Monday, October 31, 2011

#669 - Sissy slut induction II by Linux

Another premiere today.. yes, as always for you, dear followers
Tonight a new interesting video by Linux.. that i really love!
Linux has the great ability to mix a lot of images, clips and captions
it's a big effort indeed.. to manage this kind of files..
choosing the best sequence.. for the best mood effect.
so, many many thanks for this beautiful gift, my sensitive sweet friend! ;)
Well, in truth..
I think a good part of the users here don't deserve this kind of gifts..
lazy, haughty.. frequently unsatisfied.. always forgetting all they watch here is free!
I don't really want to dedicate this clip to these people..
but to all the sissies that really care what we are doing here!
a big hug to you all.. my gurlfriends... and to Linux, of course, the most! ;))

Anna Malice

#668 - Fabiana Spears III

Fabiana Spears (AKA: Grazielle,Grazielly Fellini,Felipe
Rogario de Andrade e Silva, Fabiane De La Costa,Britney Queers)
A lot of time ago her last post..
protagonist of the Shemale's video of today with an hot threesome!

Anna Malice

#667 - Dungeons e Fetish - Faboulos solo

today, for the D&F collection,
I was captured by this pair of legs.. and the rest, socks and shoes!
How many times i been like her.. in the same position,
with the same desire do be pounded like a real girl!?!
I find this clip so simply and so arousing..

Anna Malice

Sunday, October 30, 2011

#666 - MistressT - Footfag training

Another beautiful video of MistressT...
She is so candid and dirty intriguing, everytime!
A direct pov over the thing you love more.. a magnific hard cock!
Even if it's a pov humiliation clip..
i'm sure you love this gay induction video! ;))
don't forget to rate... and don't miss the great premiere of Linux of tomorrow night! ;)

Anna Malice

#665 - Dany de Castro II

Beautiful threesome,
protagonist the fabolous blonde: Dany de Castro!
long and intense hardcore! ;)

Anna Malice

#664 - Sissy Story 13 - Blackmail

Have you ever showed yourself in a private chatroom?! by cam, of course..
never thought about to be recorded and blackmailed?!
I know, it's a deep fear and a secret fantasy of every sissy.
so, let me introduce you to this interesting story of forced feminization..
enjoy the sissy story number 13! ;))

Anna Malice

PS if you don't understand english well try to translate this story selecting your own language ;)


It all started as just a game. i logged into a forced feminization chat room and portrayed myself as a slave being punished by my Mistress. Saying She had instructed me to enter this room for 5 minutes and obey any command given to me. It seemed harmless and exciting. How stupid could i have been. Instantly i began getting messages for me to strip and show my ass and my face in various poses. There was one in particular who led the show. He forced me to put on lots of makeup and lingerie and pose myself as a sissy slut begging for cocks to serve. Everything was done on cam. i was naked spreading my ass and on display. After the 5 minutes were up, i left the room still getting messages from everyone who participated im my degradation. It seemed harmless and fun to portray myself and get so much attention. Then, It happened!

My E-mail popped up with a new message. i opened it and was stunned at what i saw! There were several attachments. Each one was a pic of me during the whole session and they were all clear as a bell! i had no idea you could take snap-shots like that. My face, my ass, everything i did! What the fuck! How in the hell? The message body contained the following message. "Log back on right now, and report to me BITCH!, Or else you will be more popular on the web than Pamela Anderson!" Quickly i logged in and saw Him waiting. i immediately messaged Him and asked what he wanted.

i panicked which was a major mistake! If i had only known! By the time it was over he had me back in makeup and lingerie, shave my pubs completely and lick up a load of cum. All on cam! There was nothing i could do! he threatened to spread me all over the net with the pictures he already had! Signing off he told me i was his gay fag bitch slave now and that I was to purchase a dildo and a collar by this time tomorrow night and report back to Him.

That night i could hardly sleep. Was this really happening? i kicked myself in the ass for panicking, i should have just ignored him with the pictures He first had. But at first i was afraid. Now He has even more! This was all just suppose to be a fantasy! Now, it was coming true and there was nothing i could do to stop it! Or was there? i thoroughly considered how much He had on me and where this was all going! i had to stop it. How bad could it be i thought? So i decided right then to roll the dice and ignore Him. Little did i know how wrong i was!

