Tuesday, April 3, 2012

#1113 - Sissy chokeslut trainer by DO

Great absolute premiere tonight..
an hypnotic creation never seen before by DO..
(thanks very much to have choosen my site for this debut).
well, i could say.. that.. as first try this is an amazing creation indeed.. full of great effective ideas..
i really liked expecially the flashing tecnique.. it's really apropriate to obtain the best hypnotic effect..
anyway all the clip is full of interesting visual methods..
theme about cock and cocksucking is one of most appreciated, of course..
but choise of images and general mood of this clip is superlative..
as i said final result looks really cool.. maybe also professional..
i'm sure every sissy of this blog will be delighted..
it's intuitive.. it's immediately horny.. it's what we want to feel... the most..
to be a chokeslut addicted sissy.. ;))

Anna Malice


  1. That was purely Fantastic! Loved the ending!

  2. for when a hypnotic video in Spanish?

  3. well, you can't pretend i create video in your own language.. isn't it?! i'm not spanish! be the first to create it!!

  4. Thank you, this is great! It was the first thing i watched after making plans to meet a man i've been chatting with for almost a year. So inspirational, i hope to be chocking on him tommorrow.

  5. I always gag when he shoots his first load into my mouth. And we both enjoy it so much.


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