Friday, April 27, 2012

#1185 - My crossdresser sissy training video brainwashing

flying around porn sites.. it's all a blossoming of new interesting hypno videos..
and i think, with a little bit of arrogance, to have contributed to this nouvelle vogue..
Of course by making an hypno clip.. you express yourself in a so interactive way..
it's sort of contagious virus.. you have contracted.. that you want to multiply!..
You discovered to be a sissy fag.. maybe with some gradations..
but for you this is not enough.. and you really want to increase your grade of "sissyness"..
well i'm sure you'll be able to degrade yourself at top level of feminization..
your "sissy fag-ness" will become every day more deep.. by watching and also creating hypno clips..
you will modify your way to be definitely and without going back.. it's guaranted!! ;))
today another spontaneous new hypno video by tvnikki28.. as it was a not postponed exigence!
it's a great clip indeed.. also with personal stuff.. a so rare material
beautiful fast effective captions.. for a fantastic final result! ;))

Anna Malice


  1. Wow !! I love it, so perfect !!

    The song is : I think you freaky by Die Antwoord

  2. wish i could've seen this before it was deleted

  3. me too, the description made it sound perfect for me :(


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