Thursday, October 27, 2011

#656 - Natalia Fubotas II

Natalia Fubotas (AKA: Natalia Paz,Naty,Natalia)
one of the hottest gurl i have ever seen..
her first video number #26 was a revelation!
sublime fucking also here!

Anna Malice

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  1. 1. Anna you have the best sissy site but 2. why do you go for ts videos with gurls with big active clits? Surely a sissy/ts should have a small, soft, inactive clit?!


  2. anonymous please.. please me with your name! thanks
    you are right sissies must live in chastity, having as best goal to learn to cum as a real woman! by their sissy ass cunt!
    as you.. generally i don't like so much active shemales.. I don't empathize with this role.. anyway this daily section is dedicated to shemales, to her beauty and erotism in general.. and this is the reason because you find here every kind of shemales! if you are looking to sissy porn.. sure it's more easy you find this kind of movies in the dungeons and fetish daily section!

  3. sorry jenny.. i didn't seen.. the last line with your name! ;)))

  4. hi anna, i am a sissy with a little, soft clity but i still enjoy watching a beautiful functional gurl too. we gurls do come in all shapes, sizes and functionalities (lol,if that's a word). it is fun to watch the gurls getting sex the way we all want it and admiring their beauty, not to mention the great looking, big cock men. xo and best wishes, jacie


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