Thursday, April 19, 2012

#1161 - On my back by Felicia Lightner

tonight i'm ready to repost one of my favorite clip of my dear friend Felicia.. number #657!
in truth, this is one of the most exciting clip i have ever seen by her..
and it was really a pity to have lost it with megaporn departure..
now, by the precious help of sissy jane.. also this masterpiece is back to life on this site..
many thanks to her and to Felicia.. both!! i love you!
don't forget to take a look to Felicia's wonderful blog ;))

ps. my lovely friend, Felicia.. i'm really sorry to have not answered to your messages..
sorry but in these last months.. i was off line the most of the time..
of course, i missed your emai, forgive me! ;((

Anna Malice


  1. Anna! You're forgiven! It's good to know you're OK.

  2. Anna,

    I am so pleased you have been able to list this fabulous vid again, it was one of my favourites and says it all "On my back" just how I love to take it and be taken.

    Once again I have to say your site is the BEST and a wonderful source of inspiration to me please, please keep up your good work.



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