For the next couple of weeks i was on pins and needles and i continually surfed checking for any traces. i even went back to the chat room under a different name to see if anything was happening. After a while i figured it was over and i counted myself lucky.

The next day at work i logged on to our LAN at work to check for my normal daily info. And there it was...An E-mail from a Master!!! i froze in my seat while my heart pounded like an earthquake. He knows my real name, my work E-mail address and where i worked! i thought this couldn't get any worse til i opened it! In giant bold letters it read "AS MY GIFT TO ALL OF YOU, PLEASE ALLOW ME THE PRIVILEGE OF SUCKING EVERYONE OF YOUR COCKS. A SMILE AND A MOUTHFUL OF CUM FOR ME TO SWALLOW WILL BE MY ONLY CHARGE!"

Saturday, October 29, 2011

#663 - Sissy Trainer

Tonight, I'm glade to offer another hypno video.. for you only! ;))
it's effective for both, women and sissy..
so take care to understand who you are.. or who you are became! ;)
good quality indeed.. of this mix of clips.. with nice captions around..
dedicated to Big Daddy! ;))

Anna Malice

#662 - Ana Paula Samadhi II

Another wonderful bdsm video of Ana Paula..
intense and erotic.. she is a beauty!
I love these hot scenes of domination!

Anna Malice

#661 - Dungeons e Fetish - The making of a sissy maid

A fantastic long video for the D&F collection of today!
about process of sissyfication (just for all people that asked for that;))
under a beautiful Mistress, George becomes Giorgia..
in a classic rapresentation of the destiny of every sissy:
to be showed, to be used, to become a whore faggot!
a pity quality is not the best, anyway i think it's a soooo interesting video!! ;))

Anna Malice

Friday, October 28, 2011

#660 - Dirty cock sucker femdom hypno

well, I was ready with a post about the beautiful Miss Minxie, tonight..
but my sublime watcher of the skies, Holly.. (many many thanks, my sweetness)
have suggested me this little masterpiece, just uploaded, by unknown, on xvideos!
A wonderful mix of pov humiliation and hypnotic voice guide style,
in truth it's powerfull and really close to perfection!
A long trip that I'm sure you'll love it! ;))

Anna Malice

PS another beautiful hypno premiere, tomorrow night!
don't miss it and don't miss to rate.. ;)

#659 - Chelsie J. Blair

Chelsie J. Blair (AKA: Chelsie J,Chelsiea,Chielsa)
a wonderful and incredible TGirl,
protagonist of the daily shamale's video..
with an hot fisting inside! ;)

Anna Malice

#658 - Dungeons e Fetish - transformed and fucked doggy style

I'm not sure Tia Tizzianni be a professional sissy maker
sure she have trasformed a lot of college boys in perfect faggots!
first wonderful example was Kitty Kaiti! ;))
D&F collection hosts today another good experiment: Jessi!
I confess you that I found those kind of clips truly erotic..
because there is a mix of first time emotions and perversion..
they look so similar to a sort of snuff movies.. withou an unhappy end! ;)

Anna Malice

Thursday, October 27, 2011

#657 - On my back by Felicia Lightner

Well, this is the 23th video of Felicia I'm posting..
I think this site is her more than mine.. ;))
I remember when i found her first video to post on a yahoo group..
I'm always looking for hypno videos.. and that time, I was totally, totally happy! ;))
I remember that emotion.. it's the same emotion I feel to watch every new creation by her!
I'm proud to post Felicia's videos.. tonight, again..
after hundred of hypno vids.. she deserve every word of your comments.. and more..
have you ever thought how many time you need to create an hypno clip?!?
she is an artist indeed!.. and if I have posted only 23 videos by her,
imagine how much you could find on her beautiful site!
Felicia, i love you! ;))

Anna Malice

#656 - Natalia Fubotas II

Natalia Fubotas (AKA: Natalia Paz,Naty,Natalia)
one of the hottest gurl i have ever seen..
her first video number #26 was a revelation!
sublime fucking also here!

