Monday, April 2, 2012

#1110 - Clittty Binding for Sissy Slave

Tonight an interesting clip indeed..
speaking about chastity, cock and balls torture.. of sissification, of course..
and about how to become deliciously impotent..
wel l, it's not really an hypnotic clip.. but it's really close to be..
anyway transforming into a permanent soft unuseful clitty.. is one of my best fantasy..
well, in truth.. not only a fantasy..
with more delicacy, of coruse.. but i love chastity practice.. ;))
because sensation to ride the way of permant modification.. is simply amazing..
it's a one way.. where, every body modification.. is a one more step into the sissy delirious!
Lost, ready to be abused.. totally passive and yet, in extasy..
the only way to learn the feeling.. of being truly feminine!

Anna Malice


  1. Anna, it sure seems that this clip sure got you
    excited! but a chastised sissy is a perfect

  2. I love this exercize I will have to make a sissy create a lesson video like this one next. I am excited. giglz


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