Wednesday, April 4, 2012

#1114 - Dungeons and Fetish - Crossdresser Orgasm

i was captured by this young japanese sissy...
and i want to post this delicious solo.. for the D&F collection of today..
it's not because this clip has something so original..
it's because i found this clip of masturbation really impressive..
expecially for determination and tenacy to show a sissy state of mind of self humiliation..
it's what every virgin feel.. when she is alone at home with her dresses..
an inextinguishable fire.. inside.. a secret interior voice able to suggestes dirty things only..
a will to be every time more bold.. every time more hot.. in a continous testing of your limits..
the truth is that we are not able to have limits in this kind of practices..
because what we need more.. is to taste cock.. and more of everything..;))
nice to look at this clip also.. for the milking practice so well illustrated..
of course for a perfect self miliking.. you never use hands.. for any reasons.. ;))

Anna Malice


  1. I love to see fellow sissies who are rewiring their brains like this. Very hot! Too bad she didn't drink her creamy reward though. Thanks for the great video!

  2. She is amazing and so horny. She deserves to ride a real cock.


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