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#1126 - Sissy Story 35 - The unexpected always happens

Nice and fresh story for our sissy appointment.. with sissy tales..
For today i chosen this short story.. expecially for its innocence and simplicity..
even if in it.. i found my best fashinating fantasy.. about the big black lover..
well about this.. i would like to be clear..
in my opinion, it's not always a size matter.. qnd cock is not the more interesing thing in a man!
rather, to feel big arms.. or a strong personality.. often is the best thing for a sissy like me!! ;))
An Involuntary fumble.. for a young sissy.. generates her first sexual encounter..
enjoy the sissy story number 35! ;)

Anna Malice

The unexpected always happens

I came into school wearing a pair of my sister's panties in the morning under my school uniform purely because it felt great. Plus I knew I was getting away with something, wearing soft female underwear when all the rest of the boys at school had no idea. I slipped on the white lacy tangas as soon as I got out of the shower, and it felt so good as I moved them up my shaved legs and over my ass. I made sure they were tight and snug as could be before sighing in pleasure. I checked my bubble butt out in the mirror, raising my arms and doing a little shake. I laughed at myself, slapping a butt cheek for good measure.

I got to school and went through the day without interruption, hanging out with my friends at lunch and every so often being reminded I was wearing panties if I moved the right way accidentally. Every time that happened my heart skipped a beat and I arched my back, kind of liking the feeling I got from doing that.

I got into my last class, a computer class and sat down in my usual spot. I had no friends in this class, most of them were from the basketball team; tall, black, and built like bulls, not the slim nerdy kids I usually hung around. The teacher was the basketball coach, and he was just as muscular and tall. It was pretty intimidating every time I had to talk to him..

When I had walked in I felt the eyes of everyone in the class on me for some reason. It felt kind of weird and I didn't know why so I just sat down and daydreamed about going home and putting on a bra with two balloons in it and walking around the house in one of my mom's dresses. I shifted around a few times during class, moving my butt up against the back of my chair, loving the feel of the tangas against my skin. The bell rang and we were all filing out of the room when I suddenly felt Mr. Willis' hand on my back.

"I need to talk to you about your grades Casey," he said to me. I thought to myself, what could be wrong with my grades? I was a straight A student, there shouldn't be anything wrong with my grades. Maybe he wanted to congratulate me on the last test he hadn't handed back yet!

"Sure Mr. Willis," I said and suddenly felt his hand brush past my ass as he turned around. Thinking it was an accident, I turned around and stood in front of his desk where he sat. He waited until all the rest of my classmates had left the room before turning back to me. He was a huge man, his shirt practically stretched with his muscles whenever he moved, and he must have been at least 6'3", if not more.

"Casey, I think the class and I found out something interesting today about you," he said, "You like wearing women's panties!"

My heart stopped. My face flushed red and I looked down. I had no idea what to do but stutter a response, "Wh..what? N-no I don't!"

"Oh yeah? Then why do I see a panty line forming on your ass? It's so big it stretches your pants boy, who'd you think you were fooling?"

"I didn't know.. I didn't –"

"You're damn right you didn't know, and now I can tell everyone you're a fuckin' fag. This whole school will make your life a living hell once I tell all your classmates!"

"What?! No, please don't do that Mr. Willis, PLEASE don't, my par-"

"Yeah your parents will find out eventually and then you'll have to explain to them why you're wearing girls' underwear!"

I just looked down and started to cry slowly. I had run myself into a corner and didn't know what to do.

"Guess what you're gonna do for me Casey," I heard him say.


"Turn around and take off your pants."

"What?! Why?" I replied in shock.

"Take off your pants bitch, don't ask me why!" He said, and slammed his fist down on the table.

I jumped. I was scared and couldn't do anything else. I turned around and unbuttoned my pants, bending over to bring them down to my ankles and then kick them off. I could feel the cool air in the classroom against my bare skin and shivered a little, my enormous butt cheeks jiggling in response.

"Damn! That's a fine ass you got there boy!" he said, "now take off the rest of your clothes and leave the panties on!"

I did as I was told, taking off my shirt to reveal my slim, toned torso.

"Now shake your ass, bitch!" he yelled.

I don't know what came over me but I did the same motion I did in front of the mirror this morning, raising my hands to the ceiling and bending my knees a bit. I shook my butt left and right, and felt that great sensation of it jiggling every which way. Mr. Willis grunted in approval so I kept doing it for a little more, going up and down from my legs, tilting my head back and letting my long brown hair fall down. I felt sexy as fuck for some reason. And oh how I loved that feeling.

