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#1147 - Sissy Story 36 - Becoming Linda

Becoming Linda is simply an amazing story..
i'm really proud to share it.. because is enough long, well detailed, sensual and so exciting..
perfect to describe inner sensations of a sissy..
perfect to remind me a lot of similar personal fantasies i have imagined in my life..
by an high writing quality.. by a lot of realistic details..
by a soft and sensual fascinating preamble.. ;
enjoy the sissy story number 36! ;)

Anna Malice

Becoming Linda

I am in my late teens with a very feminine side that I started discovering much earlier. I live with my sister, my mom whose a workaholic, and my stepfather John who is caucasian.

I am Chinese-American, 5 feet, 4 inches tall with a nice, completely hairless body except my pubic area and under my armpits. My body is a bit on the full side, and I have long, thick and soft black hair that I keep in a pony tail. According to my sister, I have the greatest butt any girl would die to have, and I tend to agree with her as I look at my profile in the mirror, especially when I wear her undies. I have a very small cock that is about 3.5 inches when I am excited and no more than one inch in normal circumstances which used to embarrass the hell out of me in school when we have to take a shower after PE classes. But when I cum, I heavily ejaculate. Due to the small size of my cock I am not able to pee standing without making a mess, so my mom forced me for as long as I remember to pee sitting;

-"like the girl you were meant to be" as my stepfather always says.

Since we grew up poor until she married John, she had me share my sister's underwear. I never had a problem with that; actually I enjoyed it, especially when I wear the satin undies that rub very nicely on my butt and "cockett" as my sister calls my dick.

To tune my body, I have been going to Jimbo's Gym for the last 3 months, it is a small gym and even though I hated the owner Jim, it is the only one my mom would let me go to since it was a walking distance from our house, and it was cheap.

About a month after I joined the gym I noticed that Sterve, Jim's only help, had a lot more interest in me than any of the other members. Steve who was a senior in the same all-boys Catholic high school I went to, was like me, a lot on the shy side. We never talked in school since he was in a higher class, but I have certainly noticed him. He was well built, handsome and never picked on me like the others did. It was obvious he desperately needed the money for him to have stuck it out working for Jim for the last 6 months.

Jim was very different from Steve and myself; he was black, much taller than either one of us, and at 35 was a lot older than either of us. He also was very mean and intimidating. No wonder he could not keep many of his customers or maintain his business. I always felt sorry for the way he treated Steve, and I think it was obvious to Steve that I sympathized with him but I did not dare make Jim notice this.

I guess, Steve noticed and felt that he wanted to be nice to me in return, or at least this is what I initially thought, so he acted like a personal trainer any time he got a chance without drawing Jim's attention.

On my second month I started noticing that Steve was more than paying attention to my training, he was also paying a lot of attention to my body by "stealing" looks at me through the mirrors or when he thought I was not watching. The first time I caught him, he was looking at my bubble butt while I was face down on the bench and doing butt and thigh curls. At first I felt awkward and uncomfortable, so I looked away from him and for some reason I was afraid he would notice that I saw him.

I continued to exercise but I could still feel him looking at my butt. Through the reflection in the mirror, I could see why he was ogling my butt. I was wearing a fluffy red shorts that were really short; one that I had borrowed from my sister. The shorts were pulled up so high that almost half of my butt was showing, it was covered for the most part by my light blue satin underwear that was riding tight in the crack of my ass.

I started to get turned on with the idea that I am getting Steve's attention and my cockett was starting to get hard and press against the bench giving me an incredible feeling. I looked back at the mirror to see if Steve was still watching, he sure was, and he had an obvious hard-on that he was trying desperately to hide. Even though I was embarrassed, I had an incredible feeling that I could have such an effect on anybody.

I wished I could continue to give Steve a show, but my thighs had given up and I could not lift them any more. Steve sensed my dilemma. Being the gentlemen he is, he walked towards me, holding a towel in front of his crotch, and asked me if I needed help to do couple of more curls. His offer thrilled me and I could not resist.

He stood behind me and grabbed me by the ankles as I spread my legs as far as I could while still holding to the handles. I new this would give him a full view of my butt and the light blue silk underwear that squeezed between my ass cheeks. In order to give him a nice and long view, I told him as he held my ankles that I needed him to wait a minute as I was very tired and that he needed to be patient.

He was very glad to oblige. As I lied there on my stomach, I looked at the mirror, and saw that his bulge was now a huge tent and he was making no attempt to hide it. My cockett became so hard that it was very painful to push it against the hard bench. Once I got Steve's full attention, I started doing my curls while Steve was helping me lift my ankles. To reduce the pressure on my cocket I lifted my butt which I knew would give Steve an even better view.

After about five leg curls, my butt was going very high, and out of the blue, I felt Steve's hand on it pushing it firmly down. "It is better to keep it down in order to get the full benefit of the exercise" he said. I couldn't and didn't want to object, so all I could do was thank him. I felt his hand burning on my butt as it was holding it down and giving it a light squeeze. His thumb was pressing lightly against my asshole and with every leg curl, I could feel his thumb pressing deeper into my ass crack and against my asshole. The pressure was also building on my cockett and as I felt I was going to cum in my panties we were interrupted by Jim as he walked in on us and we both froze.

