. but with a beautiful unexpected end!
In truth, I was really surprised by this final.. it makes me think about a so interesting truth..
may a sissy fag beloved for real as a real girl?!
I think there are a lot of men.. ready to live a real love story with a lot of you..
so I firmly believe.. we have nothing wrong.. because we are human.. like and more.. many others!
So, if a kiss can save the world..
my special wish for you all.. today is.. you can be saved...
being tenderly french kissed.. as the truly femme you are inside! ;))

Anna Malice

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