Wednesday, October 5, 2011

#591 - Maitresse Madeline - Sissy Instructions

Mistress Madeline.. is looking for new slaves..
she is waiting for you.. little bitch.. for a private lesson!
come on sissy faggot! ;))

Anna Malice

ps: if you dont want to comment my videos is ok, of course you are free..
but i know there are thousand of visitors everyday..
to rate the videos you watch, it should be nice!
it's just a click.. not a big effort.. many thanks


  1. oh honey
    im often too busy, and forget to comment on your videos but i love most of them, and wish you to keep up the good work as you have many loyal followers, and are doing a great job.

  2. I love your blog - I visit everyday

  3. It seems broken now. =(

  4. Here is a very good homo induction video for your review:

  5. Anonymous,

    The scary part is that video was a twisted idea i asked her for the one time i spoke to Jaime on nteflirt. something about her making me buy videos of her bf's cock instead of me fucking my wife.. omg ..

    thanks for the site, i come crawling back even though i hate myself for it .. ;)



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