Jim did not say a word but it was obvious from my red face and Steve's attempt to cover his bulge that something was not right. Still he reacted like nothing was going on and just walked away. I was terrified that if he caught us, he would tell my mom and that she and John would give me the whipping of my life as they have done several times, especially John who always found reasons to spank me as he had me lay down on his lap.

Worse, Steve could lose his job. Once I had relaxed and my cockett assumed its non existent position, I walked off the bench and went to the free-weights room. Admiring my profile in the mirror as I exercised, Steve surprised me by walking in.

-"Jim is busy in his office doing the books, and I would be glad to help you in your work-outs".

- "Oh, that's great, I need all the help", I said as I felt a twinkle in my cockett.

Steve came behind me as I could see the beginning of bulge in his shorts. I am sure he caught me looking at it in the mirror as his eyes met mine. I just stood there with the weights in my hands as he got close behind me and I could feel the heat coming from his body.

With both his hands, he grabbed my waist pulled me close to him, and then slid his hands to my chest to straighten my body. His hands then moved to meet mine and help me hold the weights in the proper way. This left little room between his body and mine as I could feel his breath on my neck as he told me to relax.

His breath was not the only thing I could feel, I started feeling his cock barley touching my ass as blood starting rushing to my face and my hands started to weaken. This gave him a reason to grab my hands firmly and close any gap between his body and mine. I felt his cock now very hard and pushing against my left ass cheek.

- "relax, its OK, Jim is doing the books and does not want to be disturbed", Steve whispered into my ear as his cock was pressing clumsily against my ass.

I felt very dirty that I am letting a guy press his cock against my ass and I was also terrified that Jim would walk in at any minute, but something deep inside of me wanted me to feel more of Steve's cock pressing against my ass.

As my face was getting red and I had a very dry feeling in my mouth, I mustered all the courage I could get, and lightly wiggled my ass and repositioned it until his cock was wedged and lost in between my ass cheeks. That was the hint he needed for him to push harder into my soft ass. I froze for a second and could not move a single muscle.

He acted like nothing was happening and with his hands he pushed the weights upward towards my shoulders reminding me that I should breath out as I exert force. A stuttered "OK" is all that could come out of my dry mouth.

We remained like this for few seconds that felt like eternity. Suddenly Steve started rubbing his cock into the crack of my ass enough to feel the full size and heat of his cock. My cockett was throbbing wanting to be relieved but there was little I could do except push my ass up and down against his hard cock. This allowed my cockett to rub against the tight silk panties I was wearing.

I could feel Jim's cock was itself on fire and it would not be long before he came. As he was grinding his cock into the crack of my ass, I kept pushing back, I was dying to make him cum, I wanted for the first time in my life to make somebody cum, especially Steve.

It was not long before Steve's body stiffened, his hands held mine very tightly, chocking the blood off, and his cock pushed so hard into me, I almost fell.

I could feel his cock throb against my ass as Steve kept on pressing it very hard into me. I started feeling very warm liquid seeping through the soft fabric of my shorts and panties. We stayed like that for a couple of minutes until Steve's cock softened. As he released his grip, he said:

- "Linda, this feels great, thank you!"

- "But my name is Lenny, not Linda" I told him in a soft voice.

- "I know, but I think Linda suits you better".

He slapped my ass as he walked away and told me to go wash up. I was so embarrassed to be called Linda, but after all, this is what I feel inside and this is what I have felt for a very long time. Using the side mirror I looked at my shorts, and sure enough, there was a big wet spot, smack on the middle of my ass.

I ran to the lockers, grabbed my stuff and left without taking a shower as I usually do. As I was rushing out of the door, Steve gave me a wink and said:

- "Sweet dreams Linda" He got me by surprise and embarrassed the hell out of me as I noticed that Jim heard him and gave me a funny look as he looked at the wet spot on my shorts.

At home, I went straight to bed, snuggled under the sheets naked and started smelling the wet spot that Steve left on my shorts. I could not stop thinking about what happened, about the close encounter with Jim and its consequences, and how all of that was so terrifying.

But the thought of teasing Steve and having such an impact on him and then making him cum. The thought of his cock getting so hard just by the sight of my ass and panties, and his hard cock squeezed between my ass cheeks turned me on more than I was ever turned on.

I went out of bed, locked the door, and started looking at myself in the mirror while thinking of what had turned Steve on. I put back on my soiled shorts and panties, and pulled them up forcing them to curl as far as possible through my crack. The feeling was incredible as I could see both ass cheeks halfway exposed and the material pushing against my asshole and my cockett.

The pressure against my asshole gave me an incredible burning sensation. I kept pulling and rubbing on my shorts and panties until I wetted my panties. I was still so horny that I had to jerk myself twice that night before I could get myself to sleep.

