Monday, October 24, 2011

#648 - White Sissy slave Trainer by Emma Nice

Emma, sublime Emma.. you are coddling us with so delicious things!
as you told me.. this is really too effective, borderline dangerous!!
I agree with you.. a wonderfull video.. and dangerous, yes..
this sissifies me, at all! many thanks ;))
As an hypnomovie it's a rare example of great quality video!
A new style for the captions with an effective addiction result..
great music choise.. everything moves with rythm!
fabolous premiere for all the sissies of this site! many thanks Emma, a special kiss!

Anna Malice


  1. Really amazing video. Many thanks! And thanks to Anna for all the hard work and dedication. Sorry I don't comment more often but my hands are busy allot of the time here :)

  2. my god that was awesome, had to watch it 3 times cause i didnt want to cum so fast, fantastic anna, great choice, xxxx

  3. That is a magic video! I can watch it for forever!

  4. troppo belli questi video
    sei un mito Anna grazie kiss

  5. Is there a clip anywhere of the part at the very end that had the strange sound and the different graphics for the words?

  6. That was Amazing, I didn't want it to end! xxx

  7. Great finish! thanks Anna and Emma!

  8. I think last 15 seconds were the best! I wish she could do a longer video of that kind of stuff, with only pictures, suggestions and annoying sound, that makes you suck it in like a sponge!

  9. AMAZING WORK! thank you and keep it up!

  10. EMMA HUGE THANKS for that Wonderful vid. Great music + gorgeous girls + Beautiful cocks = superb video. I appreciate all yuor hard work becasue making a video like this cannot be easy. Thanks for posting it Anna. Love Noel xoxo

  11. Thanx i really luv it, one of the best video ever,

  12. Hi Anna,

    i just want you to know i absolutely love your site and i am very thankful for all the time and effort you spend to post such erotic and sexy videos. Lovve and kisses.


  13. absolutely marvelous work! can someone tell me the name of the song?

  14. this makes me want it soo bad right now

  15. wonderful video, post more!


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