Anna Malice

PS don't forget to rate the videos you watch, many thanks

#655 - Dungeons e Fetish - Fabolous asian shemale mix

Short but intense mixed videos.. of innocent, intense, intriguing.. shemales!
D&F collection of today hots fabolous Ladyboys..
gloryhole, lesbian, gymnastic.. a lot of fun!
everything is so erotic for me, here! ;)

Anna Malice

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

#654 - Maitresse Madeline JO and Feet Instruction

Love the way she is able to dominate..
love the way she manage her strapon
love the way she able to order me to cum! ;)

Anna Malice

PS don't miss the hot premiere of tomorrow evening by Felicia Lightner!
and don't forgive to rate the videos you watch ;)))

#653 - Olivia Love II

Devoted to Olivia Love,
wonderful intriguing clip for the shemale's video of today!

Anna Malice

#652 - Dungeons e Fetish - Wicked Maitresse Madeline

the sublime, hard, intense Maitresse Madaline.. for the D&F video of today!
she is so cruel with her slaves.. without any mercy! ;))
I'm really addicted by these scenes..
in truth, i have to confess you
that I would love to suck every drop of these cummning cocks!
because yes, I'm a faggot! ;))

Anna Malice

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

#651 - Sissy brainwasher

Good evening, lords and sissies of this site
for tonight, I found this interesting clip to post..
a brainwasher for your avid minds.. thirsty to acknowledge everything..
I suppose, this will be useful to your own route of total sissyfication!
simply and effective! ;))

Anna Malice

#650 - Ana Paula Samadhi

A new entry Ana Paula Samadhi.. from brasil
she is the beautiful and hot protagonist of the shemale video of today!
She has really wonderful eyes..
and when you look her eyes before everything..
it means she is a perfect shemale and you are ready to fall in love with her! ;)

Anna Malice

#649 - Dungeons e Fetish - Bdsm femdom

D&F of today hots a masterpiece.. a classic of sissy bdsm.
I have seen this movie a lot of years ago.. and I was astonished!
this is not only cruel.. it's a totally broken ass that you can miss!
it's a full movie! ;)

Anna Malice

Monday, October 24, 2011

#648 - White Sissy slave Trainer by Emma Nice

Emma, sublime Emma.. you are coddling us with so delicious things!
as you told me.. this is really too effective, borderline dangerous!!
I agree with you.. a wonderfull video.. and dangerous, yes..
this sissifies me, at all! many thanks ;))
As an hypnomovie it's a rare example of great quality video!
A new style for the captions with an effective addiction result..
great music choise.. everything moves with rythm!
fabolous premiere for all the sissies of this site! many thanks Emma, a special kiss!

Anna Malice

#647 - Olivia Love

Another serious lack..
to not had posted anything about Olivia Love!
She is more than a famous shemale actress..
she has made the history of my sexual education!
How was important to understand.. I could make love as a real girl!
in the same positions, i mean..
before to watch a shemale video.. I wasn't sure at all, about it!
So, my special thanks, Olivia! ;))

Anna Malice

PS: don't forget to rate the videos you watch, please.

#646 - Dungeons e Fetish - Asian sissy strap-on

I don't accept every type of council for the videos I post..
I find this suggestion from Sabrina (many thanks)
really appropriate for the D&F collection of today! ;)
I'm sure there are a lot of sisters that like Mistress more then Masters!
And there isn't anything wrong to be an hetero sissy! ;))

Anna Malice

Sunday, October 23, 2011

#645 - Strap-on Sissy

Well, i'm sure you have noticed something different in the blog disign.
I have collected great stuff in these mounths..
and I'm trying to give more visibility to the old posts..
More.. I've increased the video's dimension.. for a better quality of your vision!
For tonight, a good dominatrix video by Princess Selena
I think this pov humiliation has something different from usual!