I was imagining how Steve's cock really looked like. I have seen many non-erect cocks after PE at school, few in a semi erect state, all of course were larger than mine, and the only hard one I saw was my stepfather's and it was through the outline of his pajamas after he had just finished giving me a bare-bottom spanking. So I really wanted so much to see Steve's and maybe touch it if I was lucky.

For the next couple of days, all I could think of is my encounter at the gym and once I got home from school I would run to my room and jerk myself for couple of times thinking about what happened and running ideas through my mind on how I could turn on Steve even more.

One thought was to wear one of my sister's thongs. So on the night before going again to the gym, I decided to wear her black thong and try it on with my red fluffy shorts. As I put the thong on, I felt the pressure of the string buried deep in my ass crack and pushing against my asshole.

After wearing them, I pulled them up as high as I could without looking too awkward, and I bent over as I would while stretching in order to see the effect in the mirror. The top of the thong was showing, both ass cheeks were showing halfway, and my testicles and cockett were well hidden.

Anybody looking would have definitely guessed that they were looking at a nice girlie ass. Except there was one problem. Even though I was almost completely hairless, I could still see some unsightly hair around my asshole. I panicked as I felt that would be a big turn off. No girl's ass should have hair on it, as mom always told my sister. So I sneaked into my sister's room and "borrowed" her electric hair remover.

I went into my room, locked the door, put on some music loud enough to cover the sound, crouched on the floor naked with a mirror on the floor few inches away from my asshole. In this position I also noticed some hair around my testicles that also had to be removed.

Half an hour into the process, I had my testicles and all of my ass cleaned out, and was left with the area just around my asshole. I had to be extra careful around my asshole as I could see the soft wrinkles of pink flesh that could easily be hurt with the electric shaver.

Very carefully I started to slowly approach my asshole, and I could feel the cold metal against the soft flesh. My hand was shaking as I got closer. It took me a long 15 minutes to remove the last hair with a minor cut that let a little blood. I could not believe how much hair was taken off for somebody who considers herself to be "almost hair free".

Once I was done, I took a shower to wash off. I could not believe the feeling of my extremely smooth hairless ass as I was soaping it; especially the feel of my asshole and its surrounding. My hands felt gliding over my skin as I was rubbing my ass cheeks with creamy soap and it was like I was feeling somebody else's ass, not my own ass. I slid my middle finger up and down my ass crack it was such an incredible feeling to feel the smoothness with no hair whatsoever. It was not long before my finger found its way into my asshole and I was sliding it in imagining it Steve's cock sliding into my boy-pussy. I couldn't do that for long before I started jerking myself until I had the best orgasm of my life.

The next morning I liberally applied moisturizing cream on my ass and decided to wear the thong all day to school along with tight pants that showed the outlines of my thong to whoever cared to look. At that time I did not care even if all the school teased me. I was Linda and I was feminine, as feminine could come. I felt liberated, and no longer had issues with that. Thanks to Steve and his awakening to my feminine side.

During school I had several looks, some were mean, but many were looks of admiration or amazement. Either way I was very excited and could not wait until I got to the gym. This was Wednesday, which is Jim's poker night. On these days, Steve locks up and I new I could be alone with him. I was determined to tease him more and hopefully at least get a peek at his cock, and if I am lucky to touch it.

I made it a point to get to the gym as late as possible hopefully avoiding Jim, and indeed, as I got there he was on his way out, but making sure to give me a nasty look as he left. I directly headed to the change room. Above my sister's black thong, I wore her fluffy red shorts, and had them up so high that without any effort, a good chunk of my ass was showing.

I headed directly to the weight room hoping that Steve would soon join me. However, after waiting in vain for a very long ten minutes he did not show up. I headed to the nautilus area and saw that there was only one customer and Steve was helping her. He seemed to be very cordial to her, their eyes told me there was something, and she was certainly hot, even though she was a lot older than Steve. The blood rushed through my veins as I felt that he dumped me for the real thing. I acted like neither one of them existed, especially him, but deep down I was very hurt and felt so terrible and dirty for allowing him in our last encounter to cum on my ass.

I saw all my fantasies and dream get crushed in front of my eyes. I felt like screaming at him and running out, never to set foot in the gym again. But deep down I felt that I did not want to mess it up with him and did not want to lose him forever. I decided to act normal, and take my regular shower before I left as if nothing has happened.

So after about 15 minutes, as she was done, I headed calmly to the locker room and picked the first shower stall which allowed me to see myself in the mirror. I started to slowly take off my clothes as I was holding myself from not bursting in tears of loss and humiliation. As I took off my shorts, I saw my reflection in the mirror wearing the black thong. I felt a tingle go through my body as I realized how sexy I looked.

As I turned to look at my profile, I noticed that Steve was standing by the door. I froze not knowing whether he was watching me or just waiting for me to get the hell out so he could close up the gym and join his new bitch. I did not want him to know that I have noticed him, so I continued to admire myself in the mirror while trying to give him a show. I thought this is my chance; I either win him or lose him for ever. So I was determined to give him the tease of his life, the best I could.

