Monday, October 17, 2011

#627 - Hypnotic creamy cumpilation

by the precious suggestion of Chris..
a subliminal compilation of hot clips.. having a sissification superb line guide!
this kind of stuff is amazing.. with a long duration: 11:16!!
don't miss to watch it until the end! ;)
Chris, my blog goes on.. only by this type of lovely collaborations..
my super special thanks, with all my heart! ;))

Anna Malice


  1. Video isn't working for me, any chance of a direct link?

    Thanks for the post!

  2. i suppose xvideos has its own problems..
    hope it will aviable soon!

  3. Already fixed itself, thanks for the fast response and great videos as always.

    love you xxx

  4. Very nice. Might use a darker or outlined font in the future so that the words don't sometimes fade into bright backgrounds.
    Need a similar one transitioning from letting a chick grope your ass through you ridding some juicy man meat.

  5. of course font of this video should be better.. but..
    maybe you ingore the concept: i'm not the maker of the most of the videos of this blog!
    i'm sorry!

  6. Very hot video I love how it goes over the different aspects and or transitions that one might go through

  7. "by the precious suggestion of Chris.."
    I thought this meant that Chris either made this and gave it to you or suggested how to make it and whoever the creator was would maybe see the suggestions. I do appreciate you, Anna, for collecting and posting all that you do

  8. Very nice! Makes me soo hungry for cum!

  9. "by the precious suggestion of Chris.." means that Chris discovered the video free to share and sent me the link!..
    this type of controversy is spurious and without a sense!
    I collect and I post everything I found about feminization, sissyfication hypnosis, caption and Shemale's videos, free to share!
    If you know who was the creator.. just tell me!
    otherwise goodbye

  10. WOW ! What a cool video. I loved it and I would love to transistion and be one of those pretty girls in that video myself one day soon. Thanks for posting it Anna & thanks Chris for finding and sending it to you. It was a very hottt video I think. Much Love from Noel xoxo

  11. Gosh Annamalice, I identify & wanna be like these gorgeous girls getting their faces ruined & degraded by thick hot gooey male orgasms, and feeling so happy and sexy being transformed to worthless bimbo semen latrines


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