For the next 5 minutes I shook my ass for Mr. Willis. I tugged at my tangas and slapped my ass a few times. I backed up against his desk and started grinding against it, arching my back and playing with my hair like a girl who's shampooing her hair. My heart was racing and I started moaning. I loved every second of this, and I bet Mr. Willis did too. All I could think about was how big Mr. Willis' dick must be. I loved watching porn with hung black men fucking white chicks and always remembered how incredibly happy the girls looked during the sex or with a huge piece of black meat stuffed into their mouth. Then it occurred to me. This was a chance for me to see how it really felt to be the girl who's got the black dude drooling at the sight of her. It's not like it was a huge leap to pretend I was a girl, I had nice full lips and kind of looked like a boyish Kate Beckinsale, (or so my sister had told me once.) I kept moaning, closing my eyes and rolling my head around so that my hair tumbled across my back. I wanted a cock in my mouth.

"Fuuuuuck yeah, I knew you wanted to be a fuckin' chick the second you walked in this room today.." Mr. Willis said.

I got real brave next and turned around. You couldn't see my penis if you had tried luckily, it was tucked back and was already smaller than any boy I knew. I smiled and tried to keep my eyes on his crotch, walking as sexily as I could around the table. I turned around and stuck my beautiful bubble butt out to Mr. Willis and bent over, heaving my ass cheeks up and down like I'd seen one of those internet girls do a lot. I turned my head around and looked at the black man behind me like a dreamgirl.

"Would you like to give my ass a massage Mr. Willis? I'd love those big black hands groping me," I said and winked at him. What a view he must have I thought to myself.

And with that Mr. Willis started slapping my butt, shaking it with his fingers and kissing it, massaging the sides and rubbing it. I loved all the attention I was getting. It felt good, it felt empowering. I leaned down then, into Mr. Willis' huge bulge that had grown in his pants. I straddled his spread legs and moved back and forth. I could already tell his cock was massive, and I was aching to get a hold of it. I wanted to feel it, touch it, and suck it dry right now! He started moaning and grabbed my hips, taking control of my movements. I squeezed my butt cheeks around his bulge and grinded even harder against him, putting my hands on his knees.

"Damn bitch, I'm gonna cum in my fuckin' pants if you keep this shit up.." he moaned.

"I don't want you to though Mr. Willis! Then you'd make a mess and how would you get home with a huge stain right where your massive cock is? Everyone would know we did something.." I intoned lusciously. I turned around and sat on his lap like a little girl and stuck my tongue in his mouth. I didn't know what I was doing, I had never kissed anyone before, but I flicked it around like a little whore before pulling out and tasting his strong neck. I licked up to his ear and then whispered something.

"Maybe I could suck your dick like the little virgin I am, waiting to stuff a huge black cock in her mouth for the first time..."

I didn't need to wait for his response, I knew he wanted me bad. I got off his lap gingerly and knelt down in front of his legs. I spread them before unbuckling his belt and taking his pants off as fast as I could. I started running my hands up and down the length of his thighs excitedly, kissing and lick everywhere. I looked up at Mr. Willis and rocked back and forth, moaning before I slapped a butt cheek and gasped at him sensuously. I went down on all fours and started licking his balls, every once in a while sucking on one to get a gasp from him.

I couldn't take myself anymore, shots of electricity went up my thick thighs and into my butt as I took Mr. Willis' massive meat into my hands and started sucking on it ferociously. I rocked back and forth with my whole body, trying to get even more of his thick girth into my mouth each time I went down on him. His pre-cum tasted SO good so I lapped that up, pulling his dick out of my mouth and slurping all along the sides of his cock until I was sure it was wet with saliva.

"Yeah you little slut, you suck my dick and I won't tell anyone about your little secret - -agh! Fuckin' BITCH how do you know how to suck dick like this!" he said.

I looked up at him innocently while tugging on his meat, "I guess it just comes naturally to a girl who just found out she really loves black cock..." I said and licked his balls while looking at him in the eyes and jerking him off simultaneously. He moaned even louder and leaned his head back against the seat.

I threw my brunette hair to one side of my head and bunched up my shoulders, resuming my dick-sucking. O it felt so good to have his dick in my mouth. I was so happy, like the girls in the porn on the internet, I just wanted to suck Mr. Willis' dick all day long!

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  1. Wonderful post Anna! The sissy stories really turn me on!


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