I turned around to make sure he saw the great profile of my butt as I caressed my nipples and slowly brought my hands down to my waist and then grabbing my butt cheeks and slowly massaging them with both hands. I then turned around giving him a full back view of my butt, and grabbed the thong around the waist, bring it slightly down, and then slowly pulling it up as high as it could go until I made sure it was completely lost between my ass cheeks.

By that time I figured he must have been enjoying the show, as he had not yet told me to get the hell out. That gave me a boost to go even further. Frankly I was also getting so hot that I did not care whether or not he was watching. I stuck my finger in my mouth and started sucking it as if I was sucking his cock. Once it was real wet I slid it to my ass crack, under the thong, and slid it between my ass cheeks until it reached my asshole. I pushed against my smooth and cream-covered asshole and rubbed it up and down my crack and stopping along the way for few seconds to push it against my asshole.

At this time my cockett was in deep need of being touched but I did not want to do that as I was afraid this may turn him off. I was so hot that I started getting thoughts of wanting to go beyond teasing if that's what he wanted. I was ready to do anything in order not to lose him.

While still giving him a good view of my butt, I started taking my thong off and as I pulled it down I did not drop it, instead I kept bending over as I slid it down my legs to my ankles. I was sure this gave him a hell of a view of my ass and maybe of my asshole. That also must have told him I was his for the taking. Without looking back at him, I hung my thong up on the hanger on top of my towel and turned on the shower.
I took off the rubber holding my pony tail and let my hair lose which reached down to my shoulders. I went under the shower and as if I was relaxing, slightly spread my legs and arched forward holding myself with my palms against the wall. I let the warm water splash on my head as it slid to my back and through my ass cheeks. I knew I was giving him a hell of a show if he was looking.

Now, I really wanted to know if he was watching me, so I slightly turned my head and through my half opened eyes, I could see him, not only that he was watching, but rubbing his cock that was all the way out with his sweat pants around his ankles. In a panic, I immediately turned away and shut my eyes tight. God, I got him!

I stood in that position for a couple of more minutes, thinking about my next moves. I did not have to think much. I felt like I have done that a million times before in front of a million guys, all jacking off just by watching me.

I turned down the water to a trickle, and grabbed a lot of the liquid soap and started spreading it all over my body. Starting with my neck, spending a lot of time on my titties, my hands found their way to my waist. Once I reached my butt I added another handful and rubbed it all over my ass cheeks, with slow rotational movement, letting my pinkies slide more and more through my crack until they were touching my asshole. As I massaged my ass cheeks, I would slightly spread them in order to make sure he could see my pink asshole.

I then bent over until I was about to fall over. With one hand I held myself against the wall, and with the other, I reached backward to rub my middle finger against my asshole, with very slow and deliberate up and down motion. Every once in a while I would stop at my asshole and push the tip of my finger against it, until I could push the tip through. All of a sudden I saw his legs behind me, and I felt one of his hands on my butt without saying a single word. I was startled and was about to lose my balance, but was quick enough to hold myself.

-"Sorry, I did not mean to startle you Linda".

I couldn't say a thing, and just looked back at him and gave him a look that I am sure told him how much I wanted him. He got closer to me, enough to feel his cock against my right cheek as his hand rubbed my left cheek. He turned me around as he placed my hand on his cock.

At first I felt very awkward touching somebody else's cock for the first time in my life. It felt very solid, and much larger than mine, I squeezed it first lightly, and then I gave it hard squeeze pulling it towards me until Steve let go of a light moan. I knew he liked it and felt great knowing that I could make him feel good, just by touching him. So I kept the pressure and started pulling it back and forth with very slow movements. All of a sudden Steve froze and his eyes were filled with terror.

- "Oh my God, Jim is here",

- "What do you mean Jim is here, this is his poker night".

Then I heard Jim roar,

- "You idiots, didn't you think I knew what the hell was going on between you two. Don't you know that I have cameras in my office, and I could see you cuming all over the bitch's ass in the weight room?"

Steve's cock all of a sudden went soft in my hands which I pulled them off as if I was zapped by an electric current. I turned around to face Jim, as I grabbed my towel to cover my self. Jim walked briskly towards us with terror in his eyes. I knew we were in deep trouble that was beyond any imagination. Steve who was naked was in an incredibly panicked mode, he tried to cover his cock which by now had completely shrunk. The closer Jim got, the farther back he went until his back hit the wall and he sat down in a fetus position afraid of what Jim was going to do.

I froze at the scene as million thoughts came through my mind. The best of them, was that Jim would tell my mom and Jenny, who would both punish me and ridicule me to the day I die.

But as Jim got closer and as I was looking down, I saw that he had a huge bulge in his sweat pants. That gave me some instant relief thinking that had indeed enjoyed what he saw and sympathized with us. But that was far from the Jim I knew.

Sure enough, he grabbed me in a rough way and was about to slap me but held himself at the last minute, inches away from my face.

- "Lenny, or should I call you Linda, do you want me to tell your mom, what a tease you are, little bitch?"

- "Oh God no, please don't, Mr. Jim. I will do anything but please don't tell her or Jenny".

- "Bend over slut, let me see that asshole that you are hiding between those cheeks".

