Saturday, October 29, 2011

#663 - Sissy Trainer

Tonight, I'm glade to offer another hypno video.. for you only! ;))
it's effective for both, women and sissy..
so take care to understand who you are.. or who you are became! ;)
good quality indeed.. of this mix of clips.. with nice captions around..
dedicated to Big Daddy! ;))

Anna Malice


  1. NO PUSSY. NO PUSSY. NO PUSSY. I masturbate for COCK! ONLY FOR COCK. I WILL NOT masturbate for pussy. EVER.

    I can't identify with girls who insist on showing off their pussies. Pretty faces and beautiful breasts are GREAT, but I want to see ass-fucking - NOT pussy=fucking. And I expect to see TWO sets COCKS between girls' legs when they get fucked. (God!! I just LOVE to see a girl's COCK flop around as she gets a good ass fucking!)

  2. Why no pussy? I personally love seeing pussyfucking, since i plan on having one one day

  3. oh don't worry Holly..
    maybe Traci forgot to read the TOS!
    "I'm not here.. to satisfy every user's request! Blog is mine, taste is mine.. i'm free to post what i want and what i need... expecially what i'm able to find free to share!" ;))
    and maybe she forgets this is a free site!
    where you are free to watch and not watch the videos i post.. but not expecting to be obeyed for every your requests!
    and first of all, don't protest for the videos you watch

  4. Really, really enjoyed this, well done!

  5. I love that video. It was so well done. Great work whoever made it. THe girls so pretty just like i dream to be & the music & well everything was super. HUGE THANKS & MUCH LOVE - Noel.

  6. I honestly would prefer not to see the word Fag or Faggot used. I like who I am, but I that word brings back very dark & painful memories

  7. "Sissy faggot" best phrase ever. I especially like trainer vid's w caps and voiceovers. Would love to see cocksuking trainer w male voice over. Scenes of cocks getting sucked while others stroke and wait their turn to get sucked.

  8. Got to agree Faggot is rather tasteless and not in the cute way.... Just kills the whole thing actually...

  9. OK you gurls up there let's not start pulling hair just yet. Sure we're all menstrating right now but we can work out our differences. In defense of Traci she was just offering her opinion about what she likes and doesn't like and having a little fun doing it. So she doesn't want to see pussy(eewww..yuck) getting to enjoy all that luscious cock... well who does? Oh excuse me I forget myself. After all if we wanted to see pussy(eeww..gross) than we would go to the Playboy web site. Do they still have a web site? Well I'm sure somewhere on the internet there has to be a site where one can see some slimy, smelly pussy(sick!). I imagine there are still some out there that like that sort of thing(ickk!). Anyway Traci if I'm not incorrect was only saying that she likes to see some huge erect throbbing cocks(MMMmm). Now I ask you who could possibly have a problem with that? Think about it. You go gurl!- pussyboi

  10. P.S. As far as the word faggot is concerned- I'm not going there but I did like wnen it said PUSSY BOY.- pussyboi

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