Thursday, October 6, 2011

#593 - Brenda II

Brenda and Christian..
in an high quality porn clip! great performance!
enjoy! ;)

Anna Malice


  1. Hi Anna .i'm a man who recognize the superiority of black men.
    I wuold like to become the sissy slave for black master. I'm a white boy looking for a black boyfriend/master.
    I would like to become his submissive wife.
    How can subscrive to your fantastic blog?
    Thank you.

  2. Wonderful. Except around 6:15, she forgets herself, and refers to him as her "bitch". No, bitch, YOU'RE the bitch, and you're lucky, at that. Never assume that you have the right to push your man's head down onto your clit. You are a woman: it is your honor to pleasure a real man, and it is disrespectful of you to pretend otherwise! Stupid cunt ...


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