Terrified, I turned around and felt him hold my butt with both hands as he spread my ass cheeks apart. I could feel his face close to my butt as his breathing was heavy against my asshole. With his hands resting on my ass cheeks, he slowly pushed his thick black thumbs around and against my asshole.

-"Nice hairless ass, did you do that all for Steve or me?"

He did not wait for an answer and suddenly pulled away and slapped my ass real hard, giving me a hard sting.

- "now turn around girl and start sucking my cock".

I turned around and could see that his cock was way out above the rubber band of his sweat pants. Just the part of his cock that showed, was so incredibly huge and dark black. I looked in terror and without realizing it, I closed my eyes. I felt a smack on my face and an order to grab his cock out of the sweat pants or else.

- "Oh God, Mr. Jim, please do not force me to do that, I have never done it and I can not do it. Please don't hurt me, I am late I have to go home."

That seemed to only make him angrier, as he grabbed my face with one hand he squeezed my jaws until I felt they were about to break. Tears started falling through my eyes as I reached over to his cock and grabbed it with both hands barely able to have my fingers touch. He slowly released the pressure as he now grabbed the back of my head and pulled it closer to his cock. That must have been the most terrifying thing I have ever experienced.

His cock was so huge, at least 12 inches long, just inches away from my face and it was twice the size of my mouth. I thought there was no way I could put it in. I could feel and see thick veins all around his cock, the head looked like a huge black door knob more than anything else. A door knob that was now pushing against my lips and determined to find its way in my mouth, whether I like it or not.

-"Open up slut, or I am gonna crack your teeth".

I knew he meant it, and looked at Steve for help. The bastard was still in the fetal position, but his cock said that he was actually enjoying the show. I knew I was not going to get any help from him or any body else. So I started to spread my lips and open my mouth. Jim did not waste a second, as he pushed his cock in without giving me much of a chance to get used to the feeling. He only slowed down when I started to gag and was about to choke. He pulled back slightly allowing me to breath, while he pulled his sweatpants all the way down, revealing the full length of his cock which looked more like a horse's cock than anything close to a human cock. His balls were also huge, hanging tight at the bottom of his cock.

-"grab 'em bitch" as he must have noticed I was looking at them in amazement.

They could not fit in one hand as I had the other holding his cock so he does not push it all the way down my throat. As much as I fantasized about cocks, I did not want to die chocking on one.

He then slowly started pushing his cock back in my mouth only this time making sure I do not gag on it. I had tears forming in the corners of my eyes as I felt this huge piece of meat being shoved into my mouth.

I thought, "Damn my mouth is already full and I just have the head in there."

I was breathing hard thru my nose as I sucked this cock before me and felt his hands on the back of my head pushing it farther.

I was trying to scream but nothing was coming out other than a muffled scream because of this huge cock in my mouth. He told me I better get used to his dick cause by the end of the night I would be able to take him all into my mouth and throat. I started to gag as his cock hit the back of my throat. I could hear him moaning and telling me how good a cock sucker I was.

He pulled his cock back out of my mouth and rammed it back in as far as he could. I could feel my throat muscles tighten around him as I was gagging and couldn't breath. He just left his cock there until I thought I was going to pass out from lack of oxygen. He pulled out momentarily so that I could get a quick breath of air before ramming it home again.

I had tears running down as Jim was ruthlessly fucking my face. I thought I was going to die, actually I was hoping I would die. I could feel his cock in my throat getting bigger and I knew what was cumming.

- "Here bitch I'm going to cum and I want you to suck it to the last drop."

With that I started feeling the hot liquid filling my mouth and going down my throat, and through my lips down my chin. He kept his cock in my mouth until he squeezed the last drop out of it and until it went soft.

- "Clean it up bitch!" he ordered me as he pulled it out.

I worked my mouth up and down his tool to clean it the best I could, sucking the last drop out of it. When there was nothing else to suck and his cock went limp, he pulled it out and pushed me around to face the shower wall. He had me stand several feet away from the wall and spread my legs apart, bending me forward, almost losing my balance until I placed both hands against the wall to support myself. I was so spread out that he could definitely see my ass hole. While keeping me in this position, he took off the shower head from the hose, turning it into a huge enema. He turned on the water through the shower hose.

- "I am going to teach you how to clean yourself for me, and I want you to do it every time before I fuck you".

Terrified, I turned around, and told him that he could not do that, as I was a virgin and my asshole would be torn. He slapped me hard, bringing a stream of blood from my upper lip, and put me back in position. I started sobbing and was barely able to hold my self in position, as he brought the strong stream of water against my asshole which reacted by shutting tight. That only made him spank me very hard and increase the pressure.

All of a sudden I started feeling water rushing through my asshole. In no time water was gushing out of my ass and onto the floor. After a while it started feeling good as the water started flowing in and out of my asshole which no longer showed any resistance to its flow.

