Thursday, October 27, 2011

#657 - On my back by Felicia Lightner

Well, this is the 23th video of Felicia I'm posting..
I think this site is her more than mine.. ;))
I remember when i found her first video to post on a yahoo group..
I'm always looking for hypno videos.. and that time, I was totally, totally happy! ;))
I remember that emotion.. it's the same emotion I feel to watch every new creation by her!
I'm proud to post Felicia's videos.. tonight, again..
after hundred of hypno vids.. she deserve every word of your comments.. and more..
have you ever thought how many time you need to create an hypno clip?!?
she is an artist indeed!.. and if I have posted only 23 videos by her,
imagine how much you could find on her beautiful site!
Felicia, i love you! ;))

Anna Malice


  1. I like it. Wish more of the sissies were on hands and knees being screwed but I think it's hot. I love how most of their sissy cocks are limp too.

  2. 23! God, I've made that many!? Oh Anna, you're such a sweetie! I love you too! You're an inspiration to me. I found you right after I started my blog & you've given me great guidance. Thank you.
    Love, fELICIA

  3. fELICIA,

    Another inspirational video!

    Thanks for reminding us that taking HARD COCK UP THE ASS is the ultimate act of sissy submission. I LOVE to SUCK COCK, and I sometimes forget how important it is to get well and truly FUCKED. Of course, EVERY sissy needs COCK in her mouth AND her ass

  4. Thank you Felicia and thank you Anna for sharing this. My sissy hole is soo hungry for a big Man right now!

  5. I have never seen Felicia make a bad vid & her vids keep getting better & better. Thanks for all your vids & all you hard work Felicia. LOVE & THANKS to ANNA & FELICIA. LOVE YA BOTH - Noel xoxo


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