Anna Malice

PS don't forgive to rate the videos you watch,
and don't miss the great premiere (really really great) of tomorrow night! ;)

#644 - Danyelle Evangelista II

Danyelle Evangelista is one of the hottest shemale..
This blog have neglected to post her videos.. and this is a pity!
I want to put right to this lack!
Admire her in this fantastic clip.. ;))

Anna Malice

#643 - Sissy Story 12 - First time as a cum slut

In this autumn sunday,
another sissy tale for a beautiful wake-up..
I love first time stories..
simply becouse, they are more erotic than normal..
for today a short but really intense tale about the first time of a young crossdresser!
enjoy the sissy story number 12! ;))

Anna Malice

PS if english is not your own language try to translate the page by google language tools
inserting the address of this page!

First time as a cum slut

I have been cross dressing for some time now, and have just recently taken to venturing out side dressed. Up to now I have only been to places where I was pretty sure I wouldn’t bump into anybody.
I love the feeling of silky underwear underneath my skirts and dresses. I always keep by legs shaved smooth as well as the rest of my body and keep my balls shaven and my pubic hair trimmed short. I love wearing really feminine clothes; the feeling next to my smooth skin really makes me horny.
This one day I had put on a nice blue patterned dress, pink panties and a matching bra, and went for a walk along the sea shore. The top of the beach is lined by woods. I had been walking for about ten minutes when I realised this guy was following me about fifty feet away.
After a short time I decided to head off the beach to see what would happen. I headed up into the woods and down into a dip and waited to let him walk on by or maybe follow me. My heart was pounding as I waited then he suddenly appeared and stood there looking at me grinning. I nervously smiled back as he came closer until he was just a couple of feet away from me.
I didn’t know what to do, my mouth was dry and my heart was racing even harder, some with fear and some with excitement. He never said a word, he just began to rub his groin while looking me up and down.
Even though I took great care in dressing and looking the part, I just used a scarf to cover my head. He stepped closer and in a flash thrust his hand up my dress and squeezed my cock through my panties. He looked at me and smiled, and still without a word being said, he pulled down his zip and pulled out his cock. I looked down at it sticking out hard with a big fat purple knob, about 7”. I must admit I found it exciting as my own cock began to stir with his fondling.
I had never been this close to another cock except when I showered at the gym and sometimes stole a quick glance in the toilets. He gestured with his head and eyes to direct me to his cock, but eventually took a hold of my hand and placed it on his cock. I gently wrapped my hand round it and gave it a squeeze it felt so warm and hard. This was the first time I had ever touched a cock apart from my own and I was enjoying it.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

#642 - Love for cock by Annamalice

Well, tonight, I'm glade to present to you.. my last fatigue!
"love for cock" is a bold experiment..
trying to create something different, I mean..
by a different type of base video and by a different point of view!
I don't know if final result will be bad or good..
anyway I put a lot of energy on this video..
and I'm curious to know your opinions about it!

Anna Malice

#641 - Hazel Tucker III

Hoping this time, the video isn't deleted..
trying to repost this great clip of Hazel.. the beautiful one!
She is again the protagonist of the hot shemale's video of today

Anna Malice

#640 - Dungeons e Fetish - Shemale Babysitter

Madison Montag fabolous actress of the D&F clip of today!
Shemale babysitter is a classic fantasy.. for every young sissy! ;)

Anna Malice

Friday, October 21, 2011

#639 - Miss Minxie hypnotic programming to jerk off

On friday, the appointement with Miss Minxie..
in my opinion, not the best Mistress.. but with good femdom tecnique and a perfect body!
hypnotic repetition of her voice will conduce you to an addicted perfect state of mind!
i like her coldness.. she is cold and enough determinate to have you!
it's a jerk off instruction video..
beware or enjoy! ;))

Anna Malice

PS don't miss the absolute premiere of tomorrow night, by annamalice ;))

#638 - Khloe Hart

A fantastic video that i would liked to post a lot of time ago!
anyway, even if in late.. i'm glade to host the sensual Khloe Hart on my blog!

Anna Malice

PS don't miss to rate the videos you watch. many thanks

#637 - Dungeons e Fetish - Entangled

glade to host again Mia Isabella as protagonist of the D&F collection videos!
superb role plaing.. bdsm soft situation.. and her beauty!

Anna Malice

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