I started getting excited wanting this not to stop. But that was the last thing on Jim's mind who's cock was now hard again. He put back the shower head, stood behind me, and focused on soaping me with both hands while rubbing his cock between my ass cheeks and into the lower end of my back. Even though I was terrified of what was to follow, I was really enjoying the attention of his hands and the feel of his huge cock rubbing against my back and in between my ass cheeks. Out of the blue, I felt his hand on my cockett which was now very hard.

- "You bitch, your hard clit tells me you are really waiting to be fucked. Well you are going to be fucked like a slut should be fucked".

He handed me my G-string and ordered me to put it back on. He then grabbed me by the hand and dragged me to the sink where he bent me over the counter. He forced my head against the counter, and I was able to see him in the side and front mirrors. I knew from his eyes and from the way he held me that I was going to be deflowered and nothing was going to stop him; certainly not Steve who was enjoying the show and working on his second orgasm with cum all over his chest.

As I was bent over, Jim spread my legs with his feet, and kneeled behind me. His face inches away from my ass; he placed both hands on my ass cheeks and started massaging them lightly. I could feel his breath as he was admiring my ass and working his hands all over it.

- "God, what a nice and soft girlie ass, better looking and fuller than any girl's ass I ever fucked in my life." "Wobbly too!" he said as he lightly slapped it.

That, along with the massage my ass was getting, gave me a tingle and made me relax a little. He moved the string of my undie out of my ass cheek and with both hands he now firmly grabbed my ass cheeks and spread them apart, giving him a direct and uninterrupted sight of my ass hole.

- Wow! It is pink and shriveled up, what a nice virgin rosebud."

Suddenly I felt him spread me up until it hurt, and then his tongue pressed unannounced directly into my asshole. I twitched in surprise until I figured what was going on. His breath was heavy against my ass and I could feel his teeth trying to dig into my ass as his tongue was pressing deeper into my asshole. He shoved in and out while twirling it around until my asshole relaxed and let his tongue go in as deep as it could extend. As he was fucking me with his tongue I could feel him pushing spit into my ass to lube it, until spit was running down my thighs.

As I started relaxing and enjoy the feeling, Jim's breathing was getting much heavier and I knew it would not be long before he stopped fucking me with his tongue and shoved his monster in. It did not take him long before he abruptly pulled his tongue, let go of my ass cheeks and slap my right cheek hard giving me a sting that made me jump and try to stand up. But Jim was quick as he held my head down with one hand, and with the other he spanked me until I stopped moving.

He then spat on his free hand and lubricated his cock. He must have spat for ten times to make sure that his cock will not have a hard time deflowering me. Once his cock was all lubed up, he forcefully grabbed my butt with both hands. With his thumbs he spread out my ass cheeks to reveal my shivering pink asshole. I new that was it and I had to do something. So I mustered all the power I had and started screaming and trying to get away. That only enraged him, and he dug his fingers and thumbs so hard into my butt that I felt his fingers had gone through. He then suddenly using his feet, spread my legs far apart, pushing me hard against the sink, and almost tearing off my cockett that was now pressed hard against the edge.

- "don't you try this again slut, or I will make you regret it to the day you die"

I knew I had no chance of escaping this, so I started crying loud while begging him to take it easy on me. He paid no attention, and instead held the back of my neck with a tight grip and with the other he started sliding the tip of his cock up and down the crack of my ass while pausing lightly against my tight and terrified pink asshole. He kept doing that for several minutes until he felt my asshole started to relax. He then stopped sliding it up and down my ass crack, and instead, he held it with little pressure against my asshole. I could feel the softness of the tip of his head and the underlying hardness of his rigid cock pressing against my quivering asshole. He waited there for a minute until I relaxed again, and then with determination, he started pushing the head of his well-lubed cock into my tender asshole. I felt the pain as his cock was pressing to open up my asshole. He roared as he squeezed my neck:

- "spread your ass cheeks bitch".

Knowing I had no other choice, I immediately obliged, grabbing both cheeks and spreading them apart to give him full access. From the look in his eyes that I could see in the facing mirror, and the hardness of his cock that I could feel pressing relentlessly against my asshole, I knew that he is not going to stop until his cock was in; at least its head. And I knew that was going to cause my ass very serious damage and a lot of pain, but I also knew that I had no option, so I had better relax. I tried to relax my asshole, but the harder he pushed the tighter it got. I just could not relax it.

He kept pushing and the pain was building up to unbearable levels; to levels I never felt in my life. Through the side mirror I could see how huge his cock was as it pressed against my tight ass, and that only made me panic more and made my asshole tighten even further. But Jim did not care, he kept pushing harder. All of a sudden the head of his head must have broke through as I felt an incredibly sharp pain that tore my asshole. The pain was sudden and intense that I could not scream.

I could see in the facing mirror my hair was all over my sweaty and tear covered face, my mouth just opened all the way with the blood dry on my lower lip. I could not even get a breath out. Unconsciously, both of my hands let go of my ass cheeks and tried to push him away, but I could barely reach him.

