Thursday, October 20, 2011

#636 - Double Fucked by Felicia Lightner

Another super premiere by Felicia Lightner.. expressly made for us!
Doulble Fucked!!
Really a great video, one of the most effective, by her ;))
Led Zeppelin choise is powerful..
Captions of this clip seems to open a new fase on her editing..
they are really effective with the mixing of the scenes!
strong, direct.. messages!! mood of this clip.. for me, it's truly erotic..
i love it and I love Felicia for her beautiful taste..
Don't forget to take a visit to her beautiful site!

Anna Malice


  1. One of Felicia's BEST! VERY HOT!!

  2. I have loved all of FELICA'S work but this VID was 2 HOTT !!! :D

    HUGE THanks for making this vid & I cant wait to become one of those sluts in that vid one day & hopefully soon. THanks Anna for posting it. LOVE NOEL - XOXO

  3. That...was...awesome!!!! Thank you Anna and thank you Felicia!

  4. Sissy shebois taking cock to a Zeppelin soundtrack! Now your speaking my language!- pussyboi


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