Wednesday, October 26, 2011

#654 - Maitresse Madeline JO and Feet Instruction

Love the way she is able to dominate..
love the way she manage her strapon
love the way she able to order me to cum! ;)

Anna Malice

PS don't miss the hot premiere of tomorrow evening by Felicia Lightner!
and don't forgive to rate the videos you watch ;)))


  1. This is the 1st video I watched of her & it was amazing. FOr all the rasonsyuo described Anna & because I told myself I wasn't going to cum today & I couldn't resist. Thanks for posting it. Much Love - Noel xoxo

  2. She has really big feet for a girl. I liked her hair. And no I'm not going to suck cum out of her pantyhose.- pussyboi


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