For a change he had some mercy, or maybe he knew he had caused me serious damage and was about to cause more. But for whatever reason, he did stop to give me a chance to catch my breath and start crying and begging him to stop. That only helped for a minute or so, and then he started again pushing in. I looked at Steve for help, he was now standing close, but he had his mouth half open, as he was slowly jerking his hard cock. He looked down with some embarrassment and pity, but that was not what I wanted from him. I wanted his help which now I new I was not going to get, on the contrary, he was obviously getting horny at the sight of Jim tearing up my virgin asshole.

As if Jim also realized what I had in mind, he laughed sarcastically as he suddenly went back to pushing his hard and huge cock deeper into my ass. I screamed in pain and despair realizing that nothing was going to stop him now until he tore up my asshole and came deep into my ass. I tried to slow him down by tightly grabbing his cock as it pushed into my asshole. It did not take him long to figure what I was doing and he slapped my ass and told me to grab my ass cheeks and pull them apart for him to see his cock as it pushed through into my ass.

As soon as I obeyed his order, he pushed in with all his might until I felt his cock was burning my asshole, tearring it apart, and his cock's head banging against something very deep and painful inside of me. I screamed with all my might and used all the force I could to break free. But as if he expected that, he had a very tight grip on me that did not allow me to move even an inch.

My ass was aching in severe pain, I knew my asshole suffered serious damage, and I was terrified of what his cock has done to my insides. All I could do was cry, beg, and cuss him. But instead of pulling his cock out, he leaned his body over mine until I could feel his balls just below my asshole and he held me tight around the waist with his right hand and with his left he reached from under my chest across and tightly grabbed my shoulder. His belly and chest were heavy against my back and his mouth was now inches away from my neck as I could feel his warm breath.

Suddenly I felt him nibbling on my ear and telling me calming words which helped after a while ease up the pain and burning sensation that I was feeling minutes ago. I continued to cry softly begging him to let go off me. But instead of pulling out, he assured me that I was going to feel better and that I would be begging him for more. That went on for a while until I got used to his cock inside of me.

He must have sensed my asshole relaxing around his cock and slowly started grinding it back in until I could feel his cock was going to come out of my mouth.

- "Ugh, that hurts, PLEASE stop" I begged him.

- "OK honey, I am sorry, but your ass feels so tight, warm, wet, and nice. I just can't stop. Just hang in for couple of more minutes. Try to relax that tight virgin asshole of yours".
- "It is easy for you to say, but I cant relax it, please stop pushing in, please pull out".

He did not answer; he just kept his weight on top of me and his monstrous cock deep inside of me, with his thighs pressing hard against the back of mine. After a couple of minutes like that, he pulled off his chest while keeping his cock buried deep in. He started kissing and licking my sweaty back reaching to my ears and the back and sides of my neck.

As I started to relax, he started playing with my hardened nipples, twirling his fingers around them and squeezing them lightly at first, and then harder as they stiffened under his molestation. It felt great and I could not hold back a soft moan that replaced the crying. He responded by squeezing them tighter until I could feel an electric shock going through them and I moaned louder as I moved my body around and uncontrollably tightened my asshole around his cock that I had forgotten all about. This gave me a little pain, but pain that was now pleasurable and that I felt I wanted more of. So I loosened my asshole around his cock, only to tighten it again and again.

- "Oh God, Linda, squeeze it harder."

I kept on squeezing as hard as I could until I felt him starting to slowly pull out. The friction and pain was too much for me to bare, so I started loosening the grip of my asshole around his cock until it was almost completely out. I felt an uncomfortable emptiness. Without realizing it; I no longer wanted him to pull out his cock that I was so afraid of and that gave me so much pain, only few minutes ago.

Without my control, I felt my asshole all of a sudden tighten around his cock trying to keep it in. As if somebody else was speaking,

I begged him with a very soft and feminine voice "Please don't pull out, I want your cock inside of me".

- "What did you say slut?"

God, I felt so terrible and ashamed. But it also felt so good that I really wanted his monstrous cock filling my ass, I wanted more.

- "Please don't pull out, keep it in" I said softly with an even more feminine voice.

- "I can barely hear you slut, what is that you want?" he said as he kept pulling his cock, with the glorious head pushing out through my tightened hole.

I panicked he was going to be completely out, so I screamed loud but still in a feminine voice:

- "PLEASE don't pull out, PLEASE FUCK me". I no longer cared what Steve, Jim, or anybody thought of me. I just wanted to be fucked hard.

As soon as I said that, Jim plunged all the way back in until his crotch was pressed hard against my ass. I screamed with pain but begging for more. I did not need much to encourage him as he pulled and then pushed back in as hard as he could, he kept going at it, fucking me hard, in and out shoving his monster as I was screaming for more even though my asshole was burning and something inside of me was hurting with dull pain every time he shoved his dick to the hilt. I reached back to grab his butt and push him all the way in. He reacted by grinding his dick into my ass.

- "Steve, come and spread her cheeks apart!" he hollered at Steve who was happy to oblige.

God I was so turned to be getting all this attention. I knew Steve could see Jim's huge dick going in and out of my asshole. That only made me hotter as I wanted to show him more. So I frantically started fucking myself back and forth on Jim's huge black cock.

As Jim was fucking me he reached inside the crotch of my underwear, and his hand came out all wet. I must have cum without realizing it as he was fucking me.

He grabbed a handful of my cum and put it against my mouth ordering me to lick his hand clean. It looked clear, unlike my regular cum which is milky and thick. It also tasted very nice, a lot sweeter and very different than my regular cum or even that of Jim that I had just swallowed. It tasted and looked more like my pre-cum. There was a lot of it as he kept feeding it to me. So I was very happy to oblige and licked it all. It seemed that the more he fucked me, the more of this liquid did I get.

As he picked up speed and was fucking my ass so hard, I felt a warm liquid seeping from my asshole and dripping on my inner thigh, I looked at it thinking it was his cum, but it looked more like a reddish color. I panicked, realizing that it was blood and I told Jim that I was bleeding.

- "Linda, I just popped your cherry, what do you expect? Don't worry, you will be OK. You will be amazed how fast your asshole is going to heal and how soon you will be coming for more".

That's all I wanted to hear and I was sooner than I thought begging for more.

- "Let me re-lube my cock."

With that he pulled out of my ass which gave a loud pop, and gave me a huge feeling of emptiness. He pulled me by my hair, and had me suck his cock in order to lube it. When I grabbed it with my hands, I saw the red stuff which was very goowie. When I sucked his cock I could taste blood mixed with something else. But I did not care, I wanted to lube it as fast as possible so he can fill back my aching hole. I covered it as fast as I could with as much spit as I could until it was dripping wet and I looked up at Jim.

He grabbed me by the face, had me stand on my feet, and turned me to face away from him; facing the sink and the front mirror. He grabbed me around the waist, lifted me up, and then lowered me back onto his cock. It did not take much for his cock to find its way back into my ass. God it felt great as he dropped me down onto his cock which filled me all the way as I stood on my tippie toes. The lower I got on my feet the deeper it got and the more pain I felt, and the more I wanted it.

After fucking me like that for few minutes, he grabbed my thighs and lifted them up, while his cock was still deep inside. This gave us and Steve, a good look in the mirror as his cock would slide in and out of my asshole. It was a great sensation. I could feel his cock fucking me, while seeing it at the same time! The fact that Jim and Steve were also seeing Jim's monstrous black dick plowing my tight ass was also very erotic. I have always been an exhibitionist as I always had great pleasure giving my stepfather nice views of my naked ass as I got out of the shower and "accidentally" drop the towel, or uncover my ass and thighs as I lay face down in bed while keeping the door slightly open.

So the fact that I was giving Steve a view of Jim fucking my ass, drove me even wilder and I was begging to be fucked harder and harder. I did not want it to end. Jim, being a good fucker was happy to oblige.

He lifted me by holding me from under my thighs and lifting my knees up, all the time while his cock was deep in my ass. He pulled my thighs all the way back until my knees were pushing against my shoulders. This opened my asshole so wide, that every few shoves of his cock up my ass, he would pop his cock out to reveal my asshole that was wide open which allowed us to see deep into it. This drove me crazy and I tore of the g-string revealing my hard cockett that was dripping wet and begging to be stroked.

I looked at Steve who saw the aching look in my eyes. Being the gentlemen he is, he rushed over and started sucking my cockett. It was not long before I came with a huge load in his mouth. He swallowed it all and milked it to the last drop. It did not take Jim much more time before his cock swelled up in my ass and as he pushed it all the way in and stiffened deep into my ass. I suddenly started feeling his warm juices flooding my ass and started to ooze out into my butt. With one look at Steve, Jim had him suck him off clean and then he had him clean my ass with his tongue before he went to take a shower. Steve had me go on all fours to get good access.

The bastard got a raging hard-on as he was fucking me with his tongue and trying to suck out the last drop of Jim's cum out of my ass. He caught me looking at his hard cock with admiration and his eyes twinkled with an idea. But I was way too tired to be fucked again. That did not matter to him. He took advantage of the fact that Jim was taking his shower, and he humped me so fast that I fell flat on my stomach. He covered my mouth to muffle my screams, as he kept humping me until I had cum oozing out of my cockett and he filled my ass with more of his cum. He stayed in until his cock went limp in my ass and it came out as it shrunk. We stayed like that until he jumped off as soon as he heard Jim turn off the shower, leaving me laying flat on my stomach as cum was coming out of my wide open asshole, and dripping on my balls and into my cockett. He grabbed my torn G-String from around my ankle and wiped his dick with it and then threw it on my face.

- "This is for you to remember me slut and don't forget that I will fuck you any time I wish" he said as he walked away.

I stayed like that for about ten minutes and when I stood up my legs could barely hold me. I felt them shaking and I had a lot of difficulty walking straight. Jim just watched me as he dressed and told me to hurry up as he wanted to close. I felt so cheap like a whore that has been fucked and thrown out. I just washed my face, put on my cloth over my cum covered ass, thighs, and stomach, stuffed my panties in my pocket and walked away with tears in my eyes. He didn't even ask to give me a ride seeing the condition I was in.


  1. You always seem so proud to share every one's story. But never nothing about you. Its